Saturday, December 26, 2009


Happy Boxing Day! Just a short picture post before I go off to play Mahjong!!

Dinner @ Modesto's

Incredible Sulk does it again!

Waiting for nom noms


Our starter: Parma ham with Melon!! Mad love this!!

Well of the six slices of melon 3 were ultra sweet and the other 3 super not sweet. Worth half the price.

Mike's Mediterranean pizza... Yucks, olives!

My favourite creamy mushroom pasta!! Slurps slurps

Had time to kill before watching Avatar 3D so we just sat around on at the open area on top of Vivo... People-watching with the giant Xmas tree in front of us. I love that place! It's so big and windy... :)

On a sidenote, Avatar was not bad but I seriously hated the 3D glasses. Gave me a splitting headache!! I hated it when the background is blurry!

And the glasses kept hitting my eyelashes (no, it doesn't mean the lashes are too long, it simply means my nose is too flat), so imagine... for 3 hours I had to HOLD the glasses!! Looked like a retard.


Xmas Eve dinner at Gillian's... Well technically Gillian's parents' place. Had a fab time with Rozz (new blog), Zin, Joan and of course our hosts Gillian + Bryan! The food and company were just spectacular.

Melt in your mouth roast beef... Goodness knows where Auntie Tan gets her crazy good food from, but wow!

The buffet line-up... Aglio Olio was delish!

The hams giving that exclusive Xmas feel

Banquetish waiters were all around and all the table tops were done with super professional looking settings!

Chilli crabs!! I had 2 giant pieces kthxbye

Dessert cakes still in their boxes

Rozz getting a piece of that eggy goodness

Gillian and Joan... I might have shocked Joan with a dirty joke. Oh well, she's heard too many to be shocked anymore HAHAHA

Gillian's bro, Glenn 'subaru' Tan (private joke), with Bryan (navy shirt). LOL

After the yummeh dinner we adjoin to the basement for lounging around and guess what we found!! Gillian's baby photos!!

Hahaha Rozz said she was an ugly child!! Why last time she so black now she so fair and chio one wtf!!!

At 11++ Mike and I left to go to Ben's place...

We arrived to be clouded in popper smoke. -_- It was midnight! Merry Xmas everyone!!!

It was safari themed, which explained my leopard print dress and Ben's ridiculous head gear. And that's Jason before he got uber drunk and forced everyone to drink.

Clara + Ben 2

Junne + Ben 3. Super a lot of people called Ben.

The drinks, which Jason abused

Junne said she took the most unglam photo of me, wiping the side of my mouth. Still chio LOLOL see Jason likes it.

A bit more glam but blurry... Junne is lousy photographer.

A load of Twister photos...

After the 5 guys were bent in awkward positions over the plastic mat,
it was the girls' turn!

Must have made the boys very happy, which explains
the amount of photos taken. -_-

I love this photo!!
Laughing at Junne coz she got a damn awkward position LOL!!!

How come I looks like I has a dimple here?!?

Mike took this picture... Don't know what's his point but ok...

Xmas day itself we just relaxed at home... Momo called and asked us what we are doing (nothing), so she came to my place with my Aunt in tow... AND MADE DUMPLINGS!!!

Bottom: Mommy's dumplings. Top: Aunt's dumplings.
So cute they fold in different styles!!

Nom nom nom! Mad delicious and full of motherly love!!!

I had a wonderful Xmas! What about you guys?