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Crazy April!

In another 12 hours' time I'd be flying off to San Francisco!! Can't say why yet but it's HUGE!!!!!!!!! Well to me it is anyway!! I'm going on a press junket for only 2 days and I'd be rushing back by April 3rd so I can go to the Canon Symposium ... Where apparently there will be 300 people listening to me talk nonsense. Why, I cannot understand. The Nuffies suggested I should charge for conferences though, which sounds like a swell idea. Just kidding, I'm way too lazy. (Touch down at 10am, have to reach Symposium by 12pm. The Nuffies are worried sick that my flight will be delayed/cancelled. Won't one lah where got so suay, right? Right?? *Crosses fingers) Anyway April is a crazy crazy month for me!! Here's the ding dong schedule: 30th to 3rd: San Francisco 6th to 8th: KL for Project Alpha press conference and *maybe* a FHM shoot 10th to 11th: Bintan for a friend's birthday 14th to 18th: Tbilisi, Georgia - to also talk at a con

Psycho bitch

I think twitter is awesome because it is somehow even more revealing of people's personalities than blogs are. That's coz when people blog emotional posts it's triggered by certain feelings. I like to blog when I'm pissed off, so that's the constant emotion that's portrayed here (in the text parts anyway). Some people blog when they are happy. Some when they are emo. And therefore only certain personality traits are shown. But on twitter you see happy tweets and angry tweets and bored tweets etc etc! And then there are psycho tweets. So I'm gonna blog about this psycho bitch who keeps replying me on twitter. A few days ago I went to Far East Plaza and walked past my tattoo's artist Jeremy's shop. So I stopped by to say hi and enquired where Jeremy is. One of the staff/owner there said Jeremy is no longer here and is in Europe. I don't know if I heard wrongly or whatever but he also said that Jeremy is not coming back. I asked why and the ans

When in Rome, Fall in Love

Sponsored Review Was invited to the premiere of movie When In Rome , starring uber cute Kristen Bell (trivia: She's also the voice of Gossip Girl!) and the uber cute Josh Duhamel (married to Fergie)! I was so excited coz it is done by the same people who did The Proposal , which was FABULOUS! Oh Ryan Reynolds... I think they have a heck of choosing the crazy cute male leads! Went into the theatre expecting to be entertained and I was!! I'm totally a sucker for romantic comedies. You know, easy to understand, funny, characters are always cute, and so lighthearted! The start of the movie featured Beth (Kristen Bell) being totally unlucky in love, seemingly unable to find " The One " for her. Well, predictable enough. Upset, Beth picks up coins that others have thrown into the Fountain of Love in Rome. She thinks love doesn't exist and these coins were wasted wishing for it!! Unbeknownst to her, the coins carry a spell and all the men who had the

My Wedding Solemnization!

Ready or not here comes a super photo-heavy post!!!!!! From my ROM day!! I was so happy that day coz everything just went so perfectly! Had a crazy time photoshopping all the piccies coz in every picture my smile is just like XD and my lower teeth are just horribly crooked. -_- Forlino had these GORGEOUS ceiling-to-floor glass windows which let in the sunlight perfectly for the photos! (And great for the view also lah but I'm not a big fan of views - I'd rather look at a perfectly lit photo of me LOL) Nonetheless everyone really went all out and when I was a kid I didn't dream of my wedding day but if I did, it wouldn't have been far from this. :) Photos taken by Douglas Fun (yes his name is so cute!) from AVENUE 8 and Joan Leong from JOAN LEONG PHOTOGRAPHY . Joan's photos have a JL logo on them. The rest by Douglas! Obviously photoshop by me. If you think the photo comes with a vintage colouring, it's done by me. Some are also cropped by me. :D For