Thursday, November 18, 2010

13 years and counting - my favourite foundation


I feel slightly emo about today's advertorial. It's because I've used this product since I was 13, when I first started putting on make up. When I was poor and pimply. I looked high and low for a foundation that provided enough coverage for my zits, lasted long, and didn't harm my skin - and found ZA.

And now I'm 26. Over a decade I've tried so many other foundations, and ZA's two way cake is STILL my favourite!!! I'm not lying ok I've mentioned this in many blog entries.

Almost every photo of me you see on this blog has ZA powder on my face!

Even just smelling the foundation gives me a sense of confidence coz I associate it with being pretty!!

So needless to say I love my ZA foundation (I remember the spokesperson then was Karen Mok) and now they love me back and I'm writing an advert for them!!! *sheds an emo tear.

Thanks ZA for covering all my flaws for 13 years :)

Why I love my ZA foundation:

1) The colour is lovely. I hate how some foundations (especially liquid ones it seems) make you look grey or yellow instead of well... dewy and radiant. ZA's foundation comes in 8 perfect shades to suit most Asian skintones - the most number of shades in the mass market! I'm a 23 when I'm tan and when it fades I'm a 22!

2) The damn powder is crazy long-lasting!! I've swam in it before (!!), clubbed and stayed overnight outside and it's still there.

3) It doesn't oxidise and turn some nasty darker colour.

4) It's cheap and affordable!!!

5) Doesn't harm my skin.

6) Contains SPF 20 - sounds like no big deal but once I went swimming (yes with foundation) and my whole body was sunburnt badly except for my face -_-

7) Has 3 magical beneficial ingredients - 1) Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize skin, 2) Poreless powder to even skin out instantly and to conceal pores and imperfections for a flawless finish and 3) Luminous powder... It's like little disco balls that give your skin a natural glow from all angles!

These are all the limited edition ZA foundation cases I've had over the years :)

And I'm not the only one loving my ZA foundation!!

It is the no. 1 selling foundation for 12 years in Watsons (means I'm one of the first to discover it coz I used it since 13 years ago muahaha)

Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame for Compact Foundation with the Finest Finish

Cozycot Holy Grail 2008

Her World Reader's Choice Awards 2000/2001

Cleo Crush Awards - Best Compact for the budget conscious 2003

1 foundation sold EVERY THREE MINUTES!!

Every year, ZA launches a Limited Edition Case that comes with 2 refill packs for a super cheap price - and this is this year's:

Say hello to the Stardust Wonderland Limited Edition Collections 2010!

Pretty and sparkly!

The pink one is called Pink-in-Flight and the silver one is called Silver Mist!

Which one do you prefer?? I'm definitely going for the pink!

For those of you who don't know, the reason why 2-way foundation is named as such is because it can be used in 2 ways - wet or dry.

For better coverage, use a wet sponge to apply. If you want just a light finish or to blot oily areas, use a dry sponge!

To achieve a long-lasting and even finish, apply like this:

Check that you didn't miss any spots!! :D

Anyway you may be wondering why I'm wearing such a furry contraption (It's a PONCHO from minimaos woohoo) - it's because Winter is approaching and I am trying to be fashionably seasonal ok!!

And also I got ZA's new Glitter Eye Colors in 5 new shades!

Left to right: 02 Mirror Ball, 03 Star Glow, 04 Peach Fizz, 05 Soda Pop and 01 Urban Night


I'm LOVING the colors!!!!

Highlight - Mirror Ball
Eyeshadow - Peach Fizz
Inner corners of eyes - Star Glow
Lower eyelids - Soda Pop

I love the pastel colours, especially soda pop! Super suitable for Christmas :D

Here's another look created with the glitter eye colors and ZA two-way foundation:

This look is more autumny!!

Highlighter - Mirror Ball
Eyeshadow (winged out and applied thickly) - Urban Night
Inner eye corners - Star Glow
Lower eyelids (smudged) - Urban Night

And some drawn on lower lashes with an eyeliner:

Super easy to achieve for a sultry first date. :D

Glitter eye colors are going for $11.90 each. It also moisturizes the eyelids with moistening powder and makes your eyes glitter from all angles with Pearly Powder.

Inspired to try ZA yet?

As I mentioned, the yearly limited edition collections are always sibeh wu hua (worth the buy) coz they are damn afforable!!

And this year's cases are so pretty PLUS it comes with a cute little pouch!!

The collection only cost $33.50 for 1 case (Pink-in-flight or Silver Mist), 2 refill packs (can last damn long) and the satin wristlet. The usual price is $60.

Our promotional packsets are available too!

Set C / D: Purchase pink or silver case + 2 refills + True White skincare sample kit + true white essence 5g + True White Day Protector 1.2g

Set E / F: Purchase pink or silver case + 2 refills + Future Defense Trial kit

Set G / H: Purchase pink or silver case + 2 refills + Concealer Perfection (full sized) + Pore smoother sample

Must quickly go buy while stocks last... Very fast run out of colours one I swear. If they ran out of your shade you'd hop on the spot and be damned pissed. At least, that's what happens to me!! But I don't have to worry coz I got a lot of refill packs coz ZA people remembered my shade I love them MUAHAHAHA.

For more information!! 
Good luck in grabbing one... Or more!!