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Decided to put on some blusher, lipstick, and dot some fake freckles on to camwhore with the new camera!! Three pictures only lah... I think not bad though! I like my L10 more now! Please stop saying shit about it! With flash With flash No flash Think the fake freckles a bit fail but still, must try new things!!! Lower lashes are drawn on (except in last picture, forgot to put), top lashes are extensions. Not wearing contacts. Photoshopped brown. And yes I know the left eye's lashes are drooping. I need to get them fixed! Off to play mahjong! :D

Single Lens Reflex

Just bought a new DSLR yesterday at $1,200!!! (From this point on I shall refer to my DSLR as SLR coz I can't be bothered with the D and nobody really buys SLRs anyway don't be nitpicky and stupid) Welcoming the Lumix L10 to the family! Which includes just another Lumix, the awesome LX3. Oh and my lousy blackberry camera. LOL Ok here's why I bought it. I've been wanting to get a good camera for a long time now, especially coz whenever I do advertorials that require camwhoring, I realised that it's super duper hard when I am alone at 3am at night shooting myself!!! The pictures I post are of course the best of the lot so you don't realise how utterly horrific the others are. Here's the embarrassing way I do it: I put the LX3 on a tiny $3.90 (from mustafa) tripod, and precariously balance that tripod on my swivel chair. Then I sit on the floor in front of my cupboards (to make a nicer background), and I turn on the self-timer. Then I smile like an


Happy Boxing Day! Just a short picture post before I go off to play Mahjong!! Dinner @ Modesto's Incredible Sulk does it again! Waiting for nom noms Me! Our starter: Parma ham with Melon!! Mad love this!! Well of the six slices of melon 3 were ultra sweet and the other 3 super not sweet. Worth half the price. Mike's Mediterranean pizza... Yucks, olives! My favourite creamy mushroom pasta!! Slurps slurps Had time to kill before watching Avatar 3D so we just sat around on at the open area on top of Vivo... People-watching with the giant Xmas tree in front of us. I love that place! It's so big and windy... :) On a sidenote, Avatar was not bad but I seriously hated the 3D glasses. Gave me a splitting headache!! I hated it when the background is blurry! And the glasses kept hitting my eyelashes (no, it doesn't mean the lashes are too long, it simply means my nose is too flat), so imagine... for 3 hours I had to HOLD the glasses!! Looked like a r