Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pamper your hair!


I've been dyeing my hair even since I got out of Secondary school at 16 so it has been a good 9 years straight! (I feel so old suddenly)

And I've been bleaching my hair to almost platinum blonde for a good long time now, so naturally my hair is really damaged!!! The ends are so tangled and dry.

Many people often lament after doing hair stuff like perming, dyeing or rebonding that their hair becomes this tangled, split-ended mess.

And in their panic, they always end up cutting their hair short! Which is why you don't see that many bleached blondes with long hair, correct?

BUT! I am a believer that hair CAN and WILL be revived even when it is damaged, as long as you keep going on with hair treatments!!

So imagine how happy I was when I was invited to try out the new Essential Intensive Hair Mask treatment at a salon! (Treatments are great, and so is having someone wash your hair and massage your scalp!)

If I wasn't already happy, I'd also be cheered up upon reaching there, you know why? COZ ALL THE PRODUCTS ARE SO CHIO!!!!

Here's a seat + mirror in the salon decorated Essential style!!

Did I mention I love girly stuff???

And here I am in a princessy chair decorated with flowers!! Chio chio chio!

There is a little netbook there too, which is on Essential's website
so you can surf and not get too bored!

Go and see, the site is mad chio also:


My stellar hair mask treatment for the day, in cheery pink and orange:


Nuance Airy for limp and flat hair to be light and bouncy, Rich Premier for unruly hair to become smooth and manageable!

I've already seen Essential products in many stores and everytime it just makes me take a second look coz they are packaged so prettily!! Essential is a really established brand from Japan - no wonder their stuff are so chio!

Here's my hair stylist having a look at my fried hair ends. It is thereby recommended that I use Rich Premier!

Getting a wash first! With Essential shampoo!

Getting the mask out. Since this mask is for you to do at home, it is of course not necessary for you to use the bowl/comb. But if you have those then obviously it would be easier!

Stylist applying some for me to show me how it's done...

And here I am being clever and independent by doing it myself!!

It's really simple. Try to avoid your roots and section your hair, then rub in the hair mask!! Make sure you get the ends.

Smells really nice too. :)


And done! Now I'm just waiting for 15 mins for the mask to reach its full potential.

Camwhore in the meantime...

AND DONE!!!!!!

Look! I'm one of the Essential girls! LOL

Loves it!

Hair becomes much softer, smoother
and silkier to the touch!!

The hair mask is intensive enough to effectively repair your
hair yet it doesn’t feel heavy on your hair after use. :)

Good hair days are awesome!

Here's my hair 1 day after the treatment, curled with scrunchies while I slept and with some baby oil I put on it...

Want to get fab hair??

Put on a mask today and pamper your hair!!

Essential Intensive Hair Mask is available at all major supermarkets, Watsons and beauty stores!

Want to find out more?


p/s: My bleach job and cuts are still done by my sponsor Mosche!!! Essential is for easy DIY hair treatment at home. :)