More photos of me than you can ever bargain for

So here are the pictures for the Photoshop Contest!!!!!!

For those of you slow fuckers who have JUST started reading my blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, some time ago I did a popular blog entry where I photoshopped my ugliest old photos!!

CLICK HERE to read it.

So anyway, I chose the ugliest pic...

This one...

And asked my readers to send me their photoshopped creations too, just to see if they can make such an ugly photo look pretty!!!

And here is what I did:

After photoshop!

So... I thought like 5 or 6 people would submit their creations, but by the next day I was swamped with over a 100 entries!!!!!!!

After MUCH procrastination (sorry lah, at least I did post this in the end), here are the submissions!!!

There are too many photos to credit everyone, and anyway, most of you sent me, frankly speaking, hideous work anyway, so don't credit you all also better lah!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

Sorry lah but some of the work is really very scary lor!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! For those who sent in the edited pictures, please don't get upset if I say it's bad k!! It's not personal!! I STILL LOVE YA ALL!!!

I know all of you have good intentions when sending me your artwork, but one thing REALLY pisses me off.

Some of you sent me photos where you edited MY 'AFTER' PHOTO.

May I ask what the fuck is your point? This gets me really fucking angry because what I edited is already nice, so why would you go mess around with it??? It's like spitting on my work! I DO NOT like people messing with MY art, ok?

Alright enough complaining...

Ok let's start:

(Pictures edited by two individuals are put side by side so that the entry won't be too long. "L" is my comments for the Left pic, "R" is the comments for the Right pic.)

L: I don't like what you did to my forehead!

R: This scares me.

L: After getting over how this looks like a ghost,
I've decided I quite like it.
I look like a fat geisha who got murdered
and came back to haunt Hatsomomo.

R: Good job!

R: Quite like it if not for mysterious dark patch at the eyes...

L: Doesn't vaguely look like me anymore
but I concede it's better than the original.

R: Hideous

L: How come you made me look like a tranny?!

R: I declare this second best of the lot...
Done by Cherin... Nice!!
She even used my made-up eyes from another picture!!!!

L: Nice hair, but face, nah...

L: Look like drown victim...

R: Nice try, no need to photoshop eyes!!! LOL

R: Excuse me the cheeks look like got cheek implants inflammation lor...
And a weeeeeeee bit too much eyeliner I think. LOL

R: I like the attitude.

L: I think I won't buy pink contacts then...

R: Eyes, eyebrows are nice, but nose too wide!

L: How come look like Nicolas Cage??

R: I love the glasses!

L: A bit over enthu with the eyeshadow!

R: Doesn't look like me but much better than the original for sure!
Got earrings somemore!

R: Chio clip, face still hideous. So ugly still act cute will get boxed you know?

L: So it is true what they say... Bunny ears can't help you if you look ghastly.

R: Excuse me I consider this to be vandalism on my photo.
It was already ugly but you didn't have to make me look THAT terrible.

These two pics done by same person...
Me + Ayumi, and Me + unknown unfortunate female celeb!!
Even Ayumi's chioness can't save me lor. It's tragic.

L: Ermmm.... WTF??

R: Edited from my "after" photo. Made it even uglier wtf.

R: Now I definitely look like I have some kind of severe skin disease...

R: What race am I supposed to be?

L: That settles it, I'm not gonna cut my hair like that.

R: Green eyeshadow!! Saucy!

R: I like my uniform pink, but fail otherwise.

L: Chio hair! Good effort on matching the eyebrows too.
But I think you choose another face better...

R: Why would you make me look even fatter?!

R: Very sweet to give me a Tiffany necklace, but the face... too crooked!

R: Why is there a "what" there??

R: Awesome tan! LOLLL

R: Cap looks realistic, but face still does not.

R: The hair is a little fake but the feature's proportions are good!
And one of the nicest noses!! Done by Junhao.

R: This looks freakishly like it could be a real person out there...

L: Looks angsty!

R: Creative with the eye make up aren't we?

These two are quite scary...

R: Ok that's it I announce I do not like hair like this!

R: Face lift!

L: Like the colours but the hair is still hideous...

L: Edited from my "After" photo. Idiot.

R: No more wispy black hair!!

And now, I shall announce the winner of the contest!!



Done by Shermin Ong!!! Muthafucking funny or what??????????

I laughed for like 5 whole minutes when I saw this. Definitely creative!

Ok lah that's it hope you all don't get nightmares from the pictures...

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