Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions which I don't really intend to keep

1) I will not pluck out my eyelash extensions anymore. (Already broke this)

2) I will not forget to eat the pill and have my period come 2 weeks early and not know what to do with the rest of the pills.

3) I will wash my hair more often. (WHAT? WHAT?! CANNOT IS IT? *very defensive*)

4) I will not pluck out gel/acrylic nail extensions.

5) I will put more effort into blogging regularly. (So far so good)

6) I will lose *some* weight for my wedding.

7) I will try to post clicknetwork updates regularly.

8) I will not be jealous about other people's success or happiness (HA HA like impossible)

9) I will not get pissed off by lame comments people write about me UNLESS THEY ARE ACCUSING ME THEN I CAN GET MYSELF INTO A ROARING FRENZY AND BEAT THEIR MOTHERS TO A PULP.

10) I will call my grandparents more often and visit them even though they stay in godforsaken Clementi.

11) I will hand in my advertorials on time. I shall be a totally professional and affable blogger whom advertisers all say they love to work with thankyouverymuch.

12) I will proudly say I am a BLOGGER when asked what my occupation is instead of whimpering "web writer" because it is a legitimate occupation fuck these ignorant people/taxi drivers.

13) Speaking of that, I'd get my car license to avoid having to fulfil point 12.

14) And I will buckle my seat belt at all times.

15) I will attempt to publish a book. No idea on what yet, unlikely to happen.

16) I will try to cuddle Mike to sleep at night if I sleep later than him.

17) I will not forget to off the heater after I shower.

18) I will endeavour to learn more about everything and not have a close-minded cowardly attitude. This includes the 4x4 Rubik's Cube which I have yet to master.

19) I will not flare up everytime somebody corrects my spelling/grammar. OK I can't do that it really annoys me. If you know what I mean, you don't have to fucking corect me, ok?? LEAVE THAT 'CORECT' ALONE! Leave it! Good. Now breathe. Spelling nazis, let this be your New Year's resolution!

20) I will wake up to go tanning more often.

21) I will leave Dawn Yang alone since I am having a much more awesome life than hers. JUST KIDDING! Fuck that bitch she tried to sue me! p/s: Your liquify skills stink, your jawline is wavy in some pictures MUAHAHAHA

22) Speaking of which, I will not advertise for anything that Plasticzilla advertises. NOT THAT SHE HAS ANY EXCEPT BLOGSHOPS LAH HAHAHAHA

23) I will master my SLR and take awe-inspiring photos.

24) I will religiously bleach my eyebrows instead of letting them go all black like they are currently. Sigh.

25) I will not scorn at people with compact point-and-shoot cameras. They are merely uneducated, will wake up soon.

26) I will not let myself go after marriage.

27) I will be more patient with dumb people.

Ok that's all I can think of at the moment. I shall go work on my advertorial so that I can fulfil point 11.