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90s make up

Everytime I see our Mediacorp actresses on TV or magazines etc, I always look at their make up and think, "WTF? What era are they living in?" Make up, especially EYE make up, have been changing a lot in the recent years!!! Used to be people just put eyeliner, some eyeshadow, mascara, and that's the extent of it unless you are a tranny. But nowadays, almost every girl who cares about her appearance puts fake eyelashes or have extensions!! How the fuck can plain ol' mascara compare? And then came BIG EYE CONTACTS ... I don't know which genius realised this after centuries, but whatever makes people look young makes them look attractive. See blonde hair - so many people like the colour because (angmoh) babies are mostly born with blonde, flaxen hair. The reminder of youth makes silky, soft, light hair so attractive. I read this info somewhere ok, not I anyhow say one. The one thing babies also have are hugeass irises. Well not technically, but I'd ex

To the best hammie in the world

Nanolove passed away on the 10th of September, 2010... That was a horrific day. Mike and I came home from Tokyo to find that she died in her toy TV. Just one day before my mom went to my place to feed her and refill her water bottle and my mom said she still ate cheese greedily and was totally healthy. :( However, it is to be expected as she was already over 2 years old, and the life span of her species of hammies only live a maximum of 2 years. To be very honest when I went on this Tokyo trip I thought there might be a chance she would leave us forever before we came back. I've been dreading her dying since a few months ago. Everytime she sleeps, I'd hyperventilate a little till I see that she's still breathing, and I sigh in relief. I don't know if it's worse seeing her dead or to see her die, I guess I'd never find out. On the flight back and even thoughout the trip I kept telling Mike I missed her and that the first thing I do when I get back home wa

Flipping new eyes

Advertorial So it has been about 1 month plus since I did my eye surgery. After 1 week of doing the surgery, I had to go back to remove my stitches!! And I brought a companion with me... The Flip Mino HD camcorder! Sleek in front, and SUPER TINY. Customizable at the back!! Pretty or what!! It can record 2 hours worth of videos and is super duper easy to operate. 1 click starts the recording, another click to stop. You can watch the video you recorded on the 2 inch screen and delete it if you don't like it. If you do, just press another button and the USB thingy pops up!! (Can also use it to hurt robbers ala switch knife I think) Insert that into your computer's USB port and drag and drop your spanking new videos!! Talk about ease of video blogging! Anyway the Flip camcorders are really popular in USA (I saw loads of ads when I was in Texas) but somehow video blogging doesn't seem to be the trend in Singapore. Maybe it's coz video cameras are so hug

Nom nom for the skin

Advertorial Great skin is always noticeable and even if the rest of your features are not that attractive... as long as you have beautiful skin you'd still look radiant and healthy!! Which is why I'm always on the lookout for products to bring my skin quality from good to AWESOME!! Some more I'm getting old -_-. Will try anything to prevent skin deterioration! So I was real happy when I got sponsored some new Skinfood products!! A little background - Skinfood is from Korea and they have been continually developing innovative ranges for skin, body, hair and make up products based entirely on FOOD ingredients! When the BB cream trend exploded in Singapore, I remember Skinfood was one of the first to produce a highly raved about bb cream, the Mushroom bb cream!! And now... Their newest range - SKINFOOD OMIJA From left: Omija Whitening Tea Bag Toner (Sheets included) Omija Whitening Emulsion Omija Whitening Serum Omija Whitening Mask sheet