Monday, February 1, 2010

Phuket with Andara!

Here's the belated Phuket post with 80 photos!!!

Sorry I took so long but there are bikini pics ok, which take a goddamn long time to photoshop!!!

So here goes...

After 1 hr and 20 mins we land in Phuket!!

Searching for our hotel rep among so many other hotel reps with plaques... Quite confusing but we found him in the end!

Waiting for the hotel vehicle to pick us up...

And we arrive at the resort!! Guests are given a bunch of cold jasmine buds and a refreshing lemongrass drink. :)

I knew our residence suite was, erm, a suite, but I've never stayed in one before like this, EVER!!! So I was totally suaku and was so impressed with it!

We were given a smaller place first because ours was still being cleaned up when we arrived...

The only difference is that this suite's pool is, well, you'd see it later, and our suite is 2 floors with the pool on the top!

Fully functional kitchen...

Huge living room + balcony with pool...

Camwhoring with the many mirrors around!

Room ONE

Room TWO

All with attached toilets!

We didn't use all the other rooms lor, so wasted. -_-

And this is the main bedroom. LOVE!!! The sea view is FAB!

Huge tub, great for 2 ;)

Here's the infinity pool... How nice!

Other suites...

If I knew it came with an oven I would have brought stuff to bake! Just kidding, I suck at baking.

Camwhoring before my bath. :D :D :D


Changed! Mike and I making a trip down to the nearby Surin beach.


A lot of the deck chairs are filled with angmohs... Mike didn't really like that the beach is so 'crowded' (everyone still gets their own space, beach is quite long), but I LOVE IT!!!

I love suntanning but it's always so boring!!!!!

At a beach like this everyone is so HAPPY and smiley and when you can bored, you can ogle at girls in their bikinis, see what they are wearing, gossip about fat people half naked etc!!

And not only that, vendors come along selling drinks/food/ice cream... SHIOK LAH!! Don't need to move at all!!

Overall I'd say the ambiance is awesome!

I was like the only Asian person there though, I swear.

Bikini from VS, mad cute!

Sandy toes

Sun was fab!

Didn't notice the huge impending rain cloud (I hate you!!!), and it rained like 20 mins after the photos were taken. We proceeded to go have dinner since it was already like 5pm...

Love this photo!! While I was snapping it Mike heard another tourist say "Vain vain vain!" LOL... But according to Mike it wasn't said in a mean tone, just an amused tone. WHAT? I don't regret it lor, it's a fab pic!!

Hearts Thai iced tea!!! So fab after tanning. :D


Butter prawns

Seafood red curry + asparagus

It wasn't very nice and it's quite expensive too. Oh well I don't expect anything more from touristy spots...

After dinner we walked around for a bit more and came back to the hotel to get a massage...

No pictures of the deed but it was soooooooooooo nice!!!

The masseuse came to our room and asked if it's ok to use the rooftop pool's towel-covered deck chairs to do the massage on.

Mike and I were lying next to each other getting pretzel-ed in the weird ways that only happens during a Thai massage... So mad shiok after a tiring day!!

And best of all, the massage was mostly done with us facing up, so I COULD SEE ALL THE STARS!!!!

Can't really describe how nice it is to get a massage while staring into the depths of infinity and marveling at how gorgeous + sparkly the stars are. I'm feeling so wistful now, I wanna go back!!

Stairway connecting our suite to our pool... That pool is ours and ours only! :)

After another fab bath, we ordered room service before dozing off...

I ordered just fries but the room service that came really exceeded expectations...

BASKET OF FRESH BREAD and shitloads of dips and sauces!!! Expensive sort too, the cream thing is pate if I'm not wrong!

It was so nice just watching HBO (some Michael J Fox movie, love him!) in the room, clean, snug and comfy in PJs, WHILE NOMMING ON HOT CRISPY FRIES!!

Fuck lah I wanna go back again!!! Urgh!

Thai Lays in Grilled Lobster, Ham and Cheese, and Supreme Sausage Pizza~!

The last one is SUPER nice!!

Rise 'n shine!! Day 2!!

My tank top reads "Blondes have more fun". It's true! Present from KK!! :D :D

We decided to have a relaxing day just rotting at the our pool!!

4 deck chairs...

And one huge sofa with food tray. I WANT THIS IN MY FUTURE HOME!

Found a sunny spot to sit down! My pool companions...

Thai instant mee and a can of cold Lychee juice... And a Sophie Kinsella book! Top that with sun = INSTANT HAPPY FORMULA.

Mike waving from the pool... He may or may not be wearing pants!!

He took them off after a bit... Very horrible lor but I think we had complete privacy. I took off my top too (not as obscene as him never take off bottom)!! HAHHAHAHAHAH very liberating leh!!


That's his shorts on the floor!! LOL!!

That means he was naked taking photos for me!! HAHAHAHA

LOL I really was quite happy that day!

Blasted music from my MP3 player and I was dancing to Hey Mickey in front of Mike, making him laugh. I made him dance too!! Hahaha

A bird also likes our pool!!!

It just stood there half submerged for about 10 mins, happily splashing!

Normally I don't like mynas but this one was so happy and was totally unafraid of us!!


I've never seen/heard a bird sing in such close proximity to me and it was like something out of a Disney cartoon lah!!!

Took a video but I'm too lazy to post it now, maybe I'd do it tomorrow.

Came back to the room to find it has been cleaned and the tub is filled with rose petals and a lotus!

Nice. :)

Out for dinner... Us on tuktuk


Here's my grumpy face while I wait for food.

Grilled king prawns

Some nasty crab... Not nice one, undercooked and MUSHY!

Next day... Went on a trip to Patong beach!

Had a nice time just walking along and looking at shops...

Mike said a lot of angmoh ladies were giving me disgusted looks. They must think I'm one of those gold-digging Thai girls who go after farangs!! (ahem cues people to look at couple in photo)



*indignant* *grumbles*

Freeloader for the trip. Hmpf!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG photo of the year!!!

I smacked a mosquito and CHECK OUT THE IMPRINT IT LEFT ON MY PALM!!!!!

Mad amazing can??

Normally we just dust off the black shit that's left on palms after smacking a mozzie but this is crazy distinct!

I can see its eyes, ass, legs, markings etc. Gross!

(I'm awesome at smacking mozzies btw)

Mike taking an "infinity mirrors" pic. He finds it interesting but I find it terribly eerie and creepy. Like if I stare at it I'd be trapped in those mirrors... *shudders*

That night we had dinner with the Andara people... They were crazy nice and treated us to food at Andara's restaurant, SILK.

Prawn wrapped in crispy something. Slurps!

I LOVE THIS! Making me so hungry now. Silky egg tofu with curry!

Tom yam soup, of course.

Chicken satay

I have no idea why I didn't snap any shots with them!! I guess coz the Mot from Andara is a mad pro photographer and he was already taking group shots with his Nikon dSLR... I very paiseh to use my childish blinged cam in front of him. :(

And yet more food pics!! Next morning:

My eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce

And Mike with his smoke salmon eggy thing...


Greetings from Thailand... AND BYE!!!


A huge thank you to Andara for the hospitality, and for letting us have this great vacation!!!

If you want to enjoy a fab holiday there too, Andara's website is HERE.

The place we stayed at is a residence suite.

The resort is really new so you can be one of the first few to try it out!! It only opened Decemeber 2009!

What's more,


That's right, if you wish to stay there, now is a good time!!

Every night you stay you get a

complimentary night's stay!!


If you wish to find out more, here's the site. :D

Keep in mind the prices are for many rooms within one suite so you can ask your friends/family to go with you!