Sunday, October 31, 2010

Disney Princesses

On my trip to Anaheim, California I filmed a video with THE Michelle Phan!! *deng deng deng* She's the 17th (last time I checked) most subscribed youtuber so it's a huge deal!!

Initially we would just reply each other on twitter sometimes but when she asked if I'd like to collaborate on a video with her I didn't even believe it was going to happen until the moment she reached my hotel room. I thought she'd cancel or something!! Don't blame me I've just met a lot of irresponsible people in life. But she didn't!! (I was in Disneyland for a press junket. Think I cannot say what yet. If you are smart you can probably guess? Pretty glaringly obvious lol)

I was apprehensive about meeting her (I'm always apprehensive about meeting people coz I rarely like people hahaha) but it turned out we got along so well and had so much in common so that was awesome!!

AND we had so much fun filming this video!!! We were Disney princesses - She's Ariel and I'm Rapunzel from the new Disney movie Tangled! (In Singapore the working title is Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale)

Check it out!

A lot of people seem to be confused about Rapunzel's make up since she is so new, so here are some pictures of the newest Disney princess. She's my VERY FAVOURITE.

So much blonde hair jealous max

Although her make up looks subtle it's actually not!! She has a golden tan, with ginormous green eyes framed by loads of lashes especially lower lashes! She has freckles, bushy brows, coral cheeks and just a hint of lip colour. She has cascading blonde hair and a damn cute chameleon as a pet too. Someone in the comments said "Rapunzel didn't have a frog". It's a chameleon!!!

Ahem. Back to the topic. How? Did Michelle do a good job duplicating the look or WHAT??

And don't forget to subscribe to Michelle's awesome make up tutorial videos here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Typing this on my blackberry now (backdated 1 day ago) since I'm feeling bored on my LA-Narita flight back to Singapore.

On the ten hour flight from Tokyo to LA I actually got a 3 seat row all to myself coz the flight was so empty. Mother of all happiness! But for this flight, even though it's also relatively empty I got stuck sitting with an old Indian lady in a 3 seat row. I'm not being racist ok? I'm stating her race as a fact and as a description. Any stereotypes you have or presume I have just means YOU are the racist one.

She seems nice enough and we chatted for a bit before the flight took off.

Halfway through the flight though, she nudged me when I was watching a movie (Ip Man prelude).

I was quite annoyed coz I was rather enjoying the show and had to pause it (not to mention fumble with the remote lost in the tangle of blankets) PLUS remove my earphones just to hear what she had to say. Oh this better be important.

To my further annoyance she wanted a cup of water and asked me to flag down the next air stewardess who walks by to get her what she wants - since I was seated by the aisle and her, by the window.

Thinking she didn't know that you can press for service with the remote, I asked, "Why don't you just press for service?"

She replied, "Oh I don't like doing that because I think it irritates them."

Oh? It irritates them! What about irritating ME?

Forget it. Since she is generally nice and I'm generally nice (believe it or not), I did what she told me to and got her her stupid water via medieval flagging. I felt like I was using a black and white tv while rollerskating.

(On a side note for a long flight everyone should bring a water bottle which you can ask stewardesses to fill for you so you don't have to keep asking for puny cups of water)

Later, it was lunch-time and I had my mouth full of yaki-soba when I got that blessed nudge again. This time she wanted orange juice but seriously, at 8 hours into a 10 hour flight everyone's fucking grumpy already.

Get ya own damn juice!

I said nothing and just pressed the goddamn service button. In my mind a scene was playing where the engineer who designed the service button is yelling at her for pure pig-headedness. "Use the fucking button woman goddamn it, I got paid good money to invent it!" He's also smacking her with the inflight remote for good measure.

Flight attendant came within 10 seconds and she got her juice. I hope I made it clear I'm not going to fucking help her nudge and harass a passing attendant anymore just coz of her silly theory.

Which is more stupid? Interrupting me to ask me to actually spend time LOOKING OUT for a passing attendant for her (thus interrupting my movie), stop the attendant (so that I look like the troublesome one), belay her request... or her just pressing the button?

Instead of irritating two people, including an innocent passenger, she could just irritate one who's paid good money to be irritated.

And as I was thinking about it, if I were an air stewardess I'd much rather people just press the button instead of stop me when I'm, say, pushing a trolley full of fruits while pouring beer. That way the person who attends to my juice-drinking neighbour will be the next free attendant and not just a passing busy one!

Chao ah kua really damn annoying lah! I mean obviously she's a sweet old lady overall but why the FUCK on earth would anyone ask for a request like that??? Can someone explain her logic to me??

Maybe she has a fear of remote controls.

If she does she could have just said "I'm sorry, I have an irrational fear of remote controls, can you press the service button for me?"

And I would have gladly obliged.

 Update: After the stopover in Narita a guy came onboard and he sat in between me and the Indian lady. He was very, erm, third world and had completely no sense of personal space so although he is quite skinny, he kept putting his elbow WAY over the arm rest in between us such that I had no choice but to have my arm touch his arm. GROSS! His feet were also open wide apart with his enormous backpack in between them so that it intruded into my leg room.

Cheebye! Lao niang paid the same price as him, why should I get less space??

After repeatedly asking him to tuck his damn elbows in, he still didn't do it so I moved to another seat. Give me the Indian old lady anytime!!!

Speaking of long-haul flights... I think I wouldn't mind them so much if they allow mahjong on them!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you a shooting star?


Woohoo! Had great fun a few Saturdays ago... Was invited to be a guest judge for Laurier's "Are You a Shooting Star" Challenge, together with Jessica and Zoe!

This is Laurier’s first ever all girls’ Amazing race-like challenge! Tasks were designed to test everyone’s creativity, wit, confidence and resourcefulness. There were teams of friends, sisters and mother-daughter!

Arrived at Cineleisure at 1030am... It was a nice day, bright and sunny!

The tentage

And check out all the participants obediently queuing up! Gotta love their spirit, waking up so early for a challenge.

These name-tags are for the 60 lucky selected teams.

What are the boxes for? You'd soon find out. :)

Zoe and I camwhoring after changing into our Laurier tank tops :D

And that's how we look like from the back!! Loving the daisy dukes... HOT!

Jess and I camwhoring with our team - no. 61. Technically since we were judges we were not included in the competition but it's still fun to do the challenges!

Every girl there was given a goodie bag:

And check out what's inside!

Poncho, water, facial blotters, wet wipes, UV protection and a fan! So thoughtful

The best present was a freaking polaroid camera!! Everyone loves those!

The girls waiting for their clues!

Why all so young and chio!! Being girls we (Zoe, Jess and I) had a fun time observing what people were wearing. One of the teams came in sporty FBT shorts and serious running shoes! Complete with sporty sunglasses, toned arms, a perfect tan and smart hair cuts etc. I was saying they confirm gonna win and they were indeed one of the top! LOL

Camwhoring again. Side note: Love my Shibuya boots

AND IT'S TIME TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Real simple: Guess the location, get there, snap a photo with the given polaroid camera, and be FAST AND ACCURATE Amazing Race style!

Since we were not going to be able to win, I said "Guys I wanna go 7/11 to buy candy first can?". When I was queuing, I had an epiphany and asked the people behind me "Hey do any of you have dimples???" (Clue 8)

Surprisingly enough some guy did and he allowed us to snap a picture!!

Encouraging start lol.

Btw I freaking love Clue 8. All the boys with double dimples look sooooo cute in the final pictures!

Gotta say I was really impressed with Zoe... She knew where everything was!! She pulled us to F21 for clue 7: Photo of team-mate in leopard print. To think I almost wore a leopard print skirt that day!

But then I'd never turn down any reason to go into F21 lah...

And that's that. Jess went into the fitting room to sneakily snap a pic but the polaroid's flash accidentally turned on and was reflected in the mirror so the whole photo turned out BLACK! LOL Lucky we are not really contestants!

Next task was to go to NTUC Finest to snap a pic with... Joanne Peh - Laurier's brand ambassador. By that I mean a angelic life-size cardboard stand up of her. She hiding in the back of the store, very sneaky!

Stopped by Ben and Jerry's to snap a pic with Woody the Cow. Till today I don't know what that is. Which cow? So we just snapped with any cow there...

Next challenge - having found a make up store kind enough to loan us BLACK LIPSTICK, we had to pick a team-mate to do it!!

So we did Orh peh som and Jess lost!! Check out her classic face LOL!!

But being nice friends we decided to all put together. :D

Zoe braving it

Hey we look not bad leh!!

It was 1pm by the time we were done with these tasks and we decided to forgo the rest and just EAT!!

Check out the cute polaroids we took:

Our Mr Dimples

Woody the cow??

Camwhoring shots!!

And that's it, we head back to the tent... It's time to judge!!

Most of the participants were already back! I LOVED how the tent looks so nice with all the interesting polaroids everyone took. Some of the girls even took the effort to use markers to decorate their photos. Too bad no extra points for that!!

This is the before - it was just bits of double sided tape!

Us girls gave scores based on accuracy and speed... The winners:

Team 42!

All the contestants! :D It was a fun day of bonding.

Contest proudly organized by Laurier Super Slimguard

This right here is my favourite napkin in the world. I swear even before writing this advert I always use this every single time I get my period. Sometimes when it's sold out in the supermarkets I'd be mad pissed off so when I do see them I always buy a lot haha.

At 1mm thin, it is the thinniest napkin in the market and yet it is 200x ultra absorbent!

The reason why I love the day use napkins is coz it is BARELY there (no wings and completely fuss free), yet has never ever failed me (ie the dreaded "S" word that ends with "tain").

If girls tell me they don't use pads as they are chunky, I know they are just not using the right superslim ones. Nothing can make you feel more secure than an ultra absorbent napkin which also gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in the clothes you wanna wear. :)

If you think this contest is fun and wanna join more contests, be sure to


I'm jetting off to Los Angeles, California!!

A few days before going to Tokyo I fell sick and here I am with a sore throat, running nose and a hacking cough! IS THIS LIFE PRACTISING BEING FAIR? Give you a holiday, give you illness. Give you a free trip, create a hurricane over Hongkong to make you fear flying. Nice.

So yeah I love it when I have something to account for my lack of inspiration blogging. Coz I was sick yo!

I'm going to LA for a press junket anyway, and will be back on the 25th.

If you are really so damn bored that you'd consider hearing me sing (you must be really bored), you can click HERE for the latest Guide to Life episode.

I'd leave you with an inexplicably chio photo of myself taken at the dentist trying on to put on my Invisalign aligners.

Seriously, it wasn't even photoshopped much.

OK fine it's a little blur. But the fact is... Some people look hot doing sports, some people look hot in business wear, some people look hot when in love etc. I look hot doing orthodontic treatment.

When I come back I'll blog about my Invisalign!!

p/s: Mike is super upset about me leaving! I love him so much!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

CamQueen of the Year



I love camwhoring! Why not? Only young once so much take more, more, more photos! And if those photos are chio it's a great way to get attention online! After our online personality is more and more important nowadays so it's smart to put your best face forward :D

Obviously make up is a super important element in snapping super chio photos so today I'm gonna show ya all how I put on make up!

If you think it's excessive or whatever please, click this page away. You may not appreciate it but other people might, so why spoil the fun for others? It's like going to some vegetarian recipe webpage and posting "EWWW WHY NO MEAT ONE IT'S SO GROSS MOCK MEAT IS JUST FLOUR YOU ARE AN IDIOT OF A CHEF PLEASE POST A REAL RECIPE NEXT TIME."

Like what's your point? You wanna see meat recipes? Go to a relevant webpage. You wanna see simple, natural make up? THIS IS NOT THE URL FOR IT.

Back to the topic: I think the last time I did a make up post was back in 2005... Super long ago.

So this is my "no make-up" picture.

Fresh after a bath. As explained in the photo, I couldn't remove my lash extensions... And obviously it's photoshopped... But hey, I left my moles on!

Step 1: PUT IN CONTACTS! Uber important, do not neglect this step!

Step 2 is to apply 2-way cake foundation! I've been using ZA's foundation all my life. Another great brand is Revlon's colorstay liquid foundation with SoftFlex technology... Because of its LONGEVITY! It really really won't come off for the whole day! However, the colours are not that nice so I apply ZA on top of it.

Notice I put foundation on my lips. This is to conceal any inconsistency in lip colour before I apply lipstick. Important also!!

After drawing brows and putting on Bronzer!!

My brow pencil is dunno what brand from Japan and my bronzer is from Victoria's secret.

I'm in love with bronzer recently! It really gives you a healthy glow!

And I used my eyebrow pencil to shade my nose bridge also!

Sorry there are no photos of me actually doing the make up coz it's very hard to snap yourself doing make up... You ownself imagine lah hor.

This is after eye make up...

White highlighter eyeshadow all over, brown eyeshadow to enhance the double eyelids, and a thin line of liquid brown eyeliner (mine is $4.90 from Aries) to line the eyes.

At this point you make apply falsies if you don't have extensions like me.

Also, stuck on lower lashes, and put some MAC glitter on the inner eye corners! :D

And here's what I meant by brown eyeshadow to exhance the double eyelids.

After blusher, lipstick + gloss and a hair bow! Tadah!!

For blusher any pink toned blusher will do. Lipstick: Mac's "Honeylove" as a base, Chanel hot pink gloss on top.

More camwhoring shots!


Wondering why I'm posting all these make up tips? Coz I'm very NICE ok! I'm trying to help you WIN AN AWESOME CONTEST!!!

Very simple one!! Participants just need to create a profile and upload two photos of themselves... One BEFORE photo and one AFTER photo!!

Before and after what? Make up, of course!

Just to illustrate, here's a video of one of the contestants...

Erm... She is quite... unique. But don't worry you don't need to take video, photo can already!

And the prizes... Oh so generous!

CamQueen of the Year will win $5,000!!!!

This will be chosen by a panel of judges.

There will another prize of $1,000 for the People's Choice Award... For the babe who manages to get the most people to "like" their picture!!

But of course, somebody generous must be sponsoring the prizes right!!? And that someone is YOU.C1000!!

I'm sure you have seen You.c1000 drinks in our local supermarket/convenience stores before. I love it! Even though it's in a smallish bottle, it is SUPER GAO (I have no idea how to translate this I suppose the closest is 'thick) and very very fizzy and the strong lemony flavour immediately perks you up!

And not only is it yummy, most importantly of all it's chockful of Vitamin C!! 1000mg in the bottle!

I suppose that's why it's called "C" 1000... Just in case you don't know how much vitamin C that is, our recommended intake of Vitamin C per day is 250mg to 4,000mg! Your body doesn't manufacture or store excess Vitamin C, so obviously it's better to get more Vitamin C goodness daily! And I've been reading reviews and loads of people said they felt better after drinking this when they are ill. :)

Plus Vitamin C is totally anti-aging!! Super important for me!!

Also comes in orange flavour and bigger bottles of isotonic drinks!

So back to the topic:


Good luck!!

p/s: There are already 350 participants before I even posted this blog entry... Wah it's getting so much traction!! Even got well-known bloggers taking part! Some of the before and after shots have really drastic differences so you can just go look-see even if you don't wanna take part. Very interesting!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rice is the New Potato


I'm a night owl, so I normally wake up between 3-5pm. Then I'd wait for Mike to come home, and we'd go eat his dinner and my lunch (I skip breakfast).

Then every night, at about say 2am, I'd start to feel hungry again.

But more often than not, THERE IS NO FOOD AT HOME!! Well either no food or I'm too lazy to cook whatever is in the fridge.

And I'd start to do crazy things when I'm delirious with hunger.

For example...

Open and close the fridge door despite being disappointed 1,670 times.
The only thing that grew in the fridge is probably mold.

I'm sure many of you do this!!!

Then I'd try to convince myself that I'm not feeling hungry at all. And that the pangs and salivating just means I'm like cold or something.

Then, subconsciously, I'd start biting my nails.

I think that's coz my body thinks that eating bits of dead skin is better than eating nothing at all.

Unbeknownst to my body I'm actually eating bits of French gel, so that shouldn't be good at all.

Still I'd be hungry, so I'd try extreme methods to curb my hunger:

No, it doesn't work. Still hungry! Roar!!

Method 2: Distract myself by doing small-talk with myself

Ok that doesn't work either.

Method 3: Distract myself by pretending I'm a movie star

And belting out relevant soundtracks. AND ALL THAT JAZZ!!

I bet Catherine Zeta Jones never feels hungry!!

After a while more I'd start contemplating eating everything.

For example, would this stuffed rabbit taste nice sauteed lightly with butter and asparagus? Would about this boot? Maybe it would be ok-tasting if I boil it with some chicken stock.

After a while I'd realise that these household objects will not be yummy.

Then I would....


BITE MIKE!!!!!!!!!!

FHL hahahha!! But yummy as he is, he doesn't satisfy hungry coz my teeth are not sharp enough to eat him. How do cannibals do it??

But not to fret... Now I have a new and mega easy HUNGER SOLUTION!!!


Brand new Rice Crisps by Mister Potato!!

Made with a secret combination of potatoes and rice for a light crispy snack that will satisfy any hunger cravings!


Being Asian, I obviously LOVE rice. And now I can haz rice with my potato chips, making it even healthier!

I was totally surprised when I bit into the chip... It tastes almost exactly like normal potato chips but just that little something is different. Like the aftertaste is sweeter or stronger or something. My favourite is the Sour Cream and Onion!!

Actually I got given 4 canisters of these chips but within 2 days 2 cans are finished already by my friends who came over for mahjong -_- They said it's really nice.

But it's ok to munch on these chips, coz the Rice Crisps have/are:

No Added MSG

No artificial colouring

Cholestrol and trans fat free

20% less fat than conventional fried potato chips yet taste just as delicious

First of its kind in Singapore

And an awesome alternative to other snacks!

Comes in four flavours too!!

And even can eat it on the go since it comes with these handy aluminium canisters. :D


Contest Time!!

Do you do crazier things than me when you are suddenly hungry? If yes, then BLOG ABOUT IT!!

Here's the criteria for the blog entry:

1) You should blog about how crazy you act/what crazy things you do when you are suddenly hungry. Your actions don’t even have to be linked to Mister Potato Rice Crisps at all, i.e you may do cartwheels, scream into a pillow, go on a shopping spree, etc.

2 Mention at the end of the post that "There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere."

3) Each post will have to include a picture of you, the contestant, with 2 canisters of Mister Potato Rice Crisps. (Can be bought at any local supermarket)

4) Submit blog post on LINK by 31st October 2010

Easy breezy, and best of all... FUN!!!!!!

And you could win CASH prizes!

1st prize: $2,000
2nd prize: $1,000
3rd prize: $500
10 consolation prizes - $50 each

Not bad right? Join now!! Click HERE for more information.

*crunch crunch crunch*