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New videos!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE Guide to the casino school!! CHICK VS DICK The fitness challenge NUMBNUTS Fav ep of Numbnuts so far: Win durian dodgeball, or MAKE OUT WITH A GRANDMA Blindfolded skateboarding or experience the worst phobia! SAFE SEX WITH RIS LOW Seems pretty self-explanatory

Camwhoring with the ring light

Teeheehee... In case you are not following me on Twitter (DO IT! FOLLOW ME!), you'd have been puzzled as to why the photos on the Magnolia advert below looks so bloody professional and chio!! That is because I bought a ring light!! Actually I have no idea what it's called but it's basically studio lighting... In the shape of a ring. Kinda like the bulbs we have on our ceilings but standing!! You balance the ring light on a tripod, and shoot THROUGH the ring light. On top of the light, in a never-ending effort to make my adverts more professional (*ahem* also to take camwhoring to the zenith), I also bought a WIRED REMOTE CONTROL for my L10 (the DSLR)!! SNAP SNAP SNAP!! So easy!! And you can actually see the ring light REFLECTED IN YOUR EYES!! It's really fun. So anyway here are some more camwhoring shots I took that night: This one's my favourite. :) Anyway there are 3 bonus photos which I found quite priceless. After I set up the ring

2 hours of futility

Most people will probably find this entry very boring but nonetheless... I play Pet Society , a game on facebook... Recently I quit but they introduced Petlings - which is, erm, a pet of your pet. Yes that's silly. But anyway you can choose either a kitty or puppy (tiger also can but must pay with real life money -_-). I've always liked kitties but I'm not gonna buy one after The Pumpkin Incident... So I bought a Petling Kitty!! And their puppies are just not that cute, so not interested in the dogs... The only problem is that for Petlings, when you purchase one as a baby, you can't choose the colour/looks at all. It's completely random!! The colours available are black, white, shades of brown from cream to chocolate ... hideous blue ... AND PINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what's the problem, right? Buy it, don't like it, buy another. But even if you have all the Pet Society money in the world, you can't just dump a Petling and buy another. It takes 3 day

A Berry Love Affair

Advertorial Valentine's Day is coming up, and romance is in the air!! What's nicer than to take a long walk with your lover, sharing a chilled drink in the sunshine? And that drink should be... Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie Mixed Berries with Strawberry bits!! A very long name for a lot of yums! Magnolia's Yoghurt Smoothie series also has flavours in Strawberry (with Nata De coco), and Mango (with orange sacs), but the star today is the Mixed Berries! And here is WHY! COZ IT'S CONTEST TIME!!! It's the "My Berry Special Moment" photo contest!! Taking part is really simple. All you have to do is to take a photo with your loved one(s) sharing a special moment - and send it in!! Doesn't necessarily have to be with your lover either. It could be with friends or family too!! Bonus berry points will be given to people who *ahem* pose with a Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie Mixed Berries drink... So unless you are a complete idiot you should

London: Part 1

A great thank you to Project Alpha and MAS for flying me to London!!! Mad sleepy for some reason so expect short captions... Had the BEST FLIGHT EVER on the way there. I dunno why but I guess coz it's not peak period, the plane only had 76 of us!!! ONE WHOLE GINORMOUS PLANE!! Everyone had a 4-seat "bed" all to themselves! Service was impeccable. Food was great. Best 12 hours on a plane I ever had. Empty empty empty!!! Unfortunately the MAS flight on the way back was super full though. I guess the Chinese in London are going back to KL for CNY? Well, not everyday Sunday. Taken during taxiing. ;) Here's Niki talking to the camera while waving his slr around. So hardworking! Jojo's so kiasu, her luggage has her surname written all over it! Jojo and Niki leaning over my baby pink luggage. :D After about 40 mins in a cab, we arrive at Millennium hotel!! It's right smack in the center of London Mayfair. Nice! Look at all the posh and s