Easy peasy shopping!


I don't know about you guys, but it has been like YEARS since I last did Xmas shopping.

As I grow older and older, I start to realise that my patience for squeezing through sweaty crowds is waning.

It's just... Shopping is supposed to be fun, and on top of having to...

1) Decide what to get for people (annoying if you don't know what they want)

2) Hunt it down (annoying if only very few places sell it)

3) Find the place with the best price for it... (Just annoying in general)...

You still have to go through the hassle of taking time out of your schedule to do it!

But boh pian, still have to do it, right?

So what's the simplest and most efficient way to get it done?


International websites take weeks to deliver, and that might be a bit rushed for Xmas... If you are busy or plain hate shopping, here's a solution for you!

You can shop here:

Instead of going out to shop, shopping now comes to the comfort of your own home!!

If you don't like websites, there are also other methods of shopping with Shop@Post!

Here's the Shop@Post catalogue that I received in my mailbox! Did any of you get it too?

With a little pop up tree...

And many products for you to choose from... With categories like Fashion, Electronics and even Computer software, I'm sure you can find the appropriate gift for friends, family and colleagues.

Besides their website and catalogue, you can also shop via:

- any Post Office

- on S.A.M machines everywhere and

- through the enclosed mail order form!

And Xmas came early for me!!!!! Here's some of the stuff I got from Shop@Post:

Mad chio bling bling Marc Ecko watch for Mike!

Marc Ecko watches are really popular and many celebrities wear them coz they are so attention grabbing!

Comes with an interchangeable bezel for dressed down days too!

And here he is, modeling the watch! Look like watch model not! LOLLL

Tadah! Wanna get this for your boyfriend, brother, son, or yourself? Only $328... Discounted! Usual price of $469.

As for me... GUESS WATCHES!!

Everybody loves Guess watches, coz they are so pretty!! Actually I really started obsessing about them since Paris Hilton started endorsing them a few years ago...


I already have 3 Guess watches at home and now I have another 3 to add to my collection, thanks to vPOSTt!


Guess bangle watches in black and white.

The word 'GUESS' is printed around it. How very MOD!


And of course, in a monochrome picture!

One more!

I'm wearing them both at once!! :D

Only $78 each, lowered from the usual price of $188. Good deal!


And one more gold Guess watch to add to my collection!

Ok the bling bracelet and heart bangle are - I've always wanted to say this - MODEL'S OWN. LOL!

(BTW I know the heart bracelet is chio but I bought it in USA like 3 years back so confirm now no longer selling, so don't ask me!)

With "G" stamped all around the strap! This watch is pretty flexible... Casual enough for work, and glams up well!

$189, usual price of $218!

Enjoy FREE delivery when you purchase items worth $200 and above!

Have fun shopping you guys!!

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