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Quick someone give me an award for being the most self-absorbed blogger!

Took a ton of camwhoring shots when I was doing my last essential advert so here they are!! I made a lot of stupid faces. Also, numbered for your easy criticism/reverence. See? I'm so considerate. Now instead of saying "In the fourth photo from bottom you look like a whore with ebola" you can just say "In photo 19 you look like a whore with ebola". Nice! That's all folks!! p/s: LOL Hilarious follower on twitter suggested I really put a photo of a whore with ebola as photo 19 so I went to google image "whore with ebola" and all I got were super gory photos wtf. So yeah, I guess ebola is not really that funny, ahem. p/p/s: Also generated a photo of Paris Hilton.


I was just thinking about how anti-smoking campaigns are always going via the "soft" approach. You know, how it's like an addiction and there are hotlines, support groups and nicotine patches to help smokers quit. Like they are going through some kind of unfortunate crisis. Sure, there are also damn ugly photos on cigarette packets and maybe they work, but after a while, they lose their impact too! Honestly when I look at the photo of the reddish baby that looks like the baby octopus cold dish they serve at restaurants, all I think is, "URGH! That's hideous. I bet it's photoshopped for dramatic effect." And when smokers see a photo of an abused, tarred lung, you think they pause and imagine that lung inside them and decide to quit? No way. All these are effects that are not instant, so what happens is that they decide they will eventually quit, but not today. What's another week of smoking gonna do to a lung that's already soot black?

Transform your hair Part II

Advertorial One day, Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion and Nuance Airy Anti-frizz Serum were having a... chat. END Hope you enjoyed the little cartoon!! If you've read my previous adverts for Essential, you'd have known by now that the Rich Premier Shampoo and conditioner is for people with courser hair who want their hair to be sleek and manageable , whereas the Nuance Airy shampoo and conditioner is more for people with fine hair and want more volume and bounce ! And the orange ones smell like sunflowers while the pink smells like wild roses!! NICE!! With the launch of the Hair Essence lotion and serum, as long as you wish to repair your damaged hair, you can use BOTH! Nuance Airy serum to iron out frizz and Rich Premier Lotion for better managability! And let's face it, all of us want nicer hair! The lightweight formula is easily absorbed into hair and 1 application will leave you with... MAD CHIO AND SHINY, HEALTHY HAIR

Xiaxue: 2003 - present

Decided to do a compilation of my photos from 2003 when I started the blog till now!! A lot of different hair colours LOL And keep in mind all the photos are still photoshopped lah although I think my skills have improved drastically over the years. August 2003! December 2003. God the hair colour is so hideous. I still have that cap. February 2004. This was taken at Clara's (poly mate) condo!! October 2004. How come my hair suddenly so long? Taken in NUS when I went to visit Wongsie! I was her witness during her mock trial wtf. I was going for the "rich" look during that era LOL needless to say FAIL. (although that's a real rolex I'm wearing) January 2005 - some of you might be familiar with this photo! I love those of you. xoxo August 2005. Got sponsored by Kimage and dyed my hair ash brown! January 2006. Taken with Junne at the now defunct MoS! Up till today I still find this photo very chio wtf. I was going for