Fruity Fruity Lite!


Don't know about you guys, but I always have this problem at home. Whenever I eat meals at home, which is pretty often, I always feel like I want to have a drink to go with it.

Not plain water coz it's not as nice, but packet/can drinks always runs out so fast (not to mention damn heavy to lug home from stores), and they are real unhealthy!!

Since my meals are already usually healthy, I'm always on the lookout for a drink that is LIGHT, REFRESHING, and even better if it has health benefits too!

It really irks me sour drinks sold are mostly very strong tasting, like iced lemon tea (too sweet usually) or lime juice (too sour, not light enough).


Since it's already a best seller in Watsons, I think some of you might have heard about it before.

Fruity Lite is a healthy, refreshing plum-like all natural digestive drink specially manufactured through advanced scientific methods from high grade hawthorn fruit.

Here's how it looks like

Never heard of it? Neither have I.

But this magical fruit can help digestion, reduce lipid levels in the body, reduce bad breath and improve blood circulation! It also exhibits potent antioxidant properties.

The box is resealable, and...

Comes in 12 light satchels for easy mixing!! Yums!!

Like this!

I really love this drink because it tastes awesome and is so easy to make!

Its flavour is kinda like plum but it is very mild and only very slightly sweet.

Really thirst-quenching too.

The best time to drink it is after an oily, heavy meal, because it really helps cleanse your palette and dispel the oily feeling! After drinking it I realised it makes me feel a lot less bloated.

Plus, it leaves your breath smelling nice!! :D Don't ask me how the hawthorn fruit does it, I don't know. Maybe it's just magical.

As for easy to make, here's how to do it:

Tear open satchel

And you'd find the dry mix inside. Ugly but it's good stuff!

Pour into glass

Add water! Warm, cold, room temperature. Up to you! (I'm using cold)


OMG it dissolves!

Stir till happy

Check it

Add some ice

And there you have it, yum yum yum!!

Drink it

Drink it some more

Finish it!

A great healthy alternative to soft drinks! Fruity Lite even helps relieve constipation!!!


Treat your guests to Fruity Lite...

It's only $6.90 per box, and best of all...

When you buy a big box you
get a small box totally free!!


Get your Fruity Lite today at any Watsons and other supermarkets... It's so cheap, really a must-try!

For more information and a full list of places selling Fruity Lite, click HERE!

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