Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just twittered that I hate dining at SPG-infested places and someone replied me on twitter, Why, aren't you one yourself?

Oh, so CLEVER! *rolls eyes*

I despise SPGs. And no, I don't think I'm one.

I'm not talking about SPGs in the olden sense (circa 90s), because SPG used to just mean Singaporean (or Asian) girls who just date white guys. Well you can read more here.

I don't find anything wrong with girls who prefer to fuck white guys. Everyone has a preference to what they find attractive. Only if it's a purely superficial thing. Like some people like lean guys, some people like chubby guys. Some like guys with small eyes, or with big biceps. Well people CAN have a preference for race too. That's fine.

No. It's the 'new age' SPGs that I really hate.

These SPGs won't even wear sarongs anymore, you know why? COZ THEY ARE NO LONGER EVEN LOCAL! I won't elaborate on which nationality - anyone with eyes can see.

Whenever Mike and I are at such places, such as pubs in Changi Village, I feel really uncomfortable because I know that on the surface, I look exactly like one of them.

But I sure as hell am NOT! I'm not gold-digging. I'm not fucking slutty. I don't solely date white men, and I never used to be Mike's maid, that's for sure.

How do I know these girls are? Well. I'd wager a hundred bucks most of them are.

SO AS SUCH, I'm hereby writing a Guide to qualifying someone as a SPG. Please tick when relevant.

1) Does not work/earn money by herself. Working as a waitress in a White people bar to get a chance to nab an angmoh does not count. Opening a bar using the guy's money after marrying him also does not count.

2) Comes from a poor third world country/poor family.

3) Solely dates white guys.

4) Has a history of fucking at least 3 white guys before.

5) Age gap of her and white boyfriend is at least 10 years.

6) White boyfriend is older than 40.

7) White boyfriend is ugly.

8) White boyfriend is rich.

9) Used to be his maid.

10) Snatched white boyfriend from his previous family with his ex white wife, most probably with kids.

11) Got to know white boyfriend in a white people pub.

12) Is fugly herself, none of the guys of her race and age would fuck her.

13) Dumb and lazy, but loud and opinionated.

14) Irrationally fond of tiger prints.

If you hit at least 10 of the criteria, congratulations, you are an SPG!!!

(Yeah yeah I know you think I'm number 13. Whatever. I don't care. *waves mensa cert*)

Why do these SPGs and their dumbshit white men irk me so much? It's not like I think I'm better than them.

NO WAIT. I do think I am better. Afterall I'm not using my vagina to get out of a poor chicken-feeding life and sucking some old ugly white dude's cock for his money.

Yeah. So I'm better, and yet I'm constantly labeled as one of them. And I absolutely HATE it when I hear that these white guys are fucking their maids!!!!!!!!!!


I mean wtf man! You come to Singapore to work doing an honest living or to seduce men?? And it's difficult for single men to get maids (I think), so worse, most of these men are MARRIED!!


Good lord it just makes me so pissed off.

I know I'm being very contradicting here because I despise these girls and I hate it that on the surface I look like one of them, and yet here I am judging how they are like by how they look like on the surface.


You see some slutty 20 year old Asian chick with a 50 year old angmoh, WHAT WILL YOU THINK? You think it's true love? Sorry but I believe she is a homewrecker! And sorry you look like your shitty stereotypes!

What the FUCK are these dumbshits doing in Singapore anyway??

The angmoh is not Singaporean, the slut is also not Singaporean, can't they bring their fornication to their fucking respective countries and stop tainting our land!! It is crowded enough as it is! URGH!

And why, the single SG girls and guys are not good enough for them is it?? MUST FIND WEIRD NATIONALITIES TO FUCK IN SINGAPORE?

Gross shit.

Can't stand it.

Don't give me that "you are racist" bullshit. I'm not anti any race, I'm anti home-wreckers. I'm also anti Cheena sluts (that's my race btw, Chinese) who fuck married SG men, but they are not SPGs and I'm not compared to them so I'd leave them for another entry. Actually, I've wrote about them loads before!! LOL

Mike always says he doesn't understand why I'm so riled up when I'm put in a social situation with these people. I told him,

"How would you feel if you were dating a 50 year old rich lady, but you are rich yourself, and you are not with her for her money (never used her money, dated her since she was poor) but for true love... And yet, this lady constantly brings you to social events where all her taitai friends are dating useless toyboys your age, and you look like one of them, and everyone says you are a just a toyboy too??"

Well, rant over. Gonna watch telly with my age/looks compatible fiance now.

p/s: Feel free to leave comments regarding stories of how you heard these SPGs (esp of the domestic helper variety) broke up people's families. I love getting all riled up.

p/p/s: Not sure if I wrote something like this before but recently my memory is damn bad. I feel like I'm complained about this before. Not the guide though, the guide is awesome!