Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy April!

In another 12 hours' time I'd be flying off to San Francisco!!

Can't say why yet but it's HUGE!!!!!!!!! Well to me it is anyway!!

I'm going on a press junket for only 2 days and I'd be rushing back by April 3rd so I can go to the Canon Symposium... Where apparently there will be 300 people listening to me talk nonsense. Why, I cannot understand. The Nuffies suggested I should charge for conferences though, which sounds like a swell idea. Just kidding, I'm way too lazy.

(Touch down at 10am, have to reach Symposium by 12pm. The Nuffies are worried sick that my flight will be delayed/cancelled. Won't one lah where got so suay, right? Right?? *Crosses fingers)

Anyway April is a crazy crazy month for me!!

Here's the ding dong schedule:

30th to 3rd: San Francisco

6th to 8th: KL for Project Alpha press conference and *maybe* a FHM shoot

10th to 11th: Bintan for a friend's birthday

14th to 18th: Tbilisi, Georgia - to also talk at a conference with Gillian

23rd to 10th May: Dallas for our annual trip back to see Mike's family and also for his younger brother Paul's wedding! Omg I'm so excited!!

I'm excited about all the trips! Talk about living out of a suitcase man. Confirm don't need to unpack, maybe only transfer from big suitcase to small suitcase.

Ok I'm gonna curl my hair now see ya guys in 3 days!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Psycho bitch

I think twitter is awesome because it is somehow even more revealing of people's personalities than blogs are. That's coz when people blog emotional posts it's triggered by certain feelings. I like to blog when I'm pissed off, so that's the constant emotion that's portrayed here (in the text parts anyway).

Some people blog when they are happy. Some when they are emo. And therefore only certain personality traits are shown.

But on twitter you see happy tweets and angry tweets and bored tweets etc etc!

And then there are psycho tweets. So I'm gonna blog about this psycho bitch who keeps replying me on twitter.

A few days ago I went to Far East Plaza and walked past my tattoo's artist Jeremy's shop. So I stopped by to say hi and enquired where Jeremy is.

One of the staff/owner there said Jeremy is no longer here and is in Europe. I don't know if I heard wrongly or whatever but he also said that Jeremy is not coming back. I asked why and the answer is coz can earn more money there (in Europe).

So I tweeted that I'm sad coz Jeremy is no longer available in Singapore. And that when you mix talented people with publicity, they will be so busy and successful you can't use their services anymore!

Jeremy was featured in the first episode of Guide to Life but when I was talking about publicity, I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ME GIVING HIM PUBLICITY.

I was talking about publicity in general, which talented people are bound to get, from me or whoever!!

(Even if I'm talking about me so what? Truth is I've sold out many products before!)

Enter psycho bitch:

Very polite and normal right? She is apparently the cousin of another Tattoo Artist, E (whom I've also met and like quite a lot, he is also v talented), and supposedly Jeremy is gonna work with E now and will be back tomorrow or something. But I have no idea how true her info is coz as mentioned, psycho bitch.

So I just replied pleasantly that I'm happy Jeremy will still be in Singapore and that I must have got or heard wrong info from the guy in Jeremy's old shop.


WTF MAXIMUM??????????????

So I misheard info also cannot is it? She @messaged a bunch of people to complain about how she cannot stand me and all... With shitloads of logical fallacies!

(none of these people replied her wtf)

Kena accused of feeling like a "LOSER". What has "feeling like a loser" got to do with me not screaming at her? Totally don't get it.

And why the hell would I scream at her when she was so polite to me?

I didn't even see her crazy timeline (obviously I don't follow her) till today coz another follower informed me about her (I presume this follower kpo went to see psycho bitch's profile).

If not for someone informing me I'd think this girl is so nice lor! Then never mind.

She must have read my reply (I replied before I knew how psycho she is) about misunderstanding the ex-colleague of Jeremy's, so she tweeted:

Two more perfectly normal, nice tweets.

So I got curious after seeing the first few abusive tweets, and I went to read her timeline all the way from the beginning. And here it is, chronologically:

In reply to my tweet about Heidi Montag's surgery. I replied that Heidi told Hello magazine she did 10 surgeries in one day. Her reply:

Psycho bitch being nice.

And in reply to my tweet about attending my first wedding as the couple's friend, not relative:

And in reply to me doing eyelash extensions:

Such a sweet girl!

Another nice tweet

In reply to me buying a hat for my ROM.
(I didn't reply or replied positively)




Logic fail.

I really don't know.

And you know what's the funniest thing??


MAXIMUM IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a tweet she wrote:

So you don't get why you don't get clients, but everyone who is or will be a client in future is a bimbo who can't plan their own wedding?!

When did I ever said I'm classy?!?!

Then why are you constantly replying me like you like me?! WTF?

And a mere 4 hours before her abusive "tattoo artist" tweets, she was teaching me how to cook lady's fingers:


I can't decide if she hates me or loves me.

p/s: Comments containing her URLs will be deleted.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When in Rome, Fall in Love

Sponsored Review

Was invited to the premiere of movie When In Rome, starring uber cute Kristen Bell (trivia: She's also the voice of Gossip Girl!) and the uber cute Josh Duhamel (married to Fergie)!

I was so excited coz it is done by the same people
who did The Proposal, which was FABULOUS!

Oh Ryan Reynolds...
I think they have a heck of choosing the crazy cute male leads!

Went into the theatre expecting to be entertained and I was!!

I'm totally a sucker for romantic comedies. You know, easy to understand, funny, characters are always cute, and so lighthearted!

The start of the movie featured Beth (Kristen Bell) being totally unlucky in love, seemingly unable to find "The One" for her. Well, predictable enough. Upset, Beth picks up coins that others have thrown into the Fountain of Love in Rome. She thinks love doesn't exist and these coins were wasted wishing for it!!

Unbeknownst to her, the coins carry a spell and all the men who had the coins picked up started being mad in love with her!

Now this is when the movie starts to be really hilarious!! The stellar cast of funnymen really brought the movie forward with their antics!

Dex Shepard, who is Kristen Bell's real life boyfriend, plays a narcissistic model who is in love with himself.

He is my favourite!! So funny!! His one liners are soooo fantastic!! Like Derek Zoolander but worse.

Will Arnett (married to Amy Poehler), plays a crazy painter. I really liked him in Blades of Glory!

Jon Heder plays an emo Magician who isn't really that good with this tricks.

The last time I saw him was on Blades of Glory where is he BLONDE with feathered hair so I was just so amused by him in black hair and eyeliner! And red nail polish!! LOLOL

Danny DeVito, obviously needs no introduction, plays a sausage magnate.

His character was the most unfunny of all the guys though.

Last but not least Josh Duhamel plays Nick, an ex sportsman who actually got struck by lighting!! LOLOL... Very cute!!


So. While smothered with the affection of these guys, Beth is on a quest to find out if Nick (Josh Duhamel) is really in love with her or also just under the spell! And how does she get these other guys to stop?

Well, I guess to find out you have to watch the movie and see what happens! There are many twists thrown in too!

I guess many girls can relate to this movie...

When you are looking to fall in love, there will be like NO GUYS.

After a break up, or when your exams are here/career is keeping you busy, all these guys appear out of nowhere and it's like you just don't know which to pick! I'm just kidding, I never had many guys like me at once. Boohoohoo!! Never mind lah I'm married already.

I don't believe in The One though.

I just believe that it's incredibly hard to find two people who both think that the other party is too good for them. When you get that extraordinary situation, where both parties find themselves really lucky, then they'll get past the first hurdle of whether they want to commit. Everything else can then work themselves out. :)

Afterall, The One should encompass your partner thinking you are his special One too, right? If not it's like stupid and one-sided and buay paiseh.

Ok enough yabbering! Now for the fun part!!

Wanna give your view of what
qualities "The One" should have?

Join When In Rome's facebook page to give your answer!! Just simply choose among a list of qualities which is the most important to you when it comes to finding a life partner!

I'm really quite interested in finding out the results for Singaporeans will be!!! I think it is "Stable CPF".

AHAHAHAHHA!! No lah... Maybe faithfulness? Loyalty? Being able to last more than 3 mins in bed? Could be anything.

Actually right now the results are slanted towards... DEEP POCKETS!!

I guess we are all materialistic afterall. LOL

Prizes to be won too!




So cute! Well the items are obviously for girls so men who are cheapo/poor can try to win so you can give your girlfriend the stuff!

Or they can bring their girlfriends to watch the movie too!!!

Here's the trailer:

Have fun!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Wedding Solemnization!

Ready or not here comes a super photo-heavy post!!!!!!

From my ROM day!!

I was so happy that day coz everything just went so perfectly! Had a crazy time photoshopping all the piccies coz in every picture my smile is just like XD and my lower teeth are just horribly crooked. -_-

Forlino had these GORGEOUS ceiling-to-floor glass windows which let in the sunlight perfectly for the photos! (And great for the view also lah but I'm not a big fan of views - I'd rather look at a perfectly lit photo of me LOL)

Nonetheless everyone really went all out and when I was a kid I didn't dream of my wedding day but if I did, it wouldn't have been far from this. :)

Photos taken by Douglas Fun (yes his name is so cute!) from AVENUE 8 and Joan Leong from JOAN LEONG PHOTOGRAPHY. Joan's photos have a JL logo on them. The rest by Douglas!

Obviously photoshop by me. If you think the photo comes with a vintage colouring, it's done by me. Some are also cropped by me. :D

For original unphotoshopped photos you can click HERE and HERE. I mean for whatever reason you wanna see me fat and ugly lah can go ahead but I don't see why you would want to. I mean fat and ugly people are everywhere anyway, not exactly a rare sight.

POPPY floral studio, our florist,


Look at the vines and bouquets everywhere!

They came early in the morning to set up, and the first thing I saw when I entered Forlino? Poppy staff twirling vines around the banister. Crazy!

Table setting was so breathtakingly beautiful!

More views:

You know, I've always thought that flowers were not very important when it comes to weddings BUT THEY REALLY ARE!!!!!!

Without them the romantic FEEL just ISN'T there!

Can you imagine all the tables barren without the flowers?

And it really isn't easy to come up with different floral designs to fit different themes!

I totally didn't have any creative input in how Poppy did their floral design but WOW! Freaking perfect. Crazy generous too! It was just a pity that those flowers only was in the public eye for a few hours.

Every bunch is different! :)

And here's my bridal bouquet! :D

The centerpiece for the VIP table is GINORMOUS. Soooo beautiful!

Our favour. So adorable! Inside were little Italian cookies. Delicious!

And of course, our Mobster Menu. :D

Wedding planners Vernetta and Lois from Eternally Yours arrived way earlier than me (8 am) to prepare. Poor Vern was in crutches (missed a step and fell down) somemore lor!!

Rose from Mosche doing my hair. :)

I think she did a great job!!!

She also, out of niceness, did Mike's and Momo's hair. Love!

Mike trying to handle his own scarf but really most men aren't very good with such things! lol

Love this pic of my mom looking so excited. She looked fab in her red dress!

I love this pic! :D

I'm covering my face coz I have a weird belief that breathing in hair spray will cause cancer. LOL

Perfect hair for the perfect day. :)

Showing Rose where I want my fascinator. (Yes that type of hat is called a Candy Man Fascinator! I swear!)

Momo and Mike... Looks like a magazine shot lol

Gotta love Junnybaby!! Silly Wongsie was supposed to come early together with Shuyin and perform helping/registration duties but the night before she ate a week old durian puff and fell tragically sick.

So Wongsie couldn't come early and I asked Junne instead. She readily agreed and coz she stays near me, came to my place and the three of us rode on Laopokasaurus to Forlino together!!

She woke up at 7.20am, even earlier than me! (7.30am, bolted awake) LOVE!!

Oh and on top of all these, as seen in the photo above, she went to buy food for all of us coz I said I was hungry!!

Adjusting adjusting


I started to help Mike with his scarf but decided I'm incompetent and let the expert do it!

So here's Keith (who designed and made my gown) helping with stylist duties early in the morning just coz he is THAT NICE!!

He totally didn't need to but helped me throughout the day with adjusting my dress etc etc.


And done! Perfect! Francis would be proud. LOL

Love this mad cute photo of Mike caught eating a cookie!

As Joan said... Crackberry addict! Can't and won't stop.

Here's BFF and Keith helping me stick double-sided tape all over so I won't zao geng!

Momo, who might just have been even happier than me that day.


My pretty nails!! Encrusted with Light Siam Swaroski crystals and done by myself!

Forlino's corridor. So classy!!

In fact, when I first stepped into the place I was so bloody impressed I could have just fainted!!

I don't know if they adjusted the lighting for me or what but the staircase was romantically dim with shattered spotlights... The walls were dark and the interior design was so classy and sleek. I really felt like I was in a vintage dream! A vintage MAFIA dream! Totally felt like I was the gangster boss's wife!

Hiyah I'm just yabbering stuff here but once you go to Forlino (and you should! Their food has crazy good reviews, just google!) you'd totally understand lah. Their staircase is awesome! Totally set the mood.

And look at their lights! So interesting!

Mike falling asleep coz we girls were taking so long to get ready

Totally cute photo of Keith, celebrity designer extraordinaire, help me with my gown!!

I am officially a big fan of Forlino! For every wedding anniversary from now on, Mike and I will go dine at Forlino's!

Keith being interviewed!

Our rings... Mismatched one coz Mike's skin colour suited the rose gold the best.


Dunno why people gave us angpows man when it's totally not necessary for ROM lah!! (somemore so paiseh it's sponsored.)

So I net gained like 700 bucks for my ROM. -_-

Biggest angpow from Boss Ming who paid for a room in bloody Capella (like the freaking best hotel in Singapore or something man) for us at $549!! We had a fucking fantastic time there!! Tytyty!! I took pics... Next entry!

Super funny photo of Shuyin looking perplexed as she does Junne's hair.

Btw Shuyin DESIGNED AND SEWN her own dress (!!!) and did her own hair, 20s marcel curls style!!

I think she trying to outdo Keith. LOL!!

Don't we look like a poster couple after my photoshop? TYTY

Here's Mike imitating an OG ad or something. I swear I never knew he was such a camwhore.

Family piccie with my brother and daddy!!

Cellphone ad

My aldo shoes


Howard, who was the first to arrive because he saw my tweet that latecomers will be barred from entry and was quite scared. HAHAHA

Shuyin taking her job really seriously

That's creative! :D

Mad love this photo of the girls! So chio!!

My cousin's daughter Chloe! Cutie

Also (another) cousin's daughter, Enya!

Chloe again

Kate (Enya's sister) showing off her pretty dress!

My pretty cousins (played with them all the time as kids!) and my Auntie Lisa. Love!

Wearing my gloves

Gillian, who brought toy guns to add to the Mafia theme!

I think I lack a menacing air.

Ripple and Sheng Rong sneaking in to give hugs. Ripple just got married herself and I went to her wedding (see ring) and I still have not posted the photos! Mad lazy!

Reviewing a photo she took with her phone. LOL

The groom looking majorly handsome. Can you believe I married this guy?? DUUUUUDE! Must have done shitloads of charity last life.

Munkysuperstar girls attaching my microphone for me. I've come to associate microphone attachment with all important events in my life.

Daddy being interviewed by Charlene, TNP reporter. Aw I dunno where the story went to. Oh well. I blame cb Jack Neo. Can't that whore Wendy Chong like confront him a few days after my wedding?? But nooooo... MUST. HOG. HEADLINES.

Maternal side family table. It's dominated by females. LOL

Raine from Nuffnang taking an artsy photo. I've noticed that photographers love taking photos of photographers taking photos. It's like poetic justice* or something.

*Yes that was a joke obviously I didn't use poetic justice correctly.

Serving staff of Forlino. Their service is FUCKING IMPECCABLE!!!!!

Obviously I only had service from the VIP table lah but I heard from all other friends they were crazy attentive!!

Incident 1) Friends swapped tables. Staff remembered, still, exactly who wanted beef and who wanted cod!!! Crazy or what!

Incident 2) Cousins needed baby chairs for kids and Forlino didn't have any but went to somewhere to borrow!!!

Incident 3) REFILLED appetizers when they were empty (!!). I mean refilling drinks ok but appetizers?! Really went all out man!!!

Incident 4) When my risotto with lobster came I saw that my lobster piece is smaller than Mike's. This is a long standing joke between me and him and we always gloat over who gets bigger portions.

So I told (I presume) the captain (cute Indian guy with turquoise tie) that Mike's lobster piece is bigger than mine and I'm sad!

The manager smiled at me and said that's because my main course will be bigger than Mike's. Everybody laughed and I told him I was (obviously) just joking.

Five minutes later he came back and dropped a ginormous piece of lobster onto my place. I hastily told him he really doesn't need to do that and he just smiled and said it's my big day and I get what I want!!!

Somemore later on I realised that my original lobster piece is actually bigger than Mike's coz half of it was hidden inside the risotto. -_- Comparison fail.

15/10 stars for Forlino's staff!!

Cousins Cally and Jo, Auntie Lisa

Love this awesome photo of Keith and Clarence (Lee, who is the best make up artist in sg). If you are lucky enough to know the two of them together they have the power to make you look fucking gorgeous!!! LOLOL

Just imagine if you are stuck on deserted island with both of them you'd have gorgeous island clothes (I am presuming Keith will sew banana leaves or something) and gorgeous mineral make up made of dried clams or something (I am presuming Clarence will know how).

You'd be the most gorgeous Lost babe! LOL I'm talking so much nonsense. You may argue that when trapped on a deserted island looks should be of low priority but that's coz you have not considered that

1) There might be a handsome island guy who might just be the love of your life...
2) When rescue team comes there might also be a media frenzy and you won't have time to make up/dress up before being interviewed.

Ripple and Shengrong being amused by the bridal table centerpiece.

Elise (from Nuffnang) and Lionel,
the designer of this blog skin you are seeing, signing the book.

For someone so artistically inclined Lionel's handwriting is horrible.

Mike smiling to himself while being interviewed.

What did I say about Forlino's windows?? Mad gorgeous!

Almost felt like we were dining Al fresco but with a perfect temperature!

Dad, bro and my favourite grandparents.

Keith and Clarence amusing Vernetta


Meanwhile I was in the room, waiting for guests to arrive... I had to be hidden!

Mike's outside talking to guests

And inside adjusting his clothes

Rozz snapping pics as usual

Finishing touches



Dad giving me away

Witnesses in matching red, marching in and looking smashing together. I didn't know my mom and shuyin got so much chemistry in being matchy matchy, lol.

JP walking us through the process of being legally married.

I don't know what was so funny but
I was just like laughing like a mad woman throughout. -_-

Shuyin was registration girl, ring bearer (if that's what the person passing the rings is called) and witness that day. Mad busy.

Mommy looking very happy

Love this photo of me SHOVING the ring into Mike's finger!! LOL

Reciting vows. Feels stupid!! LOL... Must put up right hand to swear and all!! Then amputee with no right hand how?


Laughing like MAD coz Mike looked so funny with my lipgloss on.

Look at Mike's lipgloss stained lips!! LOL

Wiping it off

Witnesses sign

Justice of Peace verifies and signs

It's official! WE ARE MARRIED!!!

With our JP Mr. Tan Yan Boon

Saying a few words to the Ustream audience


Filming Guide to Life

Tucking in Mike's scarf like a good wife would

With the Nuffnang family!!! Somehow Kaykay was mistakenly placed in their table lol

THIS is supposedly fucking delicious but I didn't get to eat it coz I was taking pictures with everyone!! Sad max.

Mike with his friends Ming + Jivesh giving their best impression of Italian dudes. LOL

Aw the boys look SO GOOD in their suits!! Men dressed up really makes such a big difference!

Once again, didn't get to eat this. :(

With the humongous Yip family... These are all my direct aunts, uncles and cousins only!

With witnesses + Chloe who wanted her Mom back

With my nucleus family and grandparents

With Keith, Clarence, Maddie and Trixie!

With my RVHS (secondary school) friends. I've known them for over a decade!

Looking like smooth criminals


With Tim (and his plus one), Jazz, KayKay, Shuyin, Junne and Ben! (Last 3 from my Poly)

With the Munky family!! xoxo

I find it very funny I was obviously trying to get Junne's attention in this photo but she plainly ignored me. Hmpf!

Ghimz and Xiaofeng amused by dunno what.

My brother looking handsomely bored. LOLOL

Mom and Dad

LOVE this photo! So cute!!

People forced me to qiao my ass up to take a photo. Ok fine they suggested it and I did it to camwhore.

With the groom

Our starters

Keith taking a break from food to make sure my skirt looks right. :D

Everyone loved this! Sweet and chewy octopus

This is my least favourite in the starters coz it's beef that's a bit too raw for my liking.

Perfectly hot, crispy, fresh calamari. Always good!

FAVOURITE to the max!! Parma ham and melon!!

Parma ham is salty and melts in your mouth... Melon is super sweet, juicy, and the fight of sweet + salty just gives the perfect explosion in your mouth!

Sounds terrible but anyone who have tried parma ham + melon will tell you it's as good a combi as PB and J. No, BETTER.

Buffalo cheese and tomatoes. Again another winning combination!

All guests were given a big huge piece of buttered salted bread!

For those of you wondering where Mike's family were... That's his mom chatting with us all the way from USA on the phone. :D

And it was sooooo sweet coz a lot of Mike's relatives were watching us from Ustream, LIVE! It's almost like they were there. Mike was pretty upset his family were not around to share the joy that day but he felt much better know his family could watch + talk to him on the phone. :)

They didn't come because it's just the ROM and not the actual wedding... And we didn't think it was economical for them to come with plane tickets priced at $2,300 each.

Mike and I are also planning to have a small wedding over in USA in April when we go back so yup! (still in the midst of discussion)

Uh oh!! Caught tweeting!!

I was tweeting "Sitting at the bridal table now instead of serving food like I used to!"


Clockwise from top left: Raine, Huiwen, Elise, Estee. :D

Here's the risotto with hugeass lobster (which I had 2 of). SOOOO DELICIOUS!!

Keith + Ben + Clarence

Shin Min reporter interviewing Ming

Yet another satisfied client of Eternally Yours... Thanks Lois (in white/black) for being so meticulous and even speaking to my grandparents in Cantonese to ease them up!! Xoxo

The cod was the BEST BEST BEST codfish I've ever had, and I've had quite a few.

And here's the beef.

It's so funny coz everyone who had the beef said the beef must definitely be nicer than the cod and whoever had the cod is convinced the cod is better!! Maybe both are perfect! LOL

Weird right? Anyway totally loved the beef's mashed potato. The truffle flavour is explosive!

With good friend/mentor/boss Gillian who seemed to also be very happy that day.

Ustreaming LIVE!

Our dessert. The panna cotta was particularly fantastic, but everything else was fab too!

With Lois, Douglas and Vern! Thanks Doug for coming so early and snapping so many gazillion photos tirelessly!! I love the attitude!!

I only have praise for Avenue 8. If you wish to use their photographers, I HIGHLY recommend Doug!!

(I wonder who took this photo)

This photo is so funny! The speech bubbles should go like this:

Vern: "BOOBIES! I grab them!"
Me: "But why would you do that they are just fats."
Vern: "Rawr!!!"

Actually I have no idea what we were talking about.

This is proof that I'm funny. LOL!! K and C I love you two lah!! xoxo

Me with Ashley and Jessica. I love all my filming sessions coz they are so fun and positive to hang out with!! XOXO

Rozz and Gillian with the classic "act serious" face. Everytime she does that I wanna laugh my fucking ass off.

Reading the silly text my friends wrote for me...

Eekean examining my skirt... I spot Keith doing explaining!! He very proud of his skirt lor LOLOLOL

That's my expression when I accuse people of doing unspeakable stuff.

Mommy amused

Bryan (Gillian's husband) with a very chio blurry Gillian. LOL

Ending this post with the most shocking person of the day... WHO ELSE BUT WONGSIE???

She normally dresses very androgenously but in, according to her, an effort to look even more attention seeking than me she WORE A SLUTTY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Good god I haven't seen her in a dress since River Valley days where our school uniform was a dress. WOAH!

And here she is in HEELS (!), BODYCON TIGHT SHINY DRESS (!!!!), and GLOVES... POSING DEMURELY!! *dies of shock*

CLEAVAGEY photo for you perverts out there! See, I will love you as long as you are a reader, pervert, paedophile or murderer!! Plus it's not everyday you'd see lawyerly cleavage.

I'd be doing up another pre-wedding post after this!! But once again thanks to all my FABULOUS sponsors!! :D