Friday, September 3, 2010

Dallas and David Gan's Surprise Party

Forcing myself to blog even though I'm feeling damn sick coz I'm flying to Japan in 2 days... :( Such bad timing.

Photo post:

Went to Dallas in May - photos posted up in September!! LOL I'm such an efficient blogger.

There's Mike buying a snowcone while I stayed in the car... Everyone he looked over I'd flip him off which explains his middle finger lol

I've also gotten into the habit of snapping very close-up unflattering shots of him. Hilarious!!

It's like our ice kachang with a lot more flavours and no solid toppings (are they still toppings if they are under the ice?) like red beans etc.

It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon. Mike's favourite flavour is this unnatural blue shade of "coconut". HOW CAN COCONUT BE BLUE?? Maybe it's actually smurf flavoured.

Mike's friend Jeff asked us to join him and his boss for lunch and he is a Hongkonger in Dallas!!

Check out the ridiculous amount of authentic HK food!! I was so happy!! America's great and all, but not on the food front imho.

Jeff with his girlfriend Eshelle.

It was one day before my birthday and like 3 days before Jeff's. Why the candles so skinny??

Group pic

Mike's cousin Ryan is a policeman so I took a pic of his holster!! It's super mad heavy and contains all sorts of stuff!!!!!

Bullet - Mike blabbered something about the 6 patterned thing but I forgot what he said. It's weird thinking this bullet might end someone's life someday. Too morbid. Or save someone's else life too!

OMG - my favourite food in Dallas....


Look at how fucking yummilicious it is!!!! Fresh crispy cylindrical hash browns drenched in cheese.

Oh so awesome. I ate them almost everyday -_- Didn't help that there was a Sonic's just outside Mike's mom's place.

Here's Ann, my mother-in-law (wow I sound old), cooking lunch for us!

Totally yummy!! She's fab.

It was my birthday and I wanted to go eat at JOE'S CRAB SHACK!

You just can't make a decent slogan with the word "crabs" in it.

Love their witty slogans

Giant crab legs, cuppa melted butter and 2 sides of your choice :D

Clams with white wine and tons of garlic

Since I was the birthday girl the restaurant's staff made me do embarrassing stuff!

Like biting this cup and flapping my "wings" around like a frantic chicken -_-

Mike has to do it too!!

Mike carrying his cousin Kelly's red-headed baby boy... Say awwww


Here's my wedding ring spinning!! I know, this photo is totally random

Weddings in the family

New babies in the family

And birthdays in the family!!

I'm doing that thing with the close up shots again!

Baby Ryder snuggling up to his mommy... So cute!

Rainbow sky

Mike, his dad and his brother and grandma spending a day in the open

Grandma's kitty

And grandma!

Fo' real - Seen at Walmart... Twilight barbie dolls!!! If you are thinking "I want to get one!", go kill yourself.

We try out a Singaporean restaurant located in Plano (incidentally that's also where all the imported Lays and Ruffles in Singapore come from)

Owned by a real Singaporean and all!!

Don't remember what Mike's scoffing at

I got so excited coz I saw the next table had what I was craving for badly... SAMBAL KANGKONG!!

Plus all the patrons were real Singaporeans (I can tell from their accents!) and some even spoke to the owner in Chinese or Hokkien!! MADNESS

Hello nostrils!

We had kangkong, chilli crab and chicken rice! Not as nice as SG's best, but good enough!!

That's all the photos I took in Dallas! Was being super lazy there.


We heard birds thrashing inside our aircon so we had repairmen come and clear the nest!! They kept chirping all day long!!

To my surprise the a/c guy was like SUPER funny!!! He should be a stand up comedian man!!

Me, standing below ladder: "Omg... Do you see the birds? Are they babies?"

a/c guy: "Yes... I see it. I'm breaking its neck now. I'm doing it" -cracking noise-

Me: "OMG!!

a/c guy: "Just kidding..." -holds up the bunch of twigs he just broke-

Me: -_-

Me: "Wah it's damn smelly!! Why is it so smelly?"

A/c guy: "Ehhh... I don't think they use cologne..."

Me: -_-

Anyway I expected to have to kill some baby birds or what not but there were none!! Thank god. Just the nest of a fully grown mynah (it flew away). He/she must be mad annoyed when he comes home to find his nest gone. Hahaha!!


At the Olympus event...

Photo of EPL1 taken by EP1

Readers who came early to look for me :)

I'm on a lcd tv in Vivocity!

Me + me showing my nose scars lol


98.7FM party

Kaykay and I went on Rozz's invite to the 98.7fm party
which celebrates them moving to Scape!

Shan and Rozz on stage

After that we adjoined to Fullerton Bay hotel...

Dr Georgia Lee invited me for a party and it turned out to be a surprise birthday celebration for David Gan.

The butler-passed canapes are mad yummy!

Especially the scallops!

Also Risotto's served. You get to pick huge chunks of truffles from a big bowl!! I've never had solid truffles before!!

Me + ever-stunning Dr lee

She excitedly showed me the cake that's specially made for David...


The star arrives

Is he wearing a skirt?

Fann wong, Chris Lee, David Gan, Pat Mok and Pan Ling Ling are the only people I recognise in this photo. Oh and a freaky-looking Nat Ho who was hosting the event lol

Fann Wong's boots are mad chio!!!

BTW when I went to get some food and came back Kaykay casually said "Guess who I saw?" and it turned out to be... DENGDENGDENG.... PLASTICZILLA!!

I was like "EW! Who the hell invited her?!!" and kept checking the corners are clear (cue kungfu chop) before turning into them just in case she punches my newly surgeried eyes. However, she was at some other birthday party and I didn't see her at all. PHEW!! Otherwise she'd be like all "Wendy use your blog popularity for good and to praise baby Jesus etc" and I'd be like "Uh stfu bitch."

Yes yes I know Plasticzilla is like old news you don't like can stop reading my blog, ok? I'm sick, so I can be childish if I wanna. KTHXBAI