Camqueen of the Year Crowned


Don't know if you guys saw this advert I did for the CamQueen of the Year contest?

Now the contest is finally over and can I say WOW???????

It was definitely a smash hit among Singaporean youth!! The contest generated 4.5 MILLION page views and 400,000 votes cast via facebook!!

Of course, it was a very interesting contest where contestants were urged to send in a photo of themselves before and after a makeover, so everyone was trying to prove that they can doll themselves up the best. And I must say among the contestants were many brave souls who put up their photos at... erm, well not their best. All for the prize of $5,000!

After a super fierce competition, the final winner was crowned *drumroll*:

And she is Tammy Tay!!

In case you are wondering why there's only one photo and the "after" is mysteriously replaced by bottles of Vitamin Orange/Lemon, it is not coz after her makeover Tammy looks like that. It's coz it's a...


Surprise! The contest was not judged by how drastically different your makeover made you look, but by your "before" photo. Yes, proving people can look beautiful even in their bare skin.

Like me with no makeup muahaha OK lah fine I did use some photoshopping.

Of course, health is the foundation of all beauty, and you can't be beautiful without being healthy!

Which is why Tammy was chosen, coz her glow and bright eyes say good health :)

Yes I love my make up and all my fake things ie false eyelashes and implants etc, but I also believe that having great skin (and teeth and hair actually) is the most basic rule to looking beautiful.

If you want glowy bright skin - Vitamin C is super vital.

Which can be sought from You c1000 vitamin C drinks!

The powerful little bottles contain a whooping 1000mg of vitamin C each, which your body desperately needs to produce collagen, fight signs of aging, stronger bones and teeth etc. Hiyah the health benefits of Vitamin C is super a lot lah can't be bothered to list them all out. It's awesome that's all!

The worst thing is our body does not retain or produce Vitamin C, which means you need to ingest appropriate amounts of it everyday!

And the easiest (and yummiest) way to to drink loads of You c1000. :D

When I was sick recently I drank like seriously 7 bottles in a day. Helped me recover fast! It's your best friend when you are beginning to fall sick I tell you.

Remember to get your Vitamin C for today!

Wow I'm addicted to the game on the website -_- ... Oh and also, You c1000 will be launching a new APPLE flavour soon!!

I'm excited to try!

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