Thursday, November 25, 2010

Invisalign - the clear choice

Hey the title was a pun!! Geddit?? Coz invisalign is clear?? HAHAHA!! What do you mean it's not funny? -.-

In case you are confused, Invisalign is clear braces to fix your teeth.


I wish... The above image is a LIE. In actual fact the teeth looks like this:

My top row is pretty straight but my bottom is crooked. To be very honest I've always been happy with my teeth. I told myself that my top row is great and nobody fucking looks at the bottom anyway, and it can never be seen in photos anyway.

And somemore the bottom row may be crooked but it's symmatrically crooked!! Hahaha *comforts self*

But after shooting many Guide to Life videos, I've realised that the top thing that people always ask me to fix is my TEETH. Kanina every comment is saying I look like a horse.

Valid enough, because when you talk it's your bottom row that can be seen! Plus I have a super gummy smile too and from side view, I think my mouth juts out like an ape's.

Left: How it is now. Right: How I hope it will be after I fix my teeth.

So yeah!! I want a perfect Hollywood smile!! So fucking white and straight it dulls everyone's teeth in comparison to mine tyvm.

FIXING YOUR TEETH IS THE BEST SORT OF 'PLASTIC SURGERY' YOU CAN GET. Why? Firstly, it makes ALL the difference in the world - better than bigger eyes or a sharper nose. Because a good straight set of dazzling teeth adds class, cleanliness and poise to your appearance!

Think of all undesirable people - hillbillies, inbred people, mutants etc - they all have bad teeth!

Secondly, although I consider it KINDA a form of plastic surgery, NOBODY JUDGES YOU! Nobody ever says "She's so fake" just coz you fixed your teeth. At most they say "Oh her parents must be rich to afford braces". That's all!!

Thirdly, you can't guarantee a perfect nose even after multiple surgeries but with braces, veneers, teeth whitening etc, you can guarantee a PERFECT set of teeth if you, well, have the resources to fix it.

Fourthly, how your teeth aligns affects your jaw, which is actually goddamn heavy and puts a lot of pressure on your neck. It's great for actual medical reasons and can stop headaches and migraine! Also not to mention straight teeth are easier to clean and won't rot so easily.

After starting on Invisalign I've started to notice everyone's teeth around me, and I realised that, erm, most people don't have straight teeth! Even people who did braces before and stopped wearing retainers have gone crooked again. AND another thing? Most people are mildly interested in fixing their teeth but think that they are too old to suffer the humiliation of metal braces...


It's transparent, and it fixes your freaking teeth just like braces.

I am so thankful to get invisalign done with Orchard Scotts Dental! And they are one of the very rare Platinum Elite Providers of invisalign in Singapore, meaning they have done Invisalign for super a lot of patients and are very experienced!!


My dentist is more handsome than your dentist

That's Dr Ronnie Yap getting mic-ed up by Gillian for the next Guide to Life episode on Invisalign!

OK this is his front view showing of his perfect teeth hate him max. I hate everyone with straight teeth now. It's like they are yelling at me "You are genetically flawed!". Whenever Mike smiles at me at I tell him to stop showing off. Stupid. So unfair his teeth is naturally perfectly straight fuck him.

Alright here's how you get started on Invisalign:

First you go for a consultation to see if you are suitable for Invisalign. Most people are suitable actually. Then you get a mold of your teeth done.

Then you pay money. And an impression of your teeth is sent to Align Technology (they do invisalign) in USA where I imagine some dude is using a software kinda like photoshop (except 3D) to twist and push your teeth until they become perfect.

You will then be sent your aligners omg excitement max:

My first aligner

How Invisalign works - You get a set of aligners (I had 19) and wear each aligner for 2 weeks. With each passing aligner your teeth gets pushed straighter and straighter!

"How do I wear this??"

"Just snap it on?"

And done!!!

Aligners are removable at any time so if you don't want them on for a photo session, just snap them off!

And shake! You get more clients (hopefully) and I get hollywood smile!! LOL

Tadah! Can't see a thing.

Wearing the top aligner

The bubble like things are for attachments. Lazy to explain, read this.

To my utmost surprise I had 19 aligners for the top and only 11 for my bottom!! Coz my bottom is crooked and my top is already straight?? But it's coz my top had teeth to be rotated and it also had to be pushed from its current "V" shape to the optimal "U" shape.

You are supposed to see 8-10 teeth when you smile and mine only shows 6! I needed to widen my smile. In contrast Julia Roberts shows 12:

That's a lot of teeth

Here are two videos showing my teeth's progress:

Each tiny jerk is a new aligner!!


How much?

$6k to $8k. It costs a little more than metal braces but it is so much better!! If you can't afford this amount, you can have a per visit installment, or staggered payment. There is also a 0% installment plan with some credit cards but you gotta check with the clinic.


It is. It's teeth-moving, don't kid yourself that it won't hurt. However, I doubt the pain is more than braces and I'm on aligner set 5 now. I can safely say that the pain becomes less and less! It's most painful on day 1 of aligner-changing. The pain is tolerable.

Is it uncomfortable?

No! Almost forget they are there!!

Does it make you lose weight?

Well it did stop me from snacking coz I can't be bothered to take off aligners to snack. Most people say they lost weight but unfortunately I didn't. FML

Braces or Invisalign?

Obviously invisalign! My treatment time is only 10 months (6 for bottom) and it's SUPER FAST!! Most cases are completed within 6-15 months. Plus it's invisible - and best of all, REMOVABLE.

It has to be removed during food intake but it's a tad troublesome coz you have to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back on. Ok, you don't HAVE to, but if you don't brush then it's kinda gross? My oral hygiene confirm improve!

Do I need to extract teeth?

Most cases no. However, there is only one way to find out and that's through a consultation.

Am I eligible? I thought invisalign is only for people with slightly crooked teeth.

NOT TRUE! I've seen many cases where people have damn crooked teeth and still are doing invisalign!! But I can't say for sure, CALL the dentist!

I'm doing braces and they give me ulcurs/are so ugly. Can I switch to invisalign?

Yes you can!!

You can click here for more information!

Any other questions please call


They are really very professional and patient!

Yay to awesome teeth! I can soon smile like that -- :D