Thursday, July 1, 2010

Transform your hair - like magic!

Note: Plastic surgery post after this one coz adverts have to be on top for 48 hours and I forgot!!


(Super long entry with shitloads of very pretty girls' photos)

So happy!!

Essential is launching new products!! And this time, it is LEAVE-ON products for damaged hair...

Essential Hair Essence!!! Awesome!! I'm probably the biggest fan of hair serum there is. :D

There we have it: In pink... *drumroll*

Anti-frizz Serum

High purity Honey Oil
Ultra Shine Essence
Wild Rose Essence

For all day smoothness and bounce!! Hair is shiny,
smooth and unfrizzy all day long!

And in orange:

Nourishing Care Lotion

High Purity Honey Oil
Ultra shine essence
Sunflower oil essence

For all day softness and manageability! Hair gets extra
nourishment and repair!

To celebrate awesome hair, Essential organised a Pretty Me hen's night party for me!!! I am technically married already lah but I haven't had my traditional Chinese wedding yet mah!

It will be a night where we get unapologetically superficial and vain and just go all the way out to have girly fun!

Manicures, makeovers, luxurious suites, photoshoots, butlers, you name it.

And so the night arrived.

When I first walked into the Klapsons (boutique hotel) suite, my jaw just DROPPED.

The amount of effort Essential put in for this was just SPECTACULAR. Seriously super touched!!

On the doorknob

Li Ching from Essential and Huiwen getting their sparkly.

The room decorated by professionals in EXTENSIVE fairy Essential stickers/murals...

Yummy food served by our own waiters/butlers... And pink champagne!

Shamelessly pink stuff strewn everywhere. The little pot on the right even had chupa chups and other candy!


Pink and white angel wings everywhere!

The fluffy beds

MAKE UP COUNTER!!! Kanebo supplied us with their new range of Kate make up to use, and everything there is not even out in the market yet!

In the pic left to right: My friends Huiwen, Elaine and Kaykay

Sink area... Did you see they even shattered gold stars?! So Rachel berry!

Insanely gorgeous bathtub with all the Essential products floating serenely inside.

It gets better - the bathtub flashes rainbow colours!!!!!!!!! *faints again*

Huiwen (left) and Kiki getting a drink while you can kinda see Elaine and Elise at the back camwhoring with my ring light.

Kiki and Rykiel doing up their hair

And manicures for all the girls


Elaine, Elise and Kiki posing

Everyone is super happy with my "neoprint machine" coz you can see yourself in the swivel screen of my hugeass DSLR and use the remote to snap fucking chio shots!


Elaine and I

Elaine and Elise

(from left) Me, Kiki, Rykiel and Kaykay!! They are all wearing their own cutesy headgear btw mad love for putting in so much effort!!

And btw if you are wondering why their hair all so chio, Kaykay Rykiel and Kiki were already using Essential products (not the essence lah coz essence haven't launch) since like long ago!! And they didn't find out from my advert lor (traitors never read my blog) but like from word of mouth. They never shared with me I could have had chio hair from even longer ago wtf.

I like this blurry shot coz Rykiel is photobombing me at the back!!

LOL accidental shot


Even Sharon and Li Ching from Essential went to join in the fun!

Rykiel + Kiki, who is red-faced coz she drank the champagne LOL

Elaine + me + Elise

With Huiwen!! She missing in first few pics coz she took a zillion years to tong her hair

Minnie new addition

Tadah!! Thanks for awesome hair!! (it is still in the box coz Essential brought like seriously 30 bottles for us to use that day)

Think Huiwen's wings are like in the wrong place

After camwhoring so much we decided to get serious and do our hair in...


If you have never heard of that it's coz I just came up with it.

Super duper easy one!!

It involves:

1) GOOD HAIR - which you can achieve by using the right products *ahem ie Essential*


I bought one for each of us. Very cheap lah $12.90 each at Far East's Chamelon!


Also bought in Chamelon, $3.90 for like 4 pieces.

Bumpits are awesome coz you put it below the top layer of hair and you get a bouffant! Or a hair pouf as some of you might know. So that your hair becomes super dramatic!

But if you don't know how to use a bumpit or don't know how to get one, doesn't matter can just use a butterfly clip at the back of your half up-do to get the same bump. Behind cannot see in photos anyway!

And remember to use Essential Hair Essence so that hair doesn't get frizzy and has an extra super shine!

And so we start!!!

Doing Elaine's bumpit + tiara for her

And of course, we put loads of serum + lotion to make our hair extra smooth and shiny!!

Gotta say I love the Essence especially the serum!!

The effect of shiny-ness is immediate and I realised that until the next day my hair is STILL tame and sleek.

We were using the products both before and after the styling - I'd suggest putting lotion after drying your hair after a wash, and serum can be anytime, before or after styling. Hair shines all the way to the ends. :D

And they smell so nice too!

LOL Kiki's tiara dropped that's why we are all looking at her.

With Huiwen

Huiwen likes the lotion because her "hair is like super thick and the lotion makes (her) hair sleeker and easier to manage. Plus it's not oily!!"

And Elaine + Elise

And Kiki Rykiel and Kaykay!

On the bed!

Just me!!

Together!! Our hair is chioness!


Loving our hair? That's coz the serum makes our hair immediately smoother and unfrizzy, while the lotion makes hair feel softer and easier to comb through!!

Just one application will last ALL FREAKING DAY which is way longer-lasting than other brands of serum. It is totally light weight too so all the goodness is absorbed into hair and it does not feel sticky or icky after application. :D

Of course, the last 15 cm of hair has to be healthy too otherwise it will still look dry and unkempt. So if you have damaged hair, remember to try out Essential's shampoo and treatment coz it is the only product in the market that takes extra special care of the last 15 cm!


Want to get super sleek hair and win prizes??

All you have to do is send in a photo of yourself (or with friends also can) recreating my Bouffant Tiara Style after you used Essential's new Hair essence!! You can pose with either product, but remember to show your hair ends!

Top 3 chosen winners get a $100 Topshop voucher and $70 Essential hamper!

And the Bouffant Tiara Style is so pretty I'm hoping it will go viral!! If more than 50 of you send in photos I'd post up a college of everyone on my blog.


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Thanks Essential for the lovely girls night out and great memories!!