Thursday, March 11, 2010

Secret to having the most fabulous wedding

The day after tomorrow is my ROM, and my friend Joan just told me I'm the most relaxed bride ever.

Other than physically going to get my hair dyed and buying my own shoes/gloves/hat, I was virtually kiao kah-ing (relaxing; not doing a thing) the entire time!!


See that's the shitty thing about most of life's most exciting and memorable events - you don't get a freaking rehearsal.

Wedding? Most of us hope to only do it once, and with that one chance you've got to do it right. Giving birth? Won't pop out twice. Losing your virginity? Most likely not very pleasant with no experience.

And therefore, when it comes to weddings... Relax. Don't try to control every single detail since you are likely to be really ignorant about most things anyway!

Let the right people handle it for you and just go for the ride! It should be fun!

Ok lah fine I'm only saying that coz I have the most ridiculously efficient and awesome wedding planners EVER.

Wedding planners are so bloody important... Even if it costs extra, don't scrimp on it man!! Who wants to fuss over nitty gritty to throw a wedding??

Headed by Vernetta Lopez (REMEMBER?? UNDER ONE ROOF!!! DENISE!) who surprisingly enough opened a wedding planning company.

There were a few companies (like 5 in total) interested to sponsor wedding planning for me but man, Eternally Yours really, really impressed. Like bowled me over.

Gillian (manager) asked the wedding planning companies to try to come up with vendors who were willing to sponsor wedding necessities for me.

Lois from Eternally Yours was so on the ball and just kept throwing suggestions and ideas on venues, themes, etc etc.

THAT's what we brides really need. (Smacks table top assertively) Sometimes it gets so tiresome and we just think "What the fuck am I doing? Why am I doing all these tedious, expensive shit? Don't get married lah, fuck it."

And then it's like the men are so disinterested! Mad sian. I'm sure ALL brides felt this way at least once.

We just need fervid enthusiasm and ideas and positivity from someone who knows how to handle everything. It just keeps us going, you know? And suddenly it's something fun again, something to look forward to. The event of a lifetime. :)

Within literally freaking HOURS Eternally Yours contacted sponsors and were telling me that responses were good but yet to be finalised... In the end... They found...

Photographers... Gowns... Venue... Food... EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING IS SPONSORED.

I even suspected they used black magic coz it's really not easy to convince vendors to give out sponsorships, especially since I'm no Fann Wong!!

I was so bloody touched I really was damn close to like crying or something!!! Sob sob. Why do I always meet the best people?

(In contrast another wedding planning company told me she cannot get sponsors. Not even 1! WTF!! Your aptitude needs a check.)

If you need a wedding planner, use Eternally Yours!! Fabulous. If I'm lying I'd be sulking throughout my wedding ok but I confirm won't be!


Initially my ROM was to be held on 14th March coz that's the day we sorta got together, but after checking with the geomancer, it was found that 14th was inauspicious for us. :(

Our geomancer, Danny Cheong Geomancy Consultants

After all this sort of thing better safe that sorry!! After calculating with our birthdates and time, the geomancer said 13th is great so it's held on 13th instead!

Anyway Mike came to SG on March 10, 2006 and left March 17, 2006. So somewhere in between we got together lah. Nobody could remember so we set it at 14th. For all we know could be 13th lor!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Here's a little bitchy story. Hotel N***i wanted to sponsor their poolside for my wedding too. Keep in mind they approached me, not me them.

When we (me + nuffnang peeps) were having a little chat with them to discuss this, they were bloody insincere. In fact, the unprofessional manager decided halfway that talking to us was uninteresting and started to talk on her phone!! Asking someone to bring her to a PARTY and to intro her to the HIGH COMMISSIONER! GIGGLING! FLIRTING! All while being at the same table with us!

When Huiwen asked them to throw in a complimentary hotel room for me, they quoted prices. Unwilling to provide food, and told us that if we brought our own catering we had to make it NO PORK NO LARD coz the owner is VEGETARIAN MUSLIM!! WTF!!! Where got like this impose this sort of rules one?!

So seeing as they suck, Eternally Yours resolved to find another sponsor for me and there was... *drumroll*

Located at Fullerton, not only does it have a steadfast reputable for serving excellent Italian food, it is also beautiful and has an awesome view.


The style of the restaurant is very classic, vintage Italian, which is why the theme of my ROM is Italian Mafia!!

Very pretty!

Of course these are stock photos and you'd see more after the ROM.

Seeing as N Hotel was so giam, I was feeling a bit of low self-esteem and honestly expected Forlino to provide maybe only finger food... BUT NO!

They went ALL. THE. WAY. OUT:

And that's what my guests will be eating!!

So ridiculously posh I don't even know what some of them are. All I see is Lobster... Tenderloin... Cod... Panna Cotta... Parma Ham... And they all sound so good!!

Thanks for the generosity Forlino.

And this is to the sort of service and attitude you want from your venue provider for your wedding! I know they are sponsoring me yes but this says a lot too! That giving extra is ok, as long as everyone is happy!! You don't want a company that's going all out to dig money from you with every aspect possible! (Ahem N hotel)

Can't wait!!


Okok so you saw a bit of the Menu Card up there... Details like your menu design should not be neglected too!!

Thank you Barnyard Creations for working with my crazy tight timeline and coming up with a "MOBSTER MENU"!

It even has bullet holes! :D :D :D


I know this is becoming a long-winded entry but it's not my fault everyone's so awesome I have to rave about them...

Mike's suit is sponsored by Sattine.

We met Francis there, who is one of the best salesman I've ever met.

When we arrived, Francis (polite, enthusiastic, on the ball, does magic with ties and scarves) had already been told the theme (by Lois, who seems to be working 24/7). He prepared 3 suits for Mike to choose from.

We didn't like the first but fell in love with the second. No need to try the third. It was perfect.

Won't wanna spoil the surprise so here's just one pic with Francis in it:


Coz the theme involved red, whenever we didn't like anything Francis kept rushing back to the storeroom to get more things for us to try.

Till today I didn't know a tux involved so many parts:

There's the "winged collar shirt", a vest, a cumber band, pants, the jacket, and either a bowtie; tie; scarf. I might even be wrong.

And just imagine how hard it is to decide what is nice when your vest can be any colour and so can your cumber band, bow tie etc etc!!!

But Francis had great taste and just conjured this all while giving us lots of choices!!

I gawked when Mike walked out of the fitting room coz he looked so dashing. FML... In movies it's supposed to be the GUY doing that.

Of course I have other awesome sponsors too but this entry is getting too long so I'd intro them another day after the ROM!! :D :D :D :D


All other sponsors: