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Shopping Heaven

Advertorial Was invited to take a shopping trip to Kuala Lumpur !! Since my virgin trip in 2005, which I didn't much like, I've been to KL many times afterwards and have always enjoyed myself thoroughly!! I guess the reason why I didn't enjoy myself that much the first time round was coz: 1) Having been to only JB in Malaysia, I expected KL to be like the former. It's totally not like JB and it's a lot more cosmopolitan, and correspondingly, of course, more expensive than JB! 2) I was a poor student and didn't bring much money to spend having not expected to spend that much. 3) I didn't know where to shop or where to go!! Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and the close relationship it has with Nuffnang Singapore , I sometimes get the chance to go over to KL for blog-related stuff. After a few more visits I got to know the place better, and also I really like the KL and the KL nuffnang bloggers! :D (And feel slightly ashamed of my old KL blog entry co