Choosing your bling

QUICK! Someone give me a pat on the shoulder I've been blogging so often lately!

Just a sprinkle of photos... I meant to post these with the love story but it was so tiring to write that I totally forgot so here they are now!

Three months ago I visited my uncle who works at Larry Jewellery... His name is Raymond and he has been working at Larry's like, ever since I was born or something man!! So if you want diamonds, go look for him!!

It was so nostalgic to walk into the store at Paragon... When I was a kid, everytime my Momo and her sisters would bring the kids shopping around City Hall, we would drop by Raffles City (the branch used to be there) and visit my uncle... I used to love it coz his colleagues often gave us packets of chrysanthemum tea!!!

I can't believe here I am, all grown up, walking into Larry's to get a ring of my own... It feels so surreal.

Thanks Momo, BFF and Gillian for all going with me on different occasions... :)

First, I told my uncle I wanted a pink heart diamond. He said cannot, super crazy expensive, impossible to find, got also cannot afford. Then I said ok, let's get a pink diamond then! Also super expensive. Then I said I wanted a heart diamond. He also advised against it, because heart diamonds are hard to come by and most of them are really big (once again cannot afford, goddamn it)! Plus, the round ones have the best cut and are the most shiny.

Besides all that, it is also necessary to cut the heart out with a bigger gem, so they are way more expensive (than round solitaires)!

So many obstacles between me and my dream gem! KNN!

But I really, really couldn't bring myself to get a single round solitaire ring lah... It's really not me and I didn't think I should compromise on something that I have to wear everyday... (I am not getting a wedding band)

So, I told him to take his time to search for a good gem for me...

After 1 month, here's what he's got:

2 heart diamonds... Meant to be made into earrings coz they are so similar...

After observing them both until I almost went cross-eyed, I picked the right heart coz it's a big bigger and also a fatter heart then the left...


Clarity: VVS1

Colour: G

Carat: 0.73

Ok lah I told the reporters I didn't know but I actually knew the price and size... Didn't know if Mike wanted me to say but whatever lah... The diamond, I think, costs close to 5k. Together with the other 37 little diamonds + a custom made platinum setting = $6k+++

Obviously my uncle cut us slack in the pricing lah so I don't know what other shops would sell it for.

I set my limit to less than $7k coz I really felt that the money could be better spent on shit like renovation. However now that everyone's staring at the ring I feel like I should have got a bigger gem wtf.

I sound like a guy defending my small wiener. My gem is small but shiny ok!!

And since the 'market rate' is 3 months' salary (dude seriously that amount is crazy, imagine someone earning $3000 would have to fork out $9000, how can someone earning 3k have that kind of money saved?!), Mike was utterly relieved when I told him the price. He thought it would be like $10k!


Here it is, hardest thing in the world but being handled like glass...



Just kidding that's obviously not my ring.

It's the other heart-shaped diamond in the shop... My ring is modeled after it.

Guess how much? Fucking like $800,000 ok? -_- Ridiculous

My uncle looking all pro...

Diamond chosen! Ring size 3.75. Now to wait for the ring to be made!

And here it is! Close up shot of all my knuckle hairs. I am NOT gonna wax/shave/pluck them and I think they look fine so stfu and focus on my gem you!

Photos taken day of proposal:

With Cheesie and Huiwen, actress extraordinaires, had to lie to me multiple times that day lor!!

After the question of my life, nobody was in the mood to watch the movie so we all went out to eat at Timmy's daddy's restaurant...

Food there is fab!



The book is FUCKING THICK (obviously not compared to the phonebook but for 1 event lah!) and it has so many menial little tasks and details written on it that it seriously got me quite scared. Is all the fuss for 1 night worth it?!

A wedding planner should be a person, not a book!

IOU book... Mike says it is all v feminist and I can't use them on him. I'm gonna!

Such sweet gifts!!!!! :D :D Thanks!!

:) :) :)

Ok fine I'd stop camwhoring the ring.

Random piccies:

Upcoming Guide to Life episode: Me GIVING Mike from Numbnuts a tattoo!! Crazy much?? He claims he likes it.

Camwhoring pic 1

Camwhoring pic 2!



I think that make up has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years.

It used to be really uncommon for girls to wear fake lashes... Everyone just used mascara (which, imho, is really useless)... which was really tragic! I remembered having to curl my obstinately straight lashes for hours before they could curl for like 2 minutes, then, in the humidity, go depressingly droopy again. :(

And not to mention that eyelash extensions were not even invented yet!!

As for coloured contacts, I remember that they were really rarely used, and used to be so expensive!

But now everybody wears coloured or iris enlarging lenses!! Even the coloured lenses make eyes look bigger and brighter too!

Well most (smart) girls in Singapore do lah anyway.

I mean, if you were already short sighted, why not choose coloured lenses instead of plain ones to give your looks a boost??

I have perfect eyesight and I still wear coloured contacts anyway lor! Mad hiao!

And I'm happy because the more people wear cosmetic lenses, the more different colours will be created!

AND FRESHLOOK (best selling brand for cosmetic lenses!) HAS 3 NEW COLOURS!


I love Freshlook's patented 3-in-1 technology that blends 3 colours into a single lens, making it look so much more 3D and realistic!

Here I am, 'modeling' 2 of their new babies!


I especially love their brilliant blue (and normally I'm not a fan of blue lenses coz I feel that blonde + blue eyes a bit like too act angmoh), coz the colour is SOOOOOOOO VIBRANT!!

Like so striking you can see it from a distance!

Nice. :D

Freshlook has a fanpage now on Facebook, and they are searching for The Next Big Thing... contestants to win a year's supply of cosmetic lenses!

The contest is already closed, but do join the fanpage so you can find out more about future contests and also, check out the 10 lucky finalists!

If you support the winner, you stand a chance to win Freshlook lenses worth $42!


p/s: Every girl should wear cosmetic lenses unless they are born with strikingly coloured/huge irises. It makes such an improvement to looks!

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