Gay conversion

Some thoughts.

When I was in Dallas Mike was watching this show called "Religulous" and it's about this comedian doing a documentary questioning religion.

And I saw a part which really irritated me, and it was a Christian Gay Converter dude who is a pastor and he "converts" gay people (by gay I mean both lesbians and gay men) into being heterosexual again.

Anyway the video is HERE, embedding is not allowed so just click on the link if you want to watch it.

And after watching THIS I am even more incensed.

Most of us are born straight so I guess we can never understand how it's like to be gay. So ok, maybe some of you are too young, some too old, so maybe it is alright for some straight people to believe that gay people CHOOSE to be that way.

But how can it be that these ministers/pastors admit to being "ex-gay" themselves and are somehow able to LIE that they can magically turn themselves straight again!?

Anyway. My first ever talk about homosexuality with a gay person was with a close friend of mine (let's call him R) who confessed to me. It was frankly quite shocking coz I knew him since I was 14, and I never knew he liked boys till I was like 20. That was close to the time he owned up to himself and decided to let close friends know.

In between he even had a girlfriend for a year so yeah obviously I never suspected anything.

My point is... till I was 20 I always thought that gay people CHOOSE to be gay. Like they get their heart broken by some girl and decided that girls are the devil and decided to go for boys instead. Something like that.

So right now, because of my love for my gay friends and their fabulousness, I am going to explain to my younger blog readers about how homosexuality is NOT a choice.

Goodness knows how many of you attend church and have this ridiculous notion drilled into you that people can choose their sexual orientation like picking a favourite cereal.

And this is how my friend explained it to me. He said everyone has a scale of which gender they are attracted to. Like 90% attracted to men, 10% attracted to women. Obviously if the scale is slighted towards same sex you are gay, in the middle bi, and to the opposite sex straight.

I was like what the fuck man, if it's not a choice how is it that you even found yourself attracted to a chick enough to be in a relationship with her for a year?

He said that he knew he was attracted to boys since he was like 11 or something but because his family are staunch Christians, he felt that it was wrong to feel this way. And so he never acted on his attraction towards dudes and kept lying to himself. He loved his ex girlfriend but was not sexually attracted towards her. And when she wanted to get intimate, that was when he broke down and admitted to her, and himself, the next day that he was gay.

And obviously now he still has not come out to his parents. He said his dad will kill him and kick him out of the house. So imagine never being able to introduce your partner to your parents!

Gay people already have it pretty bad with coming to terms with themselves, realising they are different, not being able to get married, straight men being uncomfortable around them (for the guys), dads disowning them (also for gay dudes, not so much lesbians), not being able to hold hands publicly, cannot apply for HDB flats, being discriminated by relatives etc...


By trying to change gays it assumes that being homosexual is wrong in the first place but seriously have they considered who is going to design fabulous bags and shoes if gay people don't exist?!

Change? How can one change what they are attracted to? If gay conversion works then can we change a straight guy into liking boys? Yeah let's see that happening. Just like how I love pink and will not be persuaded into liking any other colour more!

I think that Christianity as a religious is generally good except when it comes to this extreme stance. And cheating people of their money using faith as an excuse to buy shopping complexes.

And fact: Many Christians who are gay kill themselves because they cannot come to terms with the fact that they are sinning and yet God is not changing them and making them right.

This much is already very annoying, but wait, there is worse.

These sex conversion therapies cost as much as $6,000usd for a 6 week program (source)!!

Now wait a minute. Not only are you pushing confused people (I am talking about people who are just coming out to themselves) into further self doubt, you are EARNING MONEY FROM THEM?!

If these people are truly just helping sinners be right again for God then what gives them the right to charge?!

And what do these therapies involve?

"...the application of electric shock to the hands and/or genitals," and "nausea-inducing drugs...administered simultaneously with the presentation of homoerotic stimuli," masturbatory reconditioning, visualization, social skills training, psychoanalytic therapy, and spiritual interventions, such as "prayer and group support and pressure." - SOURCE

Fucking ridiculous. I also can apply a bit of electricity to someone's dick and charge $6,000. In fact, I'd do it for $5,000!! Ok maybe I won't do the electrocuting myself but I'd hire someone to.

And ex-gay convertor Richard Cohen's famous therapy is to use a tennis racquet to hit a pillow. -_-

Pillow: $10
Tennis racquet: $50
"Therapy": $6,000
Showing the world you are an idiot: Priceless

The older generation are obviously a lot less knowledgeable about homosexuality than our generation and when they find out their kids are gay, they start getting all hysterical especially if their religion does not approve of it.

And by having these therapies around and preached about further convinces them that there is something wrong with their kids (who must be feeling terrible, omg feel so sorry for them).

Saw this comment on youtube. Dunno if it's left by someone joking but if it's real it's bloody horrific.

My 16 year old son is converted now he is heterosexual. We had to have three gay exorcism and two different convertion camps each of them six months. He have to follow very strict rules and if he brakes any of them we will put his dog to sleep (at the vet off course). It was not before we put one of his two dogs to sleep at the vet that he became heterosexual. If he relapse we will put the other dog to sleep.
He loves women now

Ok lah this is probably fake but I don't doubt there are parents out there using these extreme methods to "fix" their kids.

And worse, these ex-gay groups are now targeting kids as young as 15 and angry parents everywhere are FORCING their kids to go to therapy/camps where THIS is what happens to them. "Forced to watch same-sex pornography while smelling ammonia"... Classy.

I never understood why homosexuals are often so proud of their orientation, because straight people sure ain't proud of being straight. But I think it is a response to the suppression they receive. It is like You think I should be straight? Fuck you I'd wear glitter pants and be gayer than ever. In your fucking face.

So I have a theory about ex-gay convertors.

Obviously gay dudes KNOW that they cannot change themselves to like women. Maybe their scale is 80% men, 20% women? They can exploit the 20% and get married, vomit while sticking a semi flaccid dick into a vagina, and even have kids, but they will KNOW that they still want to rape Zac Efron. Or Adam Lambert or whoever gay guys find attractive lah!!

Goodness knows why any woman would be fucked up enough to marry an "ex gay". Maybe they are confused lesbians seeking normalcy.

So some of these evil gay dudes group together and decide to earn money by pretending that they are "cured" and want to help "cure" others but they are like totally having sex with each other on a huge swimming pool filled with money!!!!!!!

They are like "Well let's leave all the other gays to fight discrimination and gain acceptance... We can be millionaires by doing the reverse and undoing their hard work. HI FIVE!"

Making use of people's confusion and faith to earn money. Truly disgusting.

I can't believe these ex-gays and ex-lesbians (like John Paulk here - ex gay, got caught in gay bar later LOL... He was a drag queen named Candy in the past!! Teehee) get married and have kids just to prove something to themselves. Poor kids... I'd rather have drunks as parents than liars who will eventually go psycho with sexual frustration ("ENOUGH WITH VAGINAS I WANT DICK!!! RAWRRRR!") and murder me one day or something. And woe is those kids if they turn out gay themselves.

Rant over.

And please Christians, don't make this about you. It is not. I'm complaining about anyone who claims to cure homosexuality and charges money for it.

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