A Monfae A Day!


More ideas of what to get for friends and family for Xmas!


Monfae is a newly set up local company selling many designs of affordable watches ranging from $39 to $59 only!!

Their timepieces are all internally designed and comes with a 2 year warranty and are water resistant!

Their quality is guaranteed to be good!

Many watches nowadays either range from $100 and up from places like City Chain or are of the $10 push cart variety.

Some of us want to be able to match our daily outfits with suitable watches, but $100 seems to much to pay for, and the $10 sort rusts and spoils after like 2 weeks or something.

But at $39 to $59, these fashionable watches can also double up as accessories!

So that's where Monfae comes in... =)

Went to their grand opening last week:

The watches are all displayed uniquely in the sense that you can try on any piece you want! Not behind glass cabinets for display only.

From blinged up dressy watches to casual ones...

With straps of your choice (so many!) and a lovely box with ribbon with every purchase so your watch is "gift-ready"!

All the straps are durable and made of real leather.

And here I am posing with a Monfae timepiece!

Best thing about Monfae is... If you spend $50 and above, you get a membership card which entitles you to 20% off the next time you go there!

Shiok right? With 20% off a $30 watch becomes $24 only!

Here are the 4 designs Monfae sponsored me:

PINK - with a chio rose gold frame...

- with diamantes shattered all over!

RED - Gems to tell the time

AND BLACK! With matching black Swarovski crystals.

Used the watches to match 4 different looks!

Camwhoring time!

Pink and Fluffy

Earth shades

Vivid Red

Mysterious Black

Which look is your favourite?

Monfae is located in Plaza Singapura, 2nd floor.

So do go there and have a look - support local brands!!!!!!


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