Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Mighty Pen


Gotta say I love my job!! Nuffnang has been 'in the talks' with Olympus for a while now discussing sponsoring me the Olympus Pen EP1 DSLR camera... Which I've been eyeing on for a bit!!

And I just got it!!

The traditional DSLR is so bulky and UGLY but takes awesome photos compared to compacts. However, we girls are fragile and our bags are tiny and nobody likes an ugly camera!!

So a smart engineer decided, well, girls take the most photos coz they are so vain, and they deserve a good, small, pretty pro camera too... AND TADAH!!

Thus the micro four-thirds are formed!!

For those of you who don't know, these are smaller DSLRs with the same functionality as their bigger cousins, except that the "mirror" that's in traditional DSLRs are taken out to reduce its size (because honestly I think those are obselete - purely my opinion).

And of all the compact DSLRs in the market, the Olympus Pen series is definitely one of the prettiest... and in terms of overall size, the smallest!!


Can you believe this is a DSLR?! (Mine is so fugly and 10 times as heavy FML)

It comes with pretty accessories like coloured pouches and straps also!!

I can so imagine those girls who shop at like... Haji lane... using this camera coz it looks so vintage.


First two default food photos:

My first time eating Truffle fries (crossroads cafe, outside Marriot hotel). Yummeh!

My fish and chips...

I LOVE the manual focus on this camera!! There is this black rim that you can twist to adjust which part of the picture you want it to focus on so the subject is always so clear and background blurry!! So that pictures look pro ;)

Another cool thing about the Olympus pen series is the ART FILTERS!!

Omg they are like damn awesome max!!!

Art filters:

Pop Art
Soft Focus
Pale and Light Colour
Light Tone
Grainy Film

And I'm about to show you all of them!

No photoshop on these photos:

Little road leading to my house - normal mode


Grainy film

Light tone

Pale and Light colour

Pop art!

Damn nice lah!!!! I especially LOVE pop art coz I love bright and happy photos!! I also like Pale and Light colour coz it sets this kinda dreamy + nostalgic + innocent kinda feel to the photos... Rawr!!

Erm I think I forgot to take a photo for soft focus but don't worry below got.

Gorgeous photo in pop art

Taken after the rain

And this is how it looks like normally!

To be frank I don't even know how to make this effect with photoshop lor. It's not just saturation. (Best part is I don't need to learn coz I can just use pop art MUAHAHAHA)

Love my linen skirt + Juicy slippers

Grabbed my furry puff for an impromptu photoshoot:


Aren't these pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Nanolove so much *snuggles the fat belly* *kisses the pink paws*


Pop Art! :D

Dinner at TCC

Love of my life

And his food. He said, "What is this? Papulon?". Me, "WHAT? NO HONEY IT'S PAPADUM! WTF!" I am very proud of his efforts.

Checked out T3's new slide. (Pop art)

Mike made me snap this photo. Go estimate my height yourselves. (pop art)

The slide. It's mad steep!! (pop art)

Him watching 2012 while I fiddle with the camera.


It means, erm, like, taking chio out of focus lights!! Click HERE for deeper explanation of what it is lah.

I've always wanted to try it out but somehow felt my old cameras were not like artsy enough for it wtf.

Here's my sequinny dress

Here's the bokeh from it! :D:D

Quite ugly coz only silver colour but I tried!!

Chioer bokeh. Guess from where?


And I tried heart shaped bokeh!!! (Courtesy of this site)


Obviously it can be chioer than this lah but look at that rainbow heart on the third pic!!!! *melts*

And now for the REAL test - CAMWHORING SHOTS!!!!!!!

Obviously for girls (who are not butt ugly) camwhoring is the most important thing in a camera!! Best thing about the Pen is that it is not too heavy to snap shots of yourself with. All the below photos taken camwhoring style.


SOFT FOCUS OMG SO DREAMY AND CHIO!! No photoshop on the colours at all!!

Pale and light colour

Light tone

How much do I love this photo?!

LOL a bit too bright but still so artsy fartsy!!

Pin hole!!

Omg and best of all for portrait shoots there is something called e-Portrait which automatically removes all your blemishes and zits wtfbbqqqqqqqqqqqq




Not I go and blur it ok, the camera do one!! And best of all it saves two versions so if you don't like the dreamy look you can opt for the original!! AWESOME MAX.

Since so chio I shall bombard you all with more photos of me in e-Portrait.


And you know what else?? THIS CAMERA ALSO RECORDS VIDEOS WITH ART FILTERS!!! IN HD!! *brains explode*

Erm so I recorded a video of myself asking frequently asked questions with the art filters:

(Credit: Inspired by Charlieissocoolike)

Pretty cool huh?! Sorry the quality is like a bit non-HD coz I saved it in low-res coz I am like movie-editing idiot.

ANYWAY!! Here's the part gian bng gian sai people are waiting for: WHAT YOU CAN WIN!

I'm gonna be at Vivocity, outside Forever 21
on 27th June, Sunday
1.30pm till 3.00pm

Giving a mini guided tour of how to use the Olympus EP1, as well as to take photos with readers!!

If you come, blog about the event, and send your Name, Contact no, Email, and Blog URL to, the most exciting post will win a Olympus FE4030 Digicam!!!


If you are not free to come, doesn't matter!! An easier way to get a chance to win this camera is by VOTING FOR MY VIDEO!!!

Very simple one just go to THIS WEBSITE - and vote!!! So vote for me!!! Because I learnt how to use Windows Movie Maker for this blog post *sobs*