Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New videos!!


Guide to Tattooing... AND I'M THE ONE DOING IT!!!

My poor guinea pig who is literally scarred for life is Mike from Numbnuts!! Must watch!!

p/s: Small snippet about tattoos: I just found out Mike (my Mike) has a tattoo!! He poked himself in the knee with a pencil when he is very young and the lead was trapped inside his skin. LOL it looks like a 2mm blue (dunno why blue) dot!

What a hideous photo of me. Guide to party tricks!!

Watch me do incredible stunts like, erm, stabbing an apple in midair! I'm pretty good as it turns out LOL


The pictionary challenge! Boobies? Paul?
Unbelievable he would draw something so uncouth.


The numbnut boys's Xmas special: Selling kisses for charity!!

Loser gets a shitty haircut from the winner!! Hahaha!

Eat hot wings or get attacked by a crazy tennis ball launcher! Ouchie!

The Shan and Rozz show

Interviewing a sexologist! Is that a condom?

Interviewing Chris Garver, famous tattoo artist!

.... And a contortionist, who doesn't seem to be sitting in a socially acceptable position. Honestly man, you don't shine your asshole to the world like that.