Friday, November 26, 2010

Magic sheets


I love make up but I don't think anyone really likes the feeling of make up on their skin.

Especially after a really long day, especially after clubbing or parties, you just want to rush home and have your face clean again without all that gunk clogging your pores!!

And when you have thick make up on like me (and if you are OLD like me), it's especially important to remove all the make up because leaving make up on overnight ages your skin like crazy!

I normally put on falsies so for me, the hardest part of make up removal is removing the falsies gently. I used to just tug them out but that's like stretching the sensitive skin around your eyes to the max.


Pulling out falsies is advisable... If you wanna age 10x faster than your peers.

Correct method is to ease them out slowly and gently with makeup remover.

So not only is it important for make up remover to be strong, it also has to be CONVENIENT!!

To be really honest I used to just use a facial scrub coz once I get home I wanna freaking sleep...

Too tired to remove make up? 
Happens to all of us

So I just use a scrub in the shower while I'm showering and be done with it! Obviously you can't use the soapy scrub around your eyes so my eyes would still be like smudgey brown until the next day. HAHA I'm so gross!

For those of you who are the amazing combination of lazy and vain, I'm gonna introduce to you an awesome product!!

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets!!

I'm sure everyone has heard of Biore. I've used Biore's facial wash since I was 14 till today!! But I betcha didn't know that Biore is the No. 1 makeup remover brand in Japan!

And among the selection of makeup removers that Biore sells, my favourite are the sheets!!

I HATE having to pour makeup remover onto cotton pads to wet the pads then wipe my makeup off. It's so troublesome and those cotton pads are so small, then must use a few of them. And the cotton pads often leave little bits of fluff on my face. DO NOT LIKE!! Especially when the fluff gets into my mouth!

But Biore's cotton sheets come already infused with cleansing oil so you can cheat a step!!

So very easy. :)

It comes in a pretty pink plastic box that you can keep in your bathroom. And the box is airtight so the sheets inside won't dry up!! Once you are finished with the 48 sheets, you can just buy the refill pack (middle in pic above) and place it in your box!

See super convenient!!

(Hahaha actually it looks a bit like a toilet bowl from top view! :x)

Here comes my favourite bit about the Cotton Sheets - they come in BABY SIZE!!!

Ok it's actually a travel pack but I like to call it "Baby" Cotton Sheets. Coz it's so cute and small it fits in your palm!

It's AWESOME to have in your luggage for travelling, or in your bag for when you wanna hit the gym and want to remove the make up, or just to put in the car! Then you don't even need to be home to completely remove your make up :D

Now for the most amazing part of the sheets...


By moist I mean:

All from ONE sheet. Note amount of cleansing oil on the paper!!

And even though there is so much cleansing oil, it's surprisingly not oily on the skin at all. :)

(And yes my nails are hideous)

It is so powerful, even the most stubborn makeup can be gently and effectively removed!

Now to put Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets to the TEST!

Remember to first put the Cotton Sheet on your eyes for 5-6 seconds before you begin wiping.

Tadah! This is after just putting the sheet on my eyes with no wiping done.

And the sheet used for half my face! Makeup transferred from face to sheet :p

And using only one side of one sheet - half my face's make up removed!!

It felt so clean and yet it wasn't drying at all, or greasy/sticky!! LOVE IT.

I was really quite surprised that the sheets removed BOTH my fake eyelash and double eyelid sticker!! Because the sheets are so wet, I barely had to repeatedly wipe the same area to completely get makeup off. No more tugging!

I just hate having leftover eyelash glue being stuck on my eyelids and are always IMPOSSIBLE to remove. The sheets got rid of that too!! WOAH!

It is also enriched with a moisturising agent so my skin felt soft and smooth after usage - and best of all, not tight! Alcohol-free too so it's ideal for all skin types.

Awesome. :D


Ok looking at this picture I suddenly feel like the made-up side is very dirty. -_-

Nonetheless, final picture has full make up on...

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets - if you have never tried makeup remover wipes before it's time to try, it'd change your life!!

If you are already using wipes, you can still give Biore's cotton sheets a try! The ultra moist formula ensures you remove your make up with less wiping - and that's less stressful on your skin. :D

Available in all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.