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A barrage of disgusting self indulgent camwhoring pictures because I said so. From when I did my reebonz advertorial's photoshoot. Great eye make up that day ;) These two taken by my Lx3 with its flash. The rest taken by L10 with ring light: BAM!

Traditional Hand-made Yummeh

Advertorial Yay for me!!! Probably one of my FUNNEST advertorials EVER coz I was invited to try MAKING ROCK CANDY !!! Sticky is Singapore's first handmade rock candy store! You've probably seen them before as they are situated in the busy basement of The Central (next to Clarke Quay mrt), and I confess to have stood there and gawked as the Sticky staff created rainbow candies in their open concept kitchen!! It is FUCKING FUN!!!! Once you step into the store it's like so brightly coloured and happy looking and smells so good your mood can't help but perk up!! And yes I delibrately dressed to look like their store hahahaha I HAVE RAINBOW SOCKS Jars upon jars of rock candy!! What's so special about rock candy? It can be customised to any design you want!! Perfect for weddings and gifts and parties. (4kg minimum batch size for customization, also can customize letters on lollipops for smaller batches!) I love the colours of the candi