Unwrap the yummeh


Got invited to try out Pizza Hut's new creation - yummy pasta wrapped up and baked in parchment paper!!

Really got to give it to them for creativity!! Already established for having yummy pizza, they are now out to conquer the pasta world too!

Firstly, why parchment?

Because the paper-wrapped pasta has the effect of sealing all the aroma and flavour of the ingredients within, and they are not escaping till you open the parchment up in front of you!

As a result, before you even eat anything you get to inhale such seductive, delicious scents!!

The pasta, of course, would be even richer than usual in taste!

The little package in red is Spicy Seafood Parchment, $12.90, and the
white is Char-grilled Chicken Parchment, $11,90.

Totally affordable!!

Comes with a cute little peg - am I parchment pasta too if I do this?

But before I show you the insides of those curious piping hot bundles, the peeps from Pizza Hut of course spoilt fed us with appetizers first!

Here's my drink! I think it's called Berry Sparkle and costs $3.80 only!

It's a strawberry soda with syrup at the bottom (needs to be mixed in) with strawberry bits!! LOVE IT! Will order it for sure next time I go to Pizza Hut.

4pcs Chicken riblets: $5.80

Looks almost exactly like normal chicken wings but it's ribs!! Yummy max!

Now for the parchment pasta!!!

Unwrapping the char-grilled chicken parchment pasta...


Ok I agree the appearance lacks appeal because it's been wrapped up so of course it's a little "flattened".

So here's a better photo courtesy of Pizza Hut!

But don't judge food by its appearance! ;)

Time to indulge!

The sauce is creamy, buttery and has a hint of garlic... Best thing about the pasta is that it's super value for money at $11.90!! You get huge chunks of roasted chicken... The skin is so delicious :D

And the dish comes with turkey bacon, fresh button mushrooms and capiscums! Well not a fan of the capsicums but I do love the bacon which adds more character to the dish, and of course the mushrooms are the bomb.

Also note that my pasta doesn't come with parsley because I requested for that. By default the pasta DOES come with parsley though so remember to request to not have that added if you don't like it!

Next up: Spicy Seafood Parchment, $12.90!!

I'm terribly apologetic that the photos I managed to take of this dish are just horrible.

I blame my camera coz every other food blogger were using heavyass DSLRs.

Much better photo!!

This dish is also super value for money and comes with 3 large mussels, 3 big crunchy prawns and calamari!!

I actually prefer this dish to the chicken even though I usually prefer cream to tomato!!

The sauce is quite spicy with the tangy sourness of tomatoes and it just makes you wanna keep eating coz it's so tantalizing!

The seafood used is really fresh too!!

The pasta noodles are from the brand Barilla, which is my favourite high-quality pasta brand. Loves it!!

After stuffing us to the brim with parchment pasta (each of us had 2!!), the peeps from Pizza Hut insisted we have even more!!

Basil Crayfish, $12.90

Love this! The sauce is super unique and crayfish is always good :)

Baked Beefballs, $5.80

Tastes as yummy as it looks!

Curry Zazzle Baked Rice, $9.80

Definitely an Asian twist to baked rice! Curry with cheese drizzled over rice? YUMS

Dessert, of course, is the classic:

Warm Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream, $6.50.

Rich chocolate with melted chocolate inside... Satisfies everyone's sweet tooth!

I had a fun day at that day with all the other bloggers!

Thanks Pizza Hut for the treat!!

Excited to try?

Pizza Hut's parchment pastas are coming out on 25th August, 2010!!

For more information or to find the nearest Pizza Hut outlet, check out their website:

p/s: I might learn how to cook parchment pasta too... You know why?? Coz I just realised... DON'T NEED TO WASH DISHES!!!

p/p/s: I know right? Total coincidence this is a food review + Brad's in it, after the last article.

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