Tokyo Part 2

Day 2 of my Tokyo trip!!!

Ming said when going to Tokyo one MUST visit Disneyland so there we went!!

Cheesie and I. I can has a Mickey on my cheek!! 
Drew it with Cheesie's eyeliner MUAHAHAHA

Us girls taking the familiar walk down to Harajuku station

Photobombed by Elaine

Seen in all Japanese subway trains... Once you are near or on the "courtesy seats" (priority seats), you are supposed to turn off your freaking cellphone in case, god forbid, you disturb the peace of the elderly, disabled, or pregnant with your phone's beeping noises/intense radiation.

Tourists taking up the courtesy seats and obstinately not turning off cellphones? Tsk tsk.

Look how disappointed the Japanese lady is at us MUAHAHAHA

Anyway I'm telling you I was there for 6 days and I never once saw Japanese locals TALK TO EACH OTHER ON THE TRAIN.

Most people travel alone but those who are not, realise that public transport is annoying as it is and so they try to make it a pleasant ride for other passengers. SO THEY DON'T TALK. If I have a friend next to me and you make me not talk to her from Orchard to Bugis I think I'd die. Especially if you bait me by making someone slip a nipple or something. I HAVE to point that out to my friend!!

Anyway yes Cheesie and I are wearing matching Shibuya boots!! MAD LOVE THESE BOOTS SO COMFY AND PRETTY BEST BUY EVER

Reached Disneyland's station! No idea what it's called.

Japanese family... So stylish!! (Please remember that this is 40degree C)

Here's Cheesie and I with some grumpy pig. Ironically, it was the most ungrumpy mascot around coz it agreed to pose with us.

I don't know what the deal is with Tokyo Disneyland, but NONE of the mascots will agree to entertain adults!!!!!!!!!!! (well except this pig who did it very begrudgingly)

I don't know about the main ones like Mickey where they stand in a gazebo and people queue to snap pictures with them, but the smaller characters walking around ONLY TALK TO KIDS.

They pose with children, gesture at them dramatically etc... But when an adult walks towards when with a camera and a photo request, they literally just turn their back on you and walk away!!

I thought I was imagining this but ALL the mascots behaved the same way. EXCUSE ME I PAID MORE THAN THE CB KID TO GET IN HERE AND I WANT A FUCKING PHOTO AND DONT U WALK AWAY FROM ME SIRE!

But there, Eeyore is gone. Fucker.

Someone explain this to me?? Just because I have wrinkles I don't deserve a photo???

Halloween themed Disney, which is the worst shit theme imho. Orange and black - meh! Christmas is the prettiest!! Just my luck to enter Disneylands twice this year during Halloween!

Oh btw most of the people in Disneyland are locals!!

I asked Cheesie why the fuck would they go to Disneyland in this weather (and so many of them!!) and she said Japanese are siao over Disney culture and they'd visit Disneyland many times a year just to get the limited edition toys etc.

But their houses so small where they put all their stuff????

However, I love how the Japanese are always crazy enthusiastic about everything. So full of zeal!!

Obligatory touristy shots next to the Up characters. Fantastic movie.

Japanese little girl letting me snap a photo of her. So kawaii!!

I'm gonna expound on how the Japanese are crazy. I mean look at this cute little girl. It is an oven in Disneyland - and there she is holding a teddy bear.

For those of you who don't know, this is not just ANY teddy bear. It's a Shellie May bear.

Duffy and Shellie May

Shellie May is Duffy's (the Disney Bear) girlfriend and the story goes that Mickey was going on some sailor trip out to sea and Minnie didn't want him to sleep with other mouse sluts or something so she sewed him a teddy bear to remember her by. Nudie photo would have worked better hahaha I just desecrated the story. HERE is the real, rather nicer story if you wanna see it.

So amazingly enough, even though imho Duffy's not that cute a character, it EXPLODED into crazy popularity in Japan. And the fact that you can only get it in 3 places in the world, one of them being DisneySea Tokyo, made it even more popular!

And I estimate EVERYBODY who has been to DisneySea has bought at least one Duffy/Shellie-May. It's ridiculous. I didn't get to go to DisneySea coz I chose to accompany Mike to some sciency museum on the last day, but the rest of the gang went and they reported that EVERYBODY there was holding a duffy bear - be it in the form of a small keychain, or a giant one bigger than the child holding it. Apparently a woman had her whole body covered in Duffys.

In DisneyLand, where Duffy's not available for sale, many of the Japanese were carrying them too, showing off!! Meh. So hot still wanna hug teddy bear wtf fur + sweat is gross.

(I made them buy me a Shellie May. She is the most unloved of all my stuffed toys on the couch. I can't do it, she looks like a monkey)(Also if you noticed Cheesie has 2 duffy keychains on her bag. She bought them last time she went to DisneySea or something, and brought home to Malaysia, then brought them to Tokyo to SHOW OFF.)(Also also there is a random tourist I snapped holding Duffy... Can you spot it?)

Some blinged castle I think I can do better!!

Glass Cinderella wearing glass shoes

Ducklings... I was so envious of them being able to jump into the cooling water anytime.

Love this photo Cheesie took for me!

Ok you are supposed to look through some glass to see what it is but from front view already quite obvious.

Magical land where flowers are ALWAYS in bloom

Stitch is mega cute

I bought loads of these yellow bunny memorabilla coz it's the stuffed toy Mike got me during our first (or maybe second) Valentine's day!! She's actually called Miss Bunny and is Thumper's girlfriend!

Best photo of the trip, Ming posing with the giant ribbon cushion I bought for my mom lol

And we sit down to wear a performance

Thumbs up for princes in boots and cloaked in chivalry.

After the performance Cheesie and I decided to call it a day at Disneyland coz it was really so hot we were not enjoying it at all (we are good actresses when it comes to camera posing though).

Ok this may look like a photo of me camwhoring with a hilarious Pooh Bear... But it's actually him walking away from me rapidly as I approached. However I was prepared for this outrageous treatment so I quickly snapped a shot.

Dumbo's super cute!!

End of Disneyland pics... Next day, we had lunch at a random ramen place and it was HEAVENLY:

Comes with mentaiko, two types of pork, one silky smoked egg 
and noodles cooked PERFECTLY al dente.

The 3 layer pork was the yummiest shitz ever (melts in your mouth) and the soup omfg..... SO thick and creamy and delicious and just orgasmic!!

Seriously best fucking ramen I've ever had. If you say Tampopo/Santouka (never tried Ippudo) is an 8/10, this is a 14/10. So badass. I'd battle a moose for another bowl NOW.

The Japanese are so amazing I fucking love them *breaks down and cries

Old men playing Pachinko... Some game which involves little metal balls?? I wanted to try but pachinko parlours always allow indoor smoking, so no.

Last picture of the feast we bought 'home' from Takashimaya's (in tokyo, please!) basement. Bloody expensive and like quite meh leh... Which is weird coz when Ming and I were sampling shit they all tasted SO GOOD!!!

But the photo is cute coz I see mini sushi in Maylene's camera screen. LOL

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