Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Singapore's First Bloggers' Symposium!

Sorry for the lack of entries... Obviously preparing for my ROM. Busy!! Anyway although this blog post is an advert it's also a normal post coz it has a lot of non-product related photos... Hope you like it! :D


Woohoo!!! Got exciting news!!!

Always wanted to meet me to see how I look like without photoshop? Well now you can, at the first Bloggers' Symposium ever organized, sponsored by Canon!!

This is a Nuffnang event so it's guaranteed to be fun. Ever heard of symposiums? Me neither (if you have you are too smart for your own good so shut up).

A symposium is just like a conference except it's interactive. And in this conference the speakers are 5 different bloggers (in different rooms) and I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

Sign up for my "class" and I'd be imparting my precious and mad awesome photoshop skills with you guys!!! And how to take good camwhoring shots, etc etc!!

Wanna learn how to make a photo look from this:

Very small coz very ugly and I'm very conscious


Is it magic? You've just got to sign up to find out!!

And this event is TOTALLY free!!! FREE!! No hidden tricks or costs... Organised simply because Canon and Nuffnang feels that this will make blogging more interesting to everyone. -_- They really very wei da.

Since this is a photography event, Canon so generously sponsored me the IT camera of the season, the much talked about Canon PowerShot S90!!!!!

Here I am at Canon's office using the camera for the first time.

And here's how it looks like. Sleek, black, and semi-pro. Most amazingly of all, it is RIDICULOUSLY LIGHT AND SMALL.

Digital cameras have really come a far way... I can't believe the quality of the photos when it is barely bigger/heavier than a compact point and shoot camera! It's really almost DSLR quality!

Anyway here are some 50 photos that I snapped with the new baby so you can judge for yourself!

@ Sunset Grill

No smoking! See this Mike so horrible go walk so far in front of me

Private planes that can be seen before reaching the restaurant...

Sneaked a photo, because...

Whatever man. You rich enough to buy a fucking plane people wanna take photo of them also cannot! Got so selfish not! When I get rich I'd buy a pink plane and anyone who wants to snap pics with it can go right ahead.

Rare pic of me with no make up

Omg so yummeh

Sorry to do this to you...

with disgustingly, vulgarly,

madly, sexily delicious-looking food pictures. Hahaha!

Ming's place for Nuffnang's 3rd Birthday!!

I know I'm not part of Nuffnang but I very buay paiseh one.

Nuffies... This is taken WITHOUT flash. With the "low-light" function on the camera which is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Can you imagine it was like twilight when this was snapped?

Sukiyaki beefff

Oh so good.

M'sian Nuffie David and Mike yabbering away

Macro mode

Ming and Estee sharing a joke

Gillian's place for Games Night!!!

I love it when she organizes this!! We just spent the day vegging at Gillian's, watching tv shows (A shot at Love with Tila Tequila/Glee), nomming on New Year goodies and playing games like Cranium/Taboo/Pictionary etc!! Very fun, awesome company :D :D

I turned on the Low Light function on the camera and set it to multi-shots - coz we were all sure Jessica was going to make the Jenga fall!!!!!!

Gotta say I love the multi-shot function!!

AND the BEST thing about the S90? It is RARELY EVER BLURRY. Even without flash!!

Like of all the photos I took (hundreds) maybe, erm, 2 were blur. This is so bloody incredible!


Stacked crazily high!

Jess contemplating her next strategic move

And she chose it!

Will she succeed?


And yes I snapped this and NO this is not an ad for Jenga!! I just happen to have friends with very dramatically excited expressions LOL!!

Hahahaha I just smile everytime I see this pic coz it's so bloody happy!!! Esp Gillian's face!!

And it's toppled!!! LOLOL... All this happened within split seconds. And yet thanks to the awesome camera I captured all the memories! Thanks s90!!

Here's us playing Pictionary with a man figurine. It's quite fun.

Guess what this is supposed to be??


It's "Father". Very duh lor!! LOL


More piccies I took...

One of the best things about this camera is the COLOUR SWAP/COLOUR ACCENT function!!

You pick a distinct colour in a photo, and you can either

SWAP: Switch it with another colour! Imagine a pink sky, blue grass!

ACCENT: Make the camera ONLY capture that colour and the rest of the photo is b/w!

Flowers with a far focal point...

In macro

Here's the normal colour of a building...

Swapped it and made it pink!!

Green leaves, pink grass

Now pink leaves...

Normal photo

Taken with NOSTALGIC MODE!! Loves it.


Neighbour's kitty... It loves me... When it sees me it will follow me!

Tell me this is not almost DSLR quality!

Beautiful day

Gorgeous sky

And more pictures of Nanolove!!

Once again I put it on multi-shot and just snap snap snapped!

Taken non-flash in really really low lighting.

With flash

One more

She's sooooo super cute I love her!


Want to WIN THE CANON PowerShot S90???

Here's a crazily easy contest. Just send in a photo that fits the theme "HAPPINESS" to!!

Five photos will be showcased during the symposium, and a winner will be picked. EASY right??


The Symposium will be held on April 3rd, 2010. It's a Saturday. Well all the nitty gritty details are HERE so if you want wish to attend, CLICK!!

Apart from the chance to meet me and all the other awesome bloggers, you'd also get food and refreshments, a chance to win the new Canon S90 via lucky draw (2 to be won), and an exclusive GOODIE BAG!!

Hurry up and register coz the first 150 registrants will receive 5 times the chance of winning the s90!! (Your name will be put in 5 times)