Photo post again

Yay for me!! I've been very sian about taking photos for the longest time but recently I feel like everytime I put make-up on I must camwhore a lot!!

And also thanks to the new camera I guess!!

Ordered some Juicy stuff from Ebay USA and they finally arrived... :D

Bought another of my old Juicy cellphone charm coz I love it so much but mine is mad fugly now!!!!!

Compare! The pearl ball lost its sheen and wordings, large crystal is so faded and scratched, the pink heart is not shiny anymore, and the chain is all tarnished!

I'm happy to have found the same one. :D Love ebay!

Chio little bag with loads of charms! I think I bought this coz it's not too expensive and it's totally cute!

Best find EVER!! Juicy Couture pillow cases!!


Erm I didn't pose Pumpkin there, she just jumped onto the bed (yes she can jump that high) so I thought I might as well take pictures of her... :) Camwhore doggie!

So cute... This is my most SLR-ish shot of her! (Although the rest also taken by SLR but my skills too lao pok)

I'm in my 'I don't want to give her away' mood again. Sigh... But I don't wanna talk about this anymore so stop leaving related comments! Grrrr

Dinner at said location on 1st day of the new year... Mad crowded.

Always request no peanuts ($2! Dunno why they spell as 'pickle') and no wet tissues!

This begs the question: Does Mike ever change out of that tee?

The answer is never.

Hate waiting for food!

Tilapia, cut and deboned by MOI, ex banquet waitress extraordinaire!

It's ugly but I assure you I'm good at cutting fish.

You can see the fins and bones at the back...

Salted egg yolk prawns... LOVES!

Nothing better to do at home... Camwhore!

Huiwen and I at a meeting in a hotel! She was trying to be all professional but I forced her to camwhore LOL

Dinner with bb at Phin's Steakhouse. Bugis branch. Don't go to the Tampines Mall branch, fucking manager is MAD RUDE!

"Don't take a photo first, I'm arranging my hair."

Ok that's all kthxbai

p/s: OH NOW they realised the CB Romanian dickface is the murderer!! (Referring to THIS post) Stupid Singapore govt let him out of the country. Will he be caught and found? Betcha all he won't be!

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