Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was just thinking about how anti-smoking campaigns are always going via the "soft" approach. You know, how it's like an addiction and there are hotlines, support groups and nicotine patches to help smokers quit.

Like they are going through some kind of unfortunate crisis.

Sure, there are also damn ugly photos on cigarette packets and maybe they work, but after a while, they lose their impact too! Honestly when I look at the photo of the reddish baby that looks like the baby octopus cold dish they serve at restaurants, all I think is, "URGH! That's hideous. I bet it's photoshopped for dramatic effect."

And when smokers see a photo of an abused, tarred lung, you think they pause and imagine that lung inside them and decide to quit?

No way. All these are effects that are not instant, so what happens is that they decide they will eventually quit, but not today. What's another week of smoking gonna do to a lung that's already soot black?

When you want people to quit smoking, you need to give them bloody good reasons, and because a lot of these reasons are not POLITICALLY CORRECT, nobody ever says them.

Well now I'm going to.

The most obvious of all is that nobody likes smokers except other smokers.

Yeah, I said it. Smoking makes people dislike you. For every smoker in Singapore there are 9 non-smokers. And ALL these 9 non-smokers will prefer it if their smoker friend did not smoke anymore.

Obviously I don't mean that every non-smoker hates smokers. I have smoker friends. I'm just saying that I'd like then even better if they don't smoke. For example, if I have to only pick one friend to go on a free holiday with me, and I like both smoker and non-smoker friend equally, I'd pick the non-smoker friend. Why? Coz even if my smoker friend is really considerate, I still have to wait for him to finish smoking, thus eating up my holiday time. He'd ask if we can eat outdoors when I like indoors aircon and I don't like to have to reject people. I'd be alone while he smokes, etc.

Of course the opposite is true that smokers also prefer to have smoking friends but non-smokers WAY outnumber smokers.


Here are eleven demotivational posters I created!!

I give all anti-smoking campaign folks permission to use them coz they are way better than your posters, though, please credit me, thanks.

I guess the tone of the last poster is a little different from the rest because I read up on how smoking while being pregnant can cause so much harm to an innocent baby and I got so fucking upset and angry with these horribly selfish people I actually cried wtf.

Yeah so stop smoking, NOW!

Or don't ever start, even better.

POSTNOTE: Why are adamant smokers telling me they don't care what non-smokers think of them? YOUR OPINIONS ARE IRRELEVANT to this blog entry. Who cares if you care that people dislike you? I'm just telling you we do, full stop.

Retards are telling me my statistics are wrong. They are accurate, and from various sources. If you wish to verify them, go google. And keep in mind when I say that 88% of Singaporeans don't smoke, this also includes children, babies, and thousand year old grannies.