Disneyland Hongkong Part 2!

Day 2 in Disneyland Hongkong!

Here's what I first saw while groggily walking down to the main lobby to meet the others for breakfast:

It's a Princess Room that easily trumps MY Princess Room!!!!!!!!!

Guess who's inside? PRINCESSES!!

Or little girls being a princess for a day at least...

Check out all the lucky bitches dolling up! LOL!

Parents are waiting around patiently as their daughters pick a Disney Princess to be for the day...


Which Disney Princess is your favourite?

I actually can't decide... Most people's favourites are either Ariel or Belle, but I have gripes with them both...

Ariel... Do not like red hair and her red hair clashes with her pink gown!! She should have worn green (Jasmine's colour) with red lipstick. HAHAHA! Also, I like her character coz she is quirky and funny, but she is emo and ditched her family at age 16 for a dude! *rolls eyes* But at least she picked like a RICH dude! Clever!

Belle's face is pretty but she is a brunette! Sorry but I like blondes! PLUS her dress is yellow, which is... bleah.

So I guess my favourite is Sleeping Beauty, who is blonde and wears a pink dress... But Cheesie says she got weird fringe and generic face! Which is true!

Like this how??


I forced Mike to pick a favourite and he said Jasmine coz she wears very little clothes and looks like she'd do 'naughty things'. -.- The kinda naughty things you cannot do to Ariel (coz you know, fish), which is why he didn't pick her despite her also wearing very little clothes. -_-

Men. Full of nonsense.

Snow White's the ugliest (Princesses should never have short hair!!!!!!) and Cinderella looks like she also has short hair + she wears blue!

I know I should pick the Chinese girl but Mulan is mad fugly plus is not a real princess lor!

Pocahontas also fugly... Every girl there looks like they would be a good shopping buddy but she just looks like she wants to hunt wild boar.

OKOK here's my ideal princess:

Ariel's face with her blue-green eyes. Aurora's lip colour. Belle's hair style in platinum blonde (not the yellow kind like Aurora's). Belle's dress in pink (love the gloves)... Slightly lighter pink than Ariel's... LOL I AM SO NITPICKY!!

Ok enough of this...


My food...

You didn't think I was gonna eat so little, did you?

Yong tau fu in laksa soup... And customised ingredients. Love!

Here's grumpy Ming...

I'm sure breakfast cheered him up though... The food was fantastic and I was startled by the IMMENSE selection!


Salad, fruits and drinks...

Bacon, sausages etc...

Toasts, whether french or not, waffles...
hash browns... pancakes...

The breads...

Dim sum

And your yong tau fu with as many mushrooms as you want in it! Yums!

With Woody accompanying you

All set with full bellies for our Disneyland adventure!!!!

Me posing with their lounge's sign...

With the girls!

Can you please see what Cheesie is wearing...


So mad cold... She's siao lor!! LOL

Little mermaid rooms

BUT FIRST, before we leave, Cheesie and Redmummy said that there is a Disneyland store in Disneyland Resort itself!

Most of the Disney stores sell more or less the same items, but this means we get to shop in a relatively empty store!! SHIOK!

Here it is...

And we girls found clip-on ears!!!!!

Pooh, piglet, marie cat, stitch, minnie... Etc! Very cute and only about 10 sgd for a pair!!!!!

Cheesie pointed out my tee's colour is very much like a particular character's colour... So guess which one I bought?



And there's Cheesie with Minnie ears to match her clothes and Audrey in Stitch coz she loves Stitch!


We were just squealing with excitement while putting on our ears together in the Disney store's mirror... I think the boys were very irritated, lol.

BUT LOOKIE! Weird creature with 4 ears!

The ears are incredibly detailed. See the cute lil bumblebee on mine??

Stitch ears even have little torn portions on it coz Stitch's ears are tattered. And a Hawaiian flower too!

Loves it! I was so happy to be going to Disneyland with a buncha girls who can dress up with me! :D

Pooh for the day

And we enter Disneyland again, this time in daylight. :)

I love this signboard btw.

Here's Audrey pretending to be Stitch...

Main Street

Windswept Mike on Main street

Check out the char siew paos! Almost too cute to eat

Mike asked me what an apothecary is I said, "It's a place where they sell potion ingredients like unicorn horns and beetle eyes... Don't you read Harry Potter?"

Actually I'm not even sure if my information is correct. LOL

Here's Estee with her Marie Cat paws coz those were the only gloves she could buy, and her hands were cold!

She's even more hero than Cheesie ok? Despite me warning her it was only 9 degrees at night, she only brought with her:

1 skin-thin cardigan (she's wearing Ming's jacket in this photo), flouncy summer dresses, and... 1 footwear: Birkie slippers.

She said she wasn't cold, only her hands were!

I swear Estee was the ONLY person I saw in Disneyland with open-toed footwear.


Here's Mike lifting what looks like Saturn up with bare hands!

Estee Marie Cat struggling, about to be crushed...



I carry the weight of the world with a smile and only 1 pinkie finger!!!!!

And we queue for the Buzz Lightyear ride...


Here's Buzz looking really realistic as the robot inside him moves and talks...

Mike was so fascinated. *cough engineer geek cough*

Check out our "targets"!

Everyone has a gun on their ride so you can aim lasers at aliens and shoot! At the end of it, your score will be recorded. Mike took his shooting very seriously.

I had like super low points coz I was busy snapping. LOL

Here's Tim and Audrey. Both are shooting. OMG I AM SO PUNNY!

O HAI! It's me with a Pooh bear balloon!!


And we enter what I thought was the funniest part of Disneyland...

The Stitch show!!!!!!!!

We had to queue for some time to get inside (during which we were bitching about other bloggers guffaw guffaw), and I thought it was just some kiddy show and might not be worth my time.


Ok here's what happens inside:

Stitch is on a bigass screen and there is a guy, I presume, behind the screen, voicing Stitch! (Very realistically too)

This Stitch can interact with the audience! Yes, they managed to program it such that the animation changes depending on what response Stitch wants to make!

OK I'm gonna start describing what happened so if you are planning to go to Disneyland, don't highlight the words coz it contains SPOILERS!

Highlight to read: Start [ OMG it was so funny!

Stitch picked out a guy from the crowd... His name was like Orb or Ugg or something... Alright let's call him Orb.

Looking at Orb, Stitch said, "You look very familiar, did I see you before?"

Orb said no, and Stitch said "Are you sure?"

After a pregnant pause, Stitch exclaimed, "I KNOW! You are an escaped space prisoner!"

Orb said he wasn't and Stitch said he has evidence... And Stitch produced a poster of Orb, with a hastily shot picture of Orb... Saying wanted for $10,000 or something, is a wanted prisoner!

Super funny lah! We all like fell over our seats! Anyhow accuse the audience of being space prisoners!

Later on a villian appeared on Stitch's monitor (he is in a spaceship) and said he is gonna kill Stitch for stealing his spaceship!

Stitch said, "It wasn't me, Orb did it!"


Up till THIS day, Mike and I are still saying "Orb did it" whenever we want to shirk responsibilities!

It was mad fun for both adults and kids. It's really amazing how entertaining Disney managed to make this with just a giant screen and a voice! ] END.

Camwhoring time in the toilet!

Marie Cat's tail I bought as a charm for my camera! :D

We girls are terrible! Poor guys waiting outside for us. LOL

And to the Pooh bear ride... I'm excited coz I'm Pooh for the day!!

Used the Fastpass with Cheesie's advice

Even their malfunctioning machines are cute...

Everything was so colourful and peaceful inside...

More random shots...

Me with Pegasus

Mike with the castle...

Me with the castle...

And then we discovered that the other side of the castle is even chioer!

Here's my prince...

Since the name Prince Charming is taken,
I shall call him Prince Shagadelic.

With Prince Shagadelic in front of our 26 bedroom castle with 20 attached bathrooms and 30 horses.



It does look very adventurous.

And here's a guy doing magic on the floor!

Drawing Disneyland characters with a
giant paintbrush disguised as a broomstick!

A short ferry to Tarzan's humble leafy abode.

How fun! I've always wanted to build a treehouse...
It's Enid Blyton's fault.

Great view from up top...

And I started to get tired so we called it a day from there!!

Saw a float parade on the way back...

Of course we went for more rides and shows than this but I didn't take photos of some of them!!

We rested for a while and it was time for our dinner buffet at Hollywood Hotel, another Disney themed hotel.

Everything decorated Hollywood style

AND NOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!


The buffet was fantastic!!!!!!!!!

My first plate...

I'm totally salivating now as I'm remembering how the food tasted...

Their beef was SUPERB (raw enough, and tender!) and the potato gratin was so creamy and nice!

All kinds of selection for any types of cuisine you want:



More chinese



Beef wellington: SO GOOD

Seafood with unlimited Alaskan crab legs... Huge.

Desserts and a real ice cream machine...

Tim being happy with the meal!!!!!


And here I am, wearing a Minnie
satin pink cap and ready to go crazy shopping!

Once we hit mainland Hongkong it was so chockful of stuff to see and touch that I didn't bother to snap any pictures!

Actually after snapping so much in Disneyland I was kinda sick of taking pictures already. -.-

I bought like super a lot of things but up till today I have not unpacked (how lazy am I???) so no pics of the hauls!!

Us girls met up with Suet Li, who is Malaysian but was in Hongkong for exchange. She was damn awesome and brought us around... To the best malls! :D :D :D

The Disney guys gave us a kaleidoscope...


And for breakfast, lookie who came to camwhore with us?


It's Minnie!

Wonder if she saw my hair ties were her gloves?

(And that's me without make up except for eyelash extensions... And frumpy breakfast clothes. It's quite bad, even photoshop cannot save me. T-T)

And you'd think that they are just mascots, but I think Disney made a lot of effort to hire the people inside!

You know why I say that? Coz not only are they super good with poses, they manage to give life and character to the costumes so well, with only body gestures! (Since facial expression cannot change, and cannot talk)

So anyway Minnie made us all laugh like crazy coz she made a beeline for Mike, who was sitting down eating his breakfast, acting cool and ignoring us girls camwhoring with Minnie...



After this kiss she made a shy gesture (looks down, clasps hands, twists around)... and she looked in Mickey's direction (he is quite far away), and made the "sheesh" hand sign!!!!!


And the story has part 2 coz here comes Mickey himself!

With Cheesie and Suet Li...

And so I told Mickey,

"Mickey, did you know your girlfriend was
flirting with my boyfriend just now??"

It was sooooooooo funny coz Mickey acted angry and went to confront Mike, hands on hips and all!!

It was all good after a while...


And then Mickey walked to me and demanded a kiss to get back at Mike!!

Super duper hilarious!!

He also signaled to us not to tell Minnie about the rendezvous. HAHAHA

After this Cheesie and I went shopping some more with Suet Li...

When we came back to the hotel, guess who we saw??



Omg another hilarious story...

Basically she was in a rush to go somewhere but obviously Cheesie and I were mad enthu to take pictures with her right??

So we were like, "Please, take a photo with us!!"

And while maintaining her princessy megawatt smile, she said in this pleasant, slow (albeit fake) voice, "I am sorry, I can't, I really got to go..."


And I was like, "WAIT WAIT JUST ONE SHOT!!! You are ruining our vacation if you go away!!" (HAHAHA YES I DID SAY THAT)

She just continued walking away while looking apologetic (and still smiling all the while)

CAMWHORED WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Major buay paiseh!!

I could tell that she was super annoyed with us (by us I mean me) for not letting her go but all the while she just had to keep smiling and talk to us in that gentle demure voice!!!!!!!


Poor Cinderella got forced by some random chick to camwhore... Somemore she's not even my favourite Princess!!

LOLOLOL Oh that was fun. How many of you pissed off a Disney Princess today?

And Sleeping Beauty also walked past...
With Mulan in the background.


The hand gestures are so princessy and funny HAHAHAHA

And Cheesie is right, she does have a funny fringe...


I think if anyone wants to visit Disneyland they should definitely stay in Disneyland hotel!!

It's all part of the package and it's like the magic doesn't leave you... And can snap pictures with the mascots without queuing up too! :)

Oh oh oh and also they have an inhouse pianist who can play any Disney song you request!! I made him play Beauty and the Beast for me. :DDD

Here's what Disney said to me, and I'm now saying it to you:

Hehehehe kthxbye!

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