Project Alpha: London Part II

Part Advertorial Part Photolog

A zillion more photos from Day 3 and 4 of my London trip with Project Alpha!!

Camwhore shot first

Gloucester square again... We have to walk past it everyday to get to the tube!

Me in crazy thick tights and awesome fur hat that saved my ears from hypothermia.

With Niki, Jojo and Mike at a bus stop waiting for Boss Ming to join us to visit the London Eye + Big Ben!

After a long walk, we SORTA reached the London eye!

Totally artsy camwhoring shot of half of Niki and Mike walking towards me

The men behind the scenes... Check out the cameras also decked in winter wear!

There's Big Ben (or the clock tower that houses big ben or whatever) and some parliament house.

I don't care if it's some world famous thingy... I'm just so NOT interested in boring buildings! No offence to Londoners, I'm also not interested in Singapore's buildings so yeah.

Only if they are pink!

More scenery shots to please the men reading this

London Eye looking remarkably like the Singapore Flyer... Both are... boring.

Mike was literally hopping around with excitement coz he likes "views" and kept asking me to snap shots of him with the monuments. Boo!

Everyone taking shots so I also take lor...

Niki and I

"I can haz no face."


Done with London Eye and Big Ben so with those out of the way Ming brought us to Borough Market, which I am WAY more interested in!! It's so cool!

It's like a gigantic food market... It is said that the ingredients here are really fresh and good and even Jamie Oliver shops here! I might have got that info wrong (my memory very bad nowadays) so don't quote me.

"Mulled wine" sounds like something Hogwarts people drink

It was SO crowded and soon we lost half of the crew...

Have u ever seen so many types of mushroom?!

And then we reached this store which Ming recommends especially to the Malaysians coz they sell MALAYSIAN CURRY!!!!!!!

Here's Thai seafood green curry... Looks delicious or what?

And here is mine!!

Mike nomming

Ming nomming... What can I say? Pigging out on piping hot curry on a hot winter's day is MAD AWESOME!!!

This store was hanging REAL dead birds!!!

I dunno man if this were in Singapore there would be flies all over the birds man... Just that it was so bloody cold...


Next Ming recommended scallops cooked fresh and served on a shell!

FUCKING GOOD but also crazy expensive.
Still worth it I think!

Niki warming his frozen hands on these heaters shattered around the market.
What a nice touch!

Mike doing touristy poses again.

And next... My favourite spot in London!!!

Camden Market!

This place is so quirky and got loads of shit for you to buy!!! A lot of really punk/emo/goth looking young people were walking around... It wasn't unusual to see people with really high green mohawks or pink hair!!

Didn't take much photos inside coz I was busy shopping...

Kissing along Camden...

And we go back to the hotel to get a quick rest! Sick of being fucking cold and uncomfortable, I put on my warmest, frumpiest clothes to watch WICKED!!!


Actually I haven't watched many musicals lah but of all that I have watched this is the best!!

Felt a bit paiseh coz everyone else there was sorta dressed nicely for the occasion but WHATEVER LAH! So cold dress up simi sai! Girls were wearing translucent stockings with HEELS lor! I don't know what their skins are made of, maybe styrofoam.

(Balenciaga inspired bag from Camden Market at $40 sgd!)

Damn good thing I wore my warmest clothes too coz we couldn't get a cab back after that!! The guys actually suggested WALKING back to the hotel (no more tube) and I almost cried in objection man. No f-ing way!! It was sub human conditions!!

Luckily we found a back alley cab company in the end. Phew!

And here is the stage and set...
Crazily elaborate... The dragon roars!!

(I heard it cost millions to build but once again don't trust my info)

And it was so goooooooooood!!

Thanks so much Ming!! I can now memorize all the lyrics in Popular and I like to sing it to traumatize Mike. :D

Half time camwhoring break... Ming asked "How do you like it?" and I was so stupid and answered "I love it but the ending is so abrupt!" and he said "Erm it's the half time only."


And after the musical we went to Chinatown to eat famous Lobster noodles!! Wow can you believe all these awesomeness in one day?


Lobster mee


Our Last Day:

Camwhoring pics X 2

Taken during breakfast

Camwhoring while Jojo and Michael discuss what to film next...

Beautiful tulips on the table...


Wearing Mike's black Uniqlo heat tech thermals inside!

With my hood! :D

The boys on our way to see the Chelsea VS Arsenal game


David snapping a pic for Tony

Crazy amount of Chelsea fans... Can't say the same for Arsenal.

Policemen on horses!!

I was the ONLY person in pink there

Most people had blue accessories...

Posing with the horses! It tried to sniffle me!


We ate after this and it was sleepytime and back to Singapore!!

The last meal I had in London... ENORMOUS CHICKEN!!

Had a long flight home...


Well everything was recorded on video and that's even more interesting!

That's right, Niki's (and also mine since I'm featured in his) episode is going to come out on the 26th of April on Project Alpha's site!!

Meanwhile, some of the first few episode are already out so if you wanna get entertained, go watch them!

Was so pleased to attend Project Alpha's Press conference in KL! After working so hard on it Kyanite team's effort has finally paid off. I saw that I was in the local TV news!

Sponsors P1 broadband and Adidas Action 3!

Adidas Action 3 Grooming tips of the day:

- Always use deodorant!
- Girls love men who smell good!
- Deodorant comes in many forms including liquid, invisible solid, and spray. Spray is the most effective imho!

P1 Blogging tips of the day:

- Update regularly!
- Be shameless!
- Post as many photos as possible!

Here I am with the team of bloggers plus sponsors!

This looks dangerous lol

Went to P1 broadband's office and the rooftop garden was gorgeous!

Can see the rain!

Me with Klubbkid who has PURPLE hair! I love him, he is so diva and bubbly!

With Audrey at the Project Alpha movie screening later that night. She is so cute!!

The movie we watched was Kickass... WHICH WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!

Tim from Nuffnang brought us around to noms all the best KL food...

Fucking damn nice Bak Ku Teh!!! OMG!!

Not peppery and damn "gao"!!

The boys say bye!!

Had two great holidays coz of Project Alpha!! :D

MAS Travel tips of the Day:

- Spend a little more on a good airline and it will save you agony on long haul flights!
- Always bring snacks!
- Remember to wear warm clothes coz flights get really cold!


All these adventures because of Project Alpha!!

Here's the episode where I first meet Niki and Jojo in London!!!

Remember to watch the rest also and support the blogosphere!!!



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