Busy busy!

Will placate with undeniably cute video.

It's Nanolove doing a belly flop!

The reason why she flips over like that is coz she likes to sleep on her back, and this is her method of getting onto her back! I have no idea why she doesn't just flip sideways. LOL

She fell asleep after the video is taken. And I managed to film this coz she keeps doing this, ALL DAY LONG!

And yes that squishy, soft, warm, fuzzy belly is AWESOME TO POKE! I love to rub my face on it. LOLLL

Ok here's one more taken a long time ago... Think I might have posted it before but since we are on the topic of hammies...

Nano HAS to have her pink puffballs at the exact corner where she likes to sleep at. Actually you can see the same puffballs in the previous video too! They are her 'baby blanket'. HAHAHA

Tell me you've seen a hammie with more character than mine!

How cute is she?

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