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I just twittered that I hate dining at SPG-infested places and someone replied me on twitter, Why, aren't you one yourself? Oh, so CLEVER! *rolls eyes* I despise SPGs. And no, I don't think I'm one. I'm not talking about SPGs in the olden sense (circa 90s), because SPG used to just mean Singaporean (or Asian) girls who just date white guys. Well you can read more here . I don't find anything wrong with girls who prefer to fuck white guys. Everyone has a preference to what they find attractive. Only if it's a purely superficial thing. Like some people like lean guys, some people like chubby guys. Some like guys with small eyes, or with big biceps. Well people CAN have a preference for race too. That's fine. No. It's the ' new age ' SPGs that I really hate. These SPGs won't even wear sarongs anymore, you know why? COZ THEY ARE NO LONGER EVEN LOCAL ! I won't elaborate on which nationality - anyone with eyes can see. Whenever Mike a

Bling, berry, bling!

Happy happy happy! After lugging around an utterly hideous berry (9700 bold 2) for a few days, my pink keyboard from finally arrived!!! Mike changed it for me with the help of this video, and it already looks so much better omg. Next day, I brought it to Gmask to cover the rest of the phone with a pink mask, and TADAH!! PINKBERRY!! So I set out to bling it, starting with the back cover: Almost done... I don't understand this... If there is one thing a camera can never capture well, it's bling!! The colours always look so inaccurate with flash and without, it's always not as shiny as it looks in real life! I guess to really get how it looks like you need video coz different gems sparkle when moved and that's the beauty of it! From the less than complimentary comments I read from yesterday's POTM photos, I gather that this sort of design is not gonna be generally taken positively. Cluttered, messy, etc... IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY!

New videos!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE Guide to Tattooing... AND I'M THE ONE DOING IT!!! My poor guinea pig who is literally scarred for life is Mike from Numbnuts!! Must watch!! p/s: Small snippet about tattoos: I just found out Mike (my Mike) has a tattoo!! He poked himself in the knee with a pencil when he is very young and the lead was trapped inside his skin. LOL it looks like a 2mm blue (dunno why blue) dot! What a hideous photo of me. Guide to party tricks!! Watch me do incredible stunts like, erm, stabbing an apple in midair! I'm pretty good as it turns out LOL CHICK VS DICK The pictionary challenge! Boobies? Paul? Unbelievable he would draw something so uncouth. Numbnuts The numbnut boys's Xmas special: Selling kisses for charity!! Loser gets a shitty haircut from the winner!! Hahaha! Eat hot wings or get attacked by a crazy tennis ball launcher! Ouchie! The Shan and Rozz show Interviewing a sexologist! Is that a condom? Interviewing Chris

Pathetic post

I'm supposed to be blogging about my Phuket trip but I'm too lazy so here's one single photo so that the blog doesn't look so stale. Something about coming back from holidays make people sleepy!!


Got off for a short holiday to Phuket , thanks to Andara Resort! Think it's my second or third time there but Thailand is always good fun!!! I'm gonna drag Mike shopping! Took off my ring... I'm scared someone will chop it off!! Ok lah it's not THAT expensive but I don't want to drop it into the ocean! Also, just got the new Blackberry Bold 2!! Hopefully photos will be nicer. :D See ya guys in 4 days!

Empty Pen

The host family just came and went... Great family. Caring mom (didn't see the dad), 2 kids and 1 baby, big landed house with garden and swimming pool, and 2 maids to clean up after Pumpkin. Anyone who knows logic knows that the dog's gonna get a better deal. Momo came over and helped me with packing all of her stuff. Folded up her toilet (it's a cage). Pumpkin KNEW . She knew she was gonna be gone away from me again. She just sat there and didn't move. Normally she won't stop zipping around. She won't hop on my lap when asked. But everything was so cheery when the family came over... Kids won't stop asking me questions. And I was fine (if not a bit grumpy) all the way till dinner was over. Then I came home and her pen is empty. Devoid of Pumpkin. Fucking hit me like a tsunami. And suddenly I don't even remember why I gave her away. I just want her back again on my lap chewing a toy. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. I love her, yet I resent her. I made th

Photo post again

Yay for me!! I've been very sian about taking photos for the longest time but recently I feel like everytime I put make-up on I must camwhore a lot!! And also thanks to the new camera I guess!! Ordered some Juicy stuff from Ebay USA and they finally arrived... :D Bought another of my old Juicy cellphone charm coz I love it so much but mine is mad fugly now!!!!! Compare! The pearl ball lost its sheen and wordings, large crystal is so faded and scratched, the pink heart is not shiny anymore, and the chain is all tarnished! I'm happy to have found the same one. :D Love ebay! Chio little bag with loads of charms! I think I bought this coz it's not too expensive and it's totally cute! Best find EVER!! Juicy Couture pillow cases!! SO CHIO FOR MY DAYBED!! Erm I didn't pose Pumpkin there, she just jumped onto the bed (yes she can jump that high) so I thought I might as well take pictures of her... :) Camwhore doggie! So cute... This is my most SLR

Pamper your hair!

Advertorial I've been dyeing my hair even since I got out of Secondary school at 16 so it has been a good 9 years straight! (I feel so old suddenly) And I've been bleaching my hair to almost platinum blonde for a good long time now, so naturally my hair is really damaged!!! The ends are so tangled and dry. Many people often lament after doing hair stuff like perming, dyeing or rebonding that their hair becomes this tangled, split-ended mess. And in their panic, they always end up cutting their hair short! Which is why you don't see that many bleached blondes with long hair, correct? BUT! I am a believer that hair CAN and WILL be revived even when it is damaged, as long as you keep going on with hair treatments !! So imagine how happy I was when I was invited to try out the new Essential Intensive Hair Mask treatment at a salon! (Treatments are great, and so is having someone wash your hair and massage your scalp!) If I wasn't already happy, I'd also b