Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick someone give me an award for being the most self-absorbed blogger!

Took a ton of camwhoring shots when I was doing my last essential advert so here they are!!

I made a lot of stupid faces.

Also, numbered for your easy criticism/reverence. See? I'm so considerate. Now instead of saying "In the fourth photo from bottom you look like a whore with ebola" you can just say "In photo 19 you look like a whore with ebola". Nice!

That's all folks!!

p/s: LOL Hilarious follower on twitter suggested I really put a photo of a whore with ebola as photo 19 so I went to google image "whore with ebola" and all I got were super gory photos wtf. So yeah, I guess ebola is not really that funny, ahem.

p/p/s: Also generated a photo of Paris Hilton.