Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 hours of futility

Most people will probably find this entry very boring but nonetheless...

I play Pet Society, a game on facebook... Recently I quit but they introduced Petlings - which is, erm, a pet of your pet. Yes that's silly.

But anyway you can choose either a kitty or puppy (tiger also can but must pay with real life money -_-).

I've always liked kitties but I'm not gonna buy one after The Pumpkin Incident... So I bought a Petling Kitty!! And their puppies are just not that cute, so not interested in the dogs...

The only problem is that for Petlings, when you purchase one as a baby, you can't choose the colour/looks at all. It's completely random!!

The colours available are black, white, shades of brown from cream to chocolate... hideous blue... AND PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what's the problem, right? Buy it, don't like it, buy another. But even if you have all the Pet Society money in the world, you can't just dump a Petling and buy another. It takes 3 days to grow from baby to adult and if you try to dump it midway the game chides you for being irresponsible -_-.

I got a black kitty (yuck) and then a cream kitty (not bad) but I still can't get a pink one!!

Thanks to a friend who taught me this trick before though, today I tried to get a pink kitty... You can just try and try (without waiting 3 days) till you get the perfect one!!

It's technically considered a cheat I guess but because I'm awesome like that I'd share it!!

1) Load Pet Society when you are qualified to get a new Petling. (ie you don't have a Petling or all Petlings you have are adults)

2) After loading, DO NOT buy a Petling yet. Instead, go to Offline Mode. Offline mode is available in Mozilla and IE but not chrome.

3) Double check you are in offline mode. Now go buy a Petling baby.

4) Feed the baby food to see what it turns into. Now we split into 2 options:

A) You like it. Lucky you! Uncheck your offline and play pet society as per normal.

B) You don't like it. Still lucky coz you read me. Now press refresh. Pet society will tell you it can't load coz you are offline. Now uncheck Offline Mode. Refresh again. TADAH!! It will be like you never bought the Petling baby at all!!

Now all you have to do is to repeat Step 1 till you get the kitty/puppy of your liking!!

:D :D :D

Anyway I was being fucking anal nitpicking on all my kitties.....

I must have refreshed about 40 times and got 3 pink kitties out of all my tries but I didn't really like any of them!!


Got so many patterns one!!

After careful observation I realised:

HEAD: 5 styles and 2 of them are disgusting double chin sorts!! Gross!! Don't like the bald one either. I only like the stewie-head shaped one and the first pink kitty's!!

EYES: Yellow, brown, turquoise and blue. I only want the blue/turquoise on my kitty!!

EYE SHAPE: Pointy and round... Don't mind either but prefer pointy.

BODY: Comes in S M L sizes!!! WTF right? I didn't notice this at first but the larger cats are so much less cute!! Only the S sized ones are adorable but I accept M too.

EARS: Comes in 5 shapes... Don't mind any but prefer the fuzzy ones...

TAIL: Comes in Bushy, MAD FLUFFY, normal, stripey and normal with coloured tip. I only want the bushy/fluffy!!!

FEET: With white 'socks' and no socks!! Of course prefer with socks, but ok with none too.

The dark chocolate one I drew with a heart is freaking perfect except it is NOT PINK!!!!

Erm so after like 2 hours of refreshing I accidentally forgot to hit the offline key before buying my kitty and now I'm stuck with a shitty orange large one (thank god no jowls and has blue eyes) for the next 3 days before I can repeat this evil time-consuming cycle again.


Feel free to pile either "You have no life" or "ZOMG THANK YOU YOU ARE A SAVIOUR I WANT A PINK KITTY TOO" comments.

p/s: How can it be I got no blue kitty out of like 40 tries? Good thing I guess, hate blue.