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Massive impact in a tiny sleek machine

Advertorial YAY ME!! I got myself a new toy to play with and this time it's the HTC HD mini phone! Got invited to the HTC HD mini event down at Ion, so there I went! I was most pleasantly surprised to find out that they were providing hair and make up for guests for a mini (pun intended) photoshoot!! Being hiao, I immediately went for the empty hair styling hot seat! Stylist was blow-drying my hair coz it's still a bit wet! What better to do than to play with my new phone while getting hair done?? Took a few camwhoring shots and IT WAS AWESOME!! At 5 mega pixels (auto focus! Widescreen Photo Capture!) all the photos taken turned out so nice! Stupid Blackberry's camera is just bloody 3.2mp. -_- Me + mini All my hair straightened! And then the hair stylist took quite some time to transform my boring tresses into a elaborate curls! This is the make up counter... Tadah!!!!!! Poofed up hair! It's time for my photoshoot!! (Don't

Hello from Istanbul!!!

Gillian and I are now in a cafe thing in Istanbul's transit lounge with 7 fucking hours to kill so we just camwhored with her macbook (Gasp I'm using APPLE!!)... So I decided to just post them here!! LOL (Obviously no photoshop and minimal make up... Say first coz confirm will get insulted) Ok will update more when I reach Tbilisi!

Random photos before I go go

Flying off to Tbilisi, Georgia in about an hour so I thought I'd post some photos before I go! Will be back on the 18th. Camwhoring photos x 3: Might have over-photoshopped this. LOL... But whatever lah! RIPPLE'S WEDDING! Attended my RVHS classmate Ripple's wedding! She's the third in our class to get married... I'm number 4 if I'm not wrong! Ripple's chio gown with a mad long train! The wedding was aviation-themed so we all got air tickets for our seating! Mike and I. Everytime I spell that I feel like writing "Mike and Ike". WTF My ticket! Decorations were in tiffany blue :) They gave us a feather pen and I was trying to camwhore with it but damn fail coz 1) The feather doesn't go with a human head and is indeed sticking out in an awkward position. 2) Lousy photographer obviously used finger to cover part of lens 3) Kena photobombed by chao angmoh in background. TENSO! Exclassmates Peiying + J