Friday, September 3, 2010

Nom nom for the skin


Great skin is always noticeable and even if the rest of your features are not that attractive... as long as you have beautiful skin you'd still look radiant and healthy!!

Which is why I'm always on the lookout for products to bring my skin quality from good to AWESOME!!

Some more I'm getting old -_-. Will try anything to prevent skin deterioration!

So I was real happy when I got sponsored some new Skinfood products!!

A little background - Skinfood is from Korea and they have been continually developing innovative ranges for skin, body, hair and make up products based entirely on FOOD ingredients!

When the BB cream trend exploded in Singapore, I remember Skinfood was one of the first to produce a highly raved about bb cream, the Mushroom bb cream!!

And now... Their newest range -


From left:

Omija Whitening Tea Bag Toner (Sheets included)

Omija Whitening Emulsion

Omija Whitening Serum

Omija Whitening Mask sheet (2 masks)

(Cheek mask sheets come with teabag toner)

From left:

Omija Whitening Spot cream
Comes with the Inception totem!! LOL!
Will explain more about that later

Omija Whitening Cream

You'd notice that all the products contain the word "whitening" in them... That's coz that's what the Omija berry (plus Skinfood's patented Proprietary complexion brightening ingredients) does!!

The bright red berries are grown in Mungyeong (for Skinfood that is)... Its beneficial properties have been long utilized by the Koreans most commonly in the form of Omija tea.

Many girls in Singapore, I've noticed, are obsessed over fair skin!! I myself prefer to have a golden tan but I still use whitening products because I want BRIGHTER skin. Great skin always looks radiant, whether tan or fair!

The stellar product of the Skinfood Omija range is definitely the Teabag Toner!!

The super cute bottle comes attached with a teabag filled with Omija goodness!!

Here's how to use it:

First, after opening the metal lid you'd notice another unique cap on the toner bottle - it has a small tab on it, and can be screwed open to reveal a wider bottle opening!

Of course, remember to shake the bottle before opening the small tab ;)

Review: The toner smells really pleasant and is very refreshing! I've always loved toners because they give you cleaner skin and smaller pores and moisturizes... However, some toners, I feel, dries out skin but this one doesn't!

Plus it's totally fun to dip the teabag lol. I feel it's such a waste to throw away the teabag after that though... Maybe I should have used it to make Omija tea?

What I love about the toner most is that it comes with 10 Cheek mask sheets!! It's great for using the toner even more intensively :)

After using the toner, my skin feels baby soft, clean, and smells nice to boot!

The other product I really liked in the range - OMIJA WHITENING SPOT CREAM!


Yes because it comes with the Nano Silver Massage Bar! How innovative!

The Nano Silver Massage Bar contains nano silver particles with superb anti-bacterial properties! I don't know what nano silver particles but they sound good!

After using the massage bar, I'm a convert!! I'd never use my fingers to apply creams anymore!! It feels so good giving your face a massage and at the same time delivering the goodness of the cream deeper into your skin.

I'm also convinced it makes my face thinner! Massage away the fats! LOL Although I don't know if this is true lah...

The whitening spot cream itself is used to visibly lighten even the most stubborn spots to give you a flawless look!!

Pigmentation is horrible and I hate it!! It makes your skin look so dull! Now I have something to fight them with hehehe. I've also realised that the spot cream works as a great moisturizer too!

Wanna get the new Skinfood Omija range?

Why not win some of their products too?

All you have to do is to join Skinfood Singapore's Fan Page on facebook!

Receive a limited edition gift set worth $29.90 when you buy any 2 Omija products (except for the mask sheets)!!


1) Join the Skinfood Singapore Facebook fan page.

2) Leave a comment with the quote "I want great skin too!"

3) As long as you are the first 150 readers to do so, you win!!

4) Print it to show the Skinfood's beauty consultants! Limited to Jurong Point, Suntec and Tampines outlet.


To get the best advice for your skin and to ensure your Skinfood products are
authentic, remember to buy the products in their stores rather
than online. :) For more info on the stores, click here.