Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everybody loves Egg Tarts!



Went to KFC that day... This is the story of what happened:

Hungry yet??


It's gonna be a long-term item in their menu and these Portuguese egg tarts with a famous recipe is baked FRESH inhouse so that you can savour the tarts' goodness all piping hot and melty!

It is surprising how well the reception went... Everyone who tasted it that day totally fell in love with it! Afterall, what's there not to like?

The puff pastry is savoury, crispy and buttery, and the egg custard is exactly how it looks like - melt in your mouth, spreads like cream on your tongue and not too sweet!

And on top of it, golden caramelised sugar which is slightly crunchy, just like creme brulee!!!!!! It's Chinese Creme Brulee made affordable in a puff pastry!! :D :D :D

Seriously, who would expect KFC, a fried chicken restaurant to do such fantastic egg tarts too?

And only at $1.30 for one,
$7.50 for a box of six!!

It is a MUST TRY!!!

The box is specially designed with a heart coz this year's CNY coincides with Valentine's day. Great and easy for bringing to 'bai nian'!!

These delicious egg tarts are available all day at selected KFC restaurants. So you can have it as breakfast, dessert or as a snack! Visit for full listing. I had my first taste of KFC Egg Tart at HarbourFront!


Certain pics credit to Lewis, with his hugeass pro camera...

And Shengrong who took some nasty photos of me but also some good ones.

p/s: I ate 3 tarts on top of the chicken and fries KFC provided... Almost burst!