Friday, February 12, 2010

A Berry Love Affair


Valentine's Day is coming up, and romance is in the air!! What's nicer than to take a long walk with your lover, sharing a chilled drink in the sunshine?

And that drink should be...

Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie
Mixed Berries with Strawberry bits!!

A very long name for a lot of yums!

Magnolia's Yoghurt Smoothie series also has flavours in Strawberry (with Nata De coco), and Mango (with orange sacs), but the star today is the Mixed Berries!

And here is WHY!


It's the "My Berry Special Moment" photo contest!!

Taking part is really simple.

All you have to do is to take a photo with your loved one(s) sharing a special moment - and send it in!!

Doesn't necessarily have to be with your lover either. It could be with friends or family too!!

Bonus berry points will be given to people who *ahem* pose with a Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie Mixed Berries drink... So unless you are a complete idiot you should know what to do lah.

"How should I pose with you?"

Prizes are awfully attractive.

In fact, I think I stand a pretty good chance of winning and I am half undecided on whether I should write this advert. I mean the less of you participating the more chances I have of winning right? But sigh... See, I'm so nice!!

Winner and a partner gets to win a 3D2N stay at Fraser Resorts in Pattaya, with spa treatment for 2!!


And if you are not the winner, there are still 5 consolation prizes of Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s in PINK!!! That's a Polaroid camera by the way. IN PINK! Comes with a pack of film!! I WANT I WANT!!!

So I roped Mike in and snapped some pictures!!!

Here's 3, help me chose which one is the nicest!!!

LOL I guess the last one is the nicest.

Well enough of the posing (we weren't actually drinking in the photos hahaha), it's time for the taste test!!

Pouring the smoothie... For those of you who have not tried yoghurt drinks before because you don't like yoghurt that much (I don't), you have to try yoghurt drinks NOW!!

Coz the taste of it is very different from real yoghurt!! Much less sour, less thick, and so nice chilled. :D

I mean it is obviously still a YOGHURT drink so obviously it still does taste a bit like yoghurt lah.

Comes with real chunky strawberry bits inside. Oh love!!!

Why choose a yoghurt drink?

For one it has BioLive Cultures in it, whatever that means. Well it does give you a healthier digestive system!

For a drink that tasty, it is shockingly enough FAT-FREE! That's right, 0% fats!

And everyone knows yoghurt contains calcium for strong bones and teeth. :)

Now how nice is that?

Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie Mixed Berries with Strawberry Bits is available at all supermarkets, 7 Eleven etc, so go get your own to try today, and remember to snap pictures to join the contest!!

You could be the lucky winner of a FREE HOLIDAY!!!

Remember to click to join




Yummy whether shared or drank on your own. Slurps!