Monday, March 1, 2010

Your Asian Skin Solution!


The largest and most visible organ on our body is our skin, which is why we need to take superb care of it!!

That's why I was happy when Asian Skin Solutions asked me if I would like to try out their O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment!!

(Never too early to start to look good for my wedding teeheehee)

Ok this photo looks more artistic:

Asian Skin Solutions is specially tailored to Asian females, and that's why before my facial treatment, all sorts of questions were asked so that they can better known my skin and give the best sort of treatment to me!

Questions such as the my lifestyle, environmental conditions etc. :D

After my analysis and consultation, I was led into their rooms... Located conveniently at Orchard Central (that's the mall next to 313), they have a spacious corrider at the back where all the treatment rooms are!

The comfy bed I fell asleep on later. -_-

And here I am before the treatment!!
I have no foundation on so you can see all my skin's flaws.

Ok lah here's a clearer view of my face!! I got shitloads of tiny zits on my forehead!

The first step is Double Cleansing!

It's shiok!!!

Anyway there are 8 steps in total.

Second step is the O2 Peel, then the X-lotion Steam!

Here's the bubbling water in the machine for the X-lotion Steam.

At this point I already felt that my skin was super refreshed and light!

Step 4 is Extraction, which is the most unpleasant part of any facials...

Using tools (like metal tools), the therapist will extract clogged white heads/black heads etc from your skin, and squeeze zits! Oh my poor forehead.

Luckily, this process wasn't that painful because the steam already softened my skin and loosened the pores.

It's necessary though coz in the long term clogged pores do bad things to your skin!

Next my therapist did step 5: O2 Spray!

It was very fun coz a jet of pure oxygen was sprayed on my skin!! Very cooling and nice after the extraction. The stream of oxygen was very intense and I imagined all my dead skin cells flying off. LOL!!

Step 6 was a Facial Massage and I could feel myself nodding off... It was so shiok.

And then for Step 7: Double Mask!!!

The therapist spread a super thick and cool paste on my face and zzzzz I have no idea what happened after that coz I fell asleep. Hahaha!

And done!! HAHAHA! My face!

Now for the last step which is my favourite: SHOULDER MASSAGE!!!

Enjoy maximum!!

And this is my AFTER!!

Skin is definitely more glowy and brightened. Totally feels silky smooth, baby-soft and QQ!! It is super hydrated and luminous. :D

After being a satisfied client, I still had presents!! Mad shiok!!

Asian Skin Solutions showed me some of their products, the DK1 line, which is only available with them and nowhere else.

I was given the Dual Revitalize Cleanser (tallest bottle at $98)...

What can I say? Awesome cleanser! Smells very, erm, I guess the only word to describe it is LUXURIOUS!!

After I use it I feel I should use an expensive body wash too. Hahaha!!

The texture is very viscous and smooth. Can be used as a make up remover too!

DK1 Skin Energizing Booster and H20 Lift

The booster is a great serum that will provide immediate lifting effect and help lock in moisture!

The H20 Lift is an excellent moisturizer with the ability to hold 50 times of water to its mass!! What the! Why so amazing one?

Vita Mineral Block 60! ($128)

Sunblock with SPF 60!! It simulates "collagen synthesis", which I have no idea is what but it sounds good.

The texture is very light - water based and not sticky!! If you are looking for the perfect sunblock, can give this a try!




Enjoy an O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment worth $280 at only $28 today!!!

That's the same one I did, and I assure you it's awesome!!!

All you have to do:

Sms AsianXX_FullName_Nric to 83884888 to enjoy O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial Treatment at $28 or call 67670077 and mention Xiaxue to enjoy the same deal.

Not finished with the goodies yet!!!

Xiaxue readers get 25% of package deals should they decide to sign up, AND 5% off product prices!!



Terms and Conditions to apply:

- Females only
- 21 and above
- Only for first time customers

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