Monday, January 25, 2010

Bling, berry, bling!

Happy happy happy! After lugging around an utterly hideous berry (9700 bold 2) for a few days, my pink keyboard from finally arrived!!!

Mike changed it for me with the help of this video, and it already looks so much better omg.

Next day, I brought it to Gmask to cover the rest of the phone with a pink mask, and TADAH!! PINKBERRY!!

So I set out to bling it, starting with the back cover:

Almost done...

I don't understand this... If there is one thing a camera can never capture well, it's bling!!

The colours always look so inaccurate with flash and without, it's always not as shiny as it looks in real life!

I guess to really get how it looks like you need video coz different gems sparkle when moved and that's the beauty of it!

From the less than complimentary comments I read from yesterday's POTM photos, I gather that this sort of design is not gonna be generally taken positively.

Cluttered, messy, etc... IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY!

The way I normally bling is the USA way of doing it with neat lines (see if you don't believe me) but the Japanese style (google image 'deco-den') is to cramp as much nonsense on the phone as possible!

For this phone I wanted something EVEN MORE KUA ZHANG than the 'normal' blinged phones so I tried something new. AND I LOVE IT!!

The design is supposed to be this way: Ribbon, with 4 ribbon tails trailing down to the big teardrop, the "X", the small teardrop, and the heart diamante!

Well it's a bit confusing but 2 ribbon tails are made of the diamante chains and 2 made of pearl hearts. :)

And here's the back cover with the front of the phone, now in pink!

After blinging the front! Here's how the keyboard looks like in the dark, mad chio!

My LED light indicator has a HEART around it. :D

My girly berry with a ribbon!!

The ribbon is actually made of plain pink plastic but I blinged it too! I bought it at the shop next to Monfae. LOL if you read my advert u will know where that is!


More accurate colour without flash

And here it is, on my fat hairy thighs!!

You may or may not (personally I cannot understand why not) like it, but you can't deny it's attention grabbing as hell! :D :D :D


(Die die also will blog about Phuket tomorrow)

p/s: When I asked Mike if the pink keyboard is pretty after he just changed it for me (with the rest of the phone black), he said it looks funny, like a serious businessman in a suit and all, but wearing a pink feather hat.

Now the whole phone is blinged... It's a serious businessman potonged and transformed into a full gaudy tranny!! LOL