Yay me!! I'm going to London for the next 4 days, so I thought, to please you all I'd post up a blog post before I go! (Which is in 3 hours' time, I'm totally not sleeping so I will zonk out on the plane!) Woohoo!

In case you are wondering why I'm flying, it's coz of PROJECT ALPHA!

As quoted, "Project Alpha is Malaysia's first on-line show about real life bloggers, giving you a sneak peek into their lives and what makes them tick!"

So yes, I'm one of the bloggers, and crazily enough, they will be flying me there to film my episode!!

*mad happy*

Unless I get free wifi I don't think I'd be posting anything new, so here are some photos in case you forget me!!!


Met up and rising designer Keith Png for the first time... If you remember, he will be designing my wedding gown!! I was really excited and as a bonus I got to also meet Clarence Lee, THE famous make up artist!!

Both of them were so super nice, BFF (she went with me) and I couldn't stop raving afterwards. :D

After asking me about a zillion questions about how I would like my gown to be like and getting me all excited about the soon-to-be tailored dress, I couldn't resist snapping pics. His store is so gorgeous!

Homemade ice lemon tea was offered to us in sick chic goblets. These designers and their immaculate taste!

Clothes clothes clothes

Yes to tulle

Dunno what this Shuyin is doing, always being ding dong

Keith was making a weird face in the pic so I censored him out. LOL

Keith + Clarence

Keith + Me!!

I told him we look mad AA together, both blonde!!

Apparel hanging on light bulbs

That's a real clock

Crazily precarious staircase

So psychedelic

Blonde and brunette lol

Wayfarer girls


Rozz invited us to Cupid Jewellery for an event... Loads of camwhoring shots at the end. HAHAHA!

Gorgeous pink champagne!

Me + Rozz

Rozz does her famous "OH HAI!!" face

This is obviously supposed to look glamourous but I did drop that strand of hair -_-

Kaykay and I with the ever so cute Zin. xoxo


Something about walking down golden stairs make you feel all superstar

Camwhoring time!!

And lastly, two pictures of Nanolove:

Famous "Eating While Sleeping" pose. So unladylike, all her bits can be seen. But the pink fuzzy foot in the air!! And the tufty tail!! And the paws!! Awwww!

And nomming on a strawbie. HOW CUTE!


Wanna catch updates on how I do in London during the filming of Project Alpha? You can join the FB page!!

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