LOADS of new videos!

Ok lah some of them are not so new. Sorry Clicknetwork.tv, I so late then post!!!!!!


Guide to ACTING!!!

Watch me become a clingy girlfriend, psycho bitch and gang leader! LOL

As requested, a hair tutorial video on various styles including the hair bow I love! Woots!

Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Survival!
I dressed for the part even, so go watch it!


The Friend challenge.
Paul and KK compete to see who knows the other better!

We know they can sing, but can they dance, especially for musicals?
Watch to find out!

KK in a bikini! Don't need to say more. Hahaha


The boys have to get pass the NUS Rugby team or get kicked in the balls!

Really, I would have quit by this episode.

For your entertainment the boys
get shot by BB guns - loser has to
give the winner a boyzillian! Gross!

Will Hutch or Mike curse more when tortured?
The loser gets whipped by a dominatrix!


Shan and Rozz interviews a birth coach!
Shan looks like he is enjoying himself during the role play...

The duo interviews a magician who seems to be able to read their minds!

And the video everyone has been watching:


Click to watch

I saw it for the first time today... Didn't know they got a special 'guest' to host this episode of Guide to Life... It's MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He seems to do quite a good job hosting leh. I might have to kill him before he overshadows me. LOL!!!

Oh and you can watch me cry for the first time ever on video. Hahaha... And yes I'm writing the love story lah!

Sorry it's taking so long coz he took so long to propose and I thought he was never gonna do it so I didn't bother to write yet!

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