Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm jetting off to Los Angeles, California!!

A few days before going to Tokyo I fell sick and here I am with a sore throat, running nose and a hacking cough! IS THIS LIFE PRACTISING BEING FAIR? Give you a holiday, give you illness. Give you a free trip, create a hurricane over Hongkong to make you fear flying. Nice.

So yeah I love it when I have something to account for my lack of inspiration blogging. Coz I was sick yo!

I'm going to LA for a press junket anyway, and will be back on the 25th.

If you are really so damn bored that you'd consider hearing me sing (you must be really bored), you can click HERE for the latest Guide to Life episode.

I'd leave you with an inexplicably chio photo of myself taken at the dentist trying on to put on my Invisalign aligners.

Seriously, it wasn't even photoshopped much.

OK fine it's a little blur. But the fact is... Some people look hot doing sports, some people look hot in business wear, some people look hot when in love etc. I look hot doing orthodontic treatment.

When I come back I'll blog about my Invisalign!!

p/s: Mike is super upset about me leaving! I love him so much!!