Congratulations Essential winners!


Woohoo!! Thanks for the awesome response for the Essential contest I posted a few weeks ago!!

We received over a hundred entries (!!) and Huiwen from Nuffnang painstakingly shortlisted a few for me to choose from!

And I chose 4 out of these contestants. I must say I am pretty impressed by the contestants because not only did they specially take photos for this contest, some even put graphics on their pics to make them cuter, and wrote great paragraphs on why they should be picked etc. :)

I know this is what people usually say to patronize those who didn't get picked but I really wished I could have chosen more of you!

AND I FEEL LIKE I AM NOT SOME LONELY AUNTIE WRITING THIS BLOG AT HOME ANYMORE! Really got people reading and I am about to meet some of these people in the flesh! SOMEMORE A LOT OF THESE GIRLS ARE LIKE MAD CHIO I'M GONNA FEEL SO INFERIOR WHEN I MEET THEM no photoshop in real life FML.



Essential to the rescue!


Can't wait to see you with silky smooth hair!



Talk about dramatic!! Jade dyed/bleached her hair pink (awesome! I never had the courage to!) so she really wants good quality hair back!! I hope I get to see her with pink hair still omg. Mike would so fall in love with her he said he has a soft spot for girls with pink hair -_-

Thanks girls for sending in pictures of your damaged last 15 cm of hair! Hair ends are so important because good hair is so noticeable and attention grabbing... The girls are gonna be sponsored with Essential hair products and after a week's trial we are gonna have another photoshoot to showcase the "AFTER"!

A lot of people have the misconception that Essential is just another shampoo with a kawaii image attached to it but it is actually specifically for damage care!

If you are not chosen don't be sad!!

Just fill up this simple SURVEY form and you can stand a chance to win a $70 Essential hamper too!

Question 1: Do you feel that your last 15cm of hair is more damaged compared to the rest of your hair? *



Question 2: If yes, why is your hair ends more damaged than the rest?


We'll contact you if you are one of our lucky winners!


Phone number
Image Verification

Please enter the text from the image:
[Refresh Image] [What's This?]

Thinking of trying Essential?

First decide on which type of hair you have and what end benefit you want!


With Ultra Shine Essense, High Purity Honey and Milk Protein, and Wild Rose Essense, Nuance Airy is for girls who want natural volume at the crown and swing in their hair!

And with that, hair becomes light and bouncy always!

I think it's more suitable for girls with fine hair who want their hair to be more puffed up!

Although I like pink more than orange my damage care is definitely Rich Premier. :(


Contains Ultra Shine Essence , High Purity Honey & Milk Protein, Sunflower Essence. Rich Premier is for girls who want to tame down extra volume to achieve the moisturized and sleek look!

End result? Smooth and manageable hair!

It's more suitable for girls with course, thick, unmanageable hair - like me!

Can't wait for the photoshoot!! WOOHOO!!

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