Monday, November 29, 2010

Rapunzel Press Junket

Ok this is my favourite song from the Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale soundtrack - sang by Mandy Moore! I embedded it so that you can play the song while you read this post so got more AMBIENCE!!! LOL

So anyway here are the pics from when I went to California to watch Rapunzel way before you mere mortals (MUAHAHA) and to interview the stars!!!

I am in no way paid to write this so it's not an advert.

Flew SQ to LAX... I had a great flight there!

Press stayed at Disneyland Hotel. It's nice!

Day One... Michelle (Phan) came over and we were experimenting with the make-up + costumes etc for the next day's filming (watch video if you haven't already). Before we could finish gossiping I had to leave for the screening of the movie.

I give it... 4.8 stars upon 5!!!!!!!

Rapunzel is my favourite freaking princess!!! OK I might be a shade biased coz I like her long blonde hair. But she's funny and cheerful and just super cute and likeable. The 'prince', for once, is not a goody two shoes handsome dummy but smart and funny and is a... thief! AND HE IS SO HANDSOME WTF.

My favourite in the show HAS to be Pascal the chameleon though. Even though it's mute, it communicates all its emotions through exaggerated expressions and the changing of colours!! CUTE MAX!!

The movie is very fast-paced and makes you laugh, cry (I cried twice especially when I see the King's sad face wtf) and gasp in wonder at the beautifully animated lantern scene. Thousands of floating lanterns in 3D and some are floating towards you!! You can help but wanna try to grab it but end up looking quite idiotic grasping air.

I don't like the villain though... Mother Gothel is damn irritating!!!

The songs are just fantastic too. Who knew Mandy Moore had such a princessy voice??

I didn't really like Princess and the Frog (the last Disney princess movie - poor people... meh) but Rapunzel far outstrips it. It deviates quite a bit from the original Brothers Grimm tale but I love how they changed it. :)

Overall it's super enjoyable. I think everyone should go watch it. All the reviews I've read so far are raving about it.

Day 2 I set out to interview the voice actors and directors!!

Up till today I can't believe I met and spoke to real Hollywood stars wtf!!!

Attire for the day

Woke up super early so I decided to camwhore first!

Oh Pascal, how I love you!! 

So happy they gave us a Pascal toy each. 
Got red and blue Pascals but obviously green is the nicest!! 
(Coz red is angry and blue is sad)

Halloween themed disney


LOL more

They just can't get his nose right!! Oh wait this one's ok. Hahaha

Press pass

Waiting for my turn inside the stripey tent. There were many (real) tv hosts there too. A lot of pretty girls! *stressed max, not real reporter

Escorted to interview the directors first. They were hidden behind the black cloth!

I'd soon be sitting in that chair talking to them

Yes they are guys doing a princess movie!

Interviewing Donna Murphy who is the voice actress for Mother Gothel. She's hiding inside!

And done... Next up is Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi!!




Hahahha... I didn't manage to get pics with the rest of the cast coz we only had a very very limited precise 4 minutes with each group. When I reached Mandy and Zachary I smartened up and skipped the manager to ask the stars directly for a pic while my mic was being fastened.

They were of course really nice (impressive since they were being asked the same questions over and over again since early in the morning I bet) and chirpy and said yes!! Even told me to stand in between them wtf.

I didn't know what I expected but of course there was no paparazzi and there were about 10 people with them, some handling cameras others handling other admin duties etc. It was... strangely normal.

And they were... human. Just like me!!

When I left the manager shouted at me and said "You know you were not allowed to take pictures with them."

I was mortally afraid she'd ask me to delete (I might beg) but she left it at that. Suck on it bitch I got the pic hahahaha! On a side note Mike very angry that Zachary had his hand on my shoulder -_-

Interested to watch the interviews?? Check out the Clicknetwork video HERE!!

I was done for the day!! Back to hotel... Where I met:

Pluto Goofy!! Geez I can't believe I couldn't remember if this is Pluto or Goofy. Getting OLD!

Michelle already arrived at the hotel and she was preparing for filming!!

And I must camwhore with my completed look!!

I don't care what all the naysayers say, I think the 
make up she and I created really looks like Rapunzel's!!

Anyway my camera's soft skin mode got rid of all my drawn on freckles so I had to put more on with photoshop.

With Michelle!

I hate her** her skin is so nice and her nose is so small and her teeth are so white!!! Why so chio?? *Cue Wa meng ti wa meng ti song*

** Michelle's haters are very dumb and would take it literally so just to clarify, that was sarcasm.

Disney princesses FTW

Ok last of the camwhoring shots

Here's Michelle lying on the bed posting up the pictures we took. So efficient!

After that we went for dinner at a restaurant nearby...

Erm I only took one miserable picture of my soup...

And one more of Michelle drinking the same thing.

She changed her blue contacts to brown coz she didn't like the blue ones but she went out with Ariel's red eyebrows!! HAHAHHA She's damn funny love her!!


Ok this is the end of the pictures from the trip. But because I loved the movie so much, I got inspired to draw some of the stills!!

When I was young (like 10, 11), I used to draw Disney Princesses all the freaking time. My favourite was Ariel!! I remember I had her bedsheets and I drew pictures of the tiny Ariels on the sheets. It was so fun!!!

And I have not drawn anything in like a billion years - forgot how much I enjoyed doing it.

So I just took up a pencil and some blue-tack - just to explain I didn't have an eraser, but blue-tack works too - and started doodling:

What do you think?

Original HERE. I drew it while looking at the original on the computer. It's not traced.

I know right? All this time you thought I was some talentless bimbo.

p/s: Read this again but super fast so you end before the song does HAHAHA

p/p/s: I am deleting all comments from now on comparing my looks and Michelle's. We are not twins, not even same race - no need to compare please. I don't give a shit if you think she looks better or I look better, please keep such tactless opinions to yourself.